Sleepwell Sleepwell Consumer Offer T&C

Dear Customer,
Sleepwell is pleased to introduce Sleepwell Consumer Offer in which customers will get Free* Sleepwell Home Comfort Products (HCP) worth upto 21000/- and Discount on purchase of specified models of Sleepwell Mattresses.

                                                                                 Sleepwell Consumer Offer T&C

1. Sleepwell “Consumer Offer” starts from 1st February 2023 for a limited period only.
2. The Offer is available on purchases made from Authorised Sleepwell Retail Outlets and All India (Except Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Mizoram), till Stock lasts.
3. Customers must check and agree to offer terms and conditions available with the Sleepwell Dealer before purchasing Sleepwell mattresses under this Offer.
4. This offer is open to all customers, who also agree to register their e-Warranty through the Sleepwell Dealer.
5. On Purchase made from, the Free* HCPs worth upto ₹ 21000/- will be delivered by the dealer at the time of mattress delivery. For more details, contact your servicing dealer.
6. Sleepwell Free* HCP worth upto 21000/- shall be given by the Dealer at the time of purchase of New Sleepwell Mattresses under this offer for instore purchases.
7. Sleepwell Free* HCP is not encashable.
8. On registration of e-warranty by a dealer, the customer will get a SMS of Free* Sleepwell HCPs worth upto ₹ 21000/- and Discount on MRP.
9. Customer will have to buy the same mattress model and size, on which the reward has been announced and cannot Upgrade/ Downgrade the mattress model and size, using the discount percentage mentioned in the SMS.
10. Discount on MRP, announced on the registration of e-Warranty of select models, will be inclusive of any discount offered by a dealer to the customer on MRP.
11. Model wise details of Free* Sleepwell HCPs is as below-

       Sleepwell Mattress Models       Assured Free HCP’s
Nexa, Impressions, Naturalle 1.0, Latex PlusLuxia BIAB Texture Bedsheet & Comforter King And Nexa Regular Pillow
Comfort Cell Series 1.0, Cellergise, Spinetech Air LuxuryImpressions Regular Pillow
Revital 4.0, Spine Coir Air Luxury, Esteem, Spinetech Air, Revital 3.0, Spinetech, PremiaLatex Plus Regular Pillow
Cocoon, Mable, Gen X 2.0, Dignity, Durafirm Plus, Durafirm 4.0Senses Pillow
Spineplus, Inspire, Revital 2.0, Gen X 1.0, Achiever, Cheer, Spine Coir, Durafirm 3.0, 2.0, 1.0, Admire, Gen X, Activa, Heera Plus, Ultra, Ultima, UtsavCloud Pillow

Note: Mattress Models availability may vary from State to State.
12. Double Size Mattress width more than 42” (1.07 m & above) OR a Pair of 2 Single Size Mattresses, will be entitled for Two Pillows as per applicable Mattress model as mentioned in the above table and Nexa, Impressions, Naturalle 1.0 & Latex Plus Mattress Models will also be entitled for Luxia BIAB Printed Bedsheet & Comforter King in addition to applicable Pillow.
13. Single Size Mattress width upto 42” (1.07 m) will be entitled for One Pillow as per applicable Mattress model as mentioned in the above table.
14. In case of mattress return due to a wrong size purchased by a customer and discovered after availing the Free* Sleepwell HCP and Discount on MRP dealer shall de-register the Warranty of the mattress purchased and previously announced Free* Sleepwell HCP and Discount on MRP shall be canceled. Customer returning the mattress can buy a new mattresses on which fresh Applicable Free* Sleepwell HCP and Discount on MRP will be sent on registering e-Warranty and it shall have no relation with the Free* Sleepwell HCP and Discount on MRP got earlier on the returned mattresses.
15. The employees and immediate family members of Sheela Foam Limited, advertising agencies, their subsidiaries and associate companies, partners/sponsors and participating Channel Partners, Retail Partners of Sheela Foam Limited, their family members and staff are not eligible under this offer. The company shall verify the eligibility of all winners and reserves the sole right on deciding / disqualifying the eligibility.
16. The company reserves the right at any time, without prior notice, to add or change all or any of these terms and conditions or to replace, wholely or in part the offer or to withdraw it completely, without giving any reason for the same.
17. By availing the offer, customer agrees to comply with these terms and conditions and waive any right to claim ambiguity in these terms and conditions. Customer agrees to release, indemnify Sheela Foam Limited and its affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies, and all of its respective agents, representatives, officers, directors, and employees from and against any injuries, losses, damages, claims, actions, or any liability of any kind resulting from or arising from your or any third party's use (or misuse) of the Consumer Offer.
18. To participate in the offer, the Consumer must:-
• Buy a new Sleepwell Mattress (Models as per above table) from Sleepwell Dealer and pre-confirm availability & understanding of the offer & all Terms & Conditions with dealer.
• Ask the Sleepwell Dealer to SMS the mattress serial number of the new mattress purchased, along with the customer's mobile number for registering e- Warranty and also to get a SMS confirming the Free* Sleepwell HCP as applicable and Discount on MRP.
• Customer and Dealer will receive an Instant SMS from the company informing of the Free* Sleepwell HCP and Discount on MRP.
19. New mattress bought will carry applicable Warranty. Return of new mattress for reasons other than manufacturing defects will not be allowed.
20. All Product images shown as gift in the scheme communication are indicative and the actual product/ brand/ color specification may vary.
21. The company does not offer any warranty on Free* Sleepwell HCP. These cannot be exchanged, upgraded, en-cashed, or returned.
22. Bajaj Finance available in Select Cities and Outlets. Offered by Bajaj Finance Limited at their sole discretion. Terms & Conditions apply.
23. Sheela Foam Limited shall not be liable for Free* Gift damaged or stolen during or after the course of collection and/or delivery of the Gift.
24. The scheme will remain open till such time as may be decided by Sheela Foam Limited at its sole discretion.
25. Above offer is applicable in All India (Except Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Mizoram).
26. In case of any dispute, the decision of Sheela Foam Limited will be final. All disputes and settlements are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.
27. In case of online purchases, free gifts will be delivered directly to the consumer by the dealer at the time of mattress delivery.


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