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Sleepwell Ortho-Pro-Profiled Mattress 15% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Enhanced supportEnhanced support
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
  • Cool gel infused foamCool gel infused foam
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress
From ₹6839.00 ₹8046.00
1 15% off
  •  Orthopedic Technology Orthopedic Technology
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Snug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions FoamSnug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions Foam
  • Freshness & ventilationFreshness & ventilation
  • Pressure point reliefPressure point relief
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Ortho Mattress
From ₹5049.00 ₹5940.00
Ortho Pro Spring Mattress 15% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 15.0 cm (6.015.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • Complete spinal adaptationComplete spinal adaptation
  • Enhanced supportEnhanced support
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Triple zone techTriple zone tech
  • Fresh and airyFresh and airy
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
Ortho Pro Spring Mattress
From ₹8766.00 ₹10313.00
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress 10% off
  • Gentle and firm feelGentle and firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • ReversibleReversible
  • Dual surface feelDual surface feel
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress
From ₹5597.00 ₹6219.00
Sleepwell Durafirm 1.0 Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Firm FeelFirm Feel
  • 11.5 cm (4.511.5 cm (4.5") thick
  • Gentle comfortGentle comfort
  • Adequate back supportAdequate back support
Durafirm 1.0 Mattress
From ₹5850.00 ₹6500.00
durafirm 2.0 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Full back supportFull back support
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Durafirm 2.0 Mattress
From ₹7681.00 ₹8535.00
Sleepwell Durafirm 4.0 Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Medium soft feelMedium soft feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Comfortable firm back supportComfortable firm back support
  • Gentle comfortGentle comfort
  • Optimal back alignmentOptimal back alignment
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Durafirm 4.0 Mattress
From ₹10832.00 ₹12036.00
Sleepwell Spinetech-Air Mattress 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 15.0 cm (6.015.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • Enhanced firmnessEnhanced firmness
  • Comfortable firm back supportComfortable firm back support
  • Superior air circulationSuperior air circulation
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Spinetech Air Mattress
From ₹17001.00 ₹18890.00
Sleepwell Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Medium soft feelMedium soft feel
  • 17.5 cm (7.017.5 cm (7.0") thick
  • Enhanced firmnessEnhanced firmness
  • Enhanced plushnessEnhanced plushness
  • Complete spinal adaptationComplete spinal adaptation
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Contour huggingContour hugging
  • Superior air circulationSuperior air circulation
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress
From ₹22560.00 ₹25067.00
Star Gold Mattress 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 10.0 cm (4.010.0 cm (4.0") thick
  • Adequate body supportAdequate body support
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Perfect spine alignmentPerfect spine alignment
Star Gold Mattress
From ₹4089.00 ₹4543.00

    Buy Single Bed Mattress Online

    Whether you are a bachelor who’s living alone or want to give your teenage kid a separate bed to sleep on, a single mattress on a specific bed frame is what you will seek! Isn’t it?

    As the name goes, its dimensions are pretty much smaller to accommodate only one teenager or adult or two toddler kids. People mostly prefer using it in the kids’ rooms, guest rooms, or any other smaller spaces. 

    At Sleepwell, we understand the necessity of sleep, which is why our mattresses come in single-bed sizes. Irrespective of the type of mattresses you opt for, such as latex, memory foam, or pocket spring, we have attended to the needs of single-bed owners. 

    Irrespective of your comfort preferences associated with a single bed foam mattress, we have an abundance of mattress ranges under our stock to meet them. All you have to do is search for it at our store! 

    Why Opt for a Single Bed Mattress by Sleepwell?

    If you are living in a house with limited space and have no one to share the bed with, why make the place feel cluttered by setting a double bed frame? Instead, you can go with a single-bed design and get the best single-bed mattress by Sleepwell for you to count on. 

    We have some of the best pocket-spring, latex, and orthopaedic mattress single bed options for you to make sure your limited space at home isn’t cluttered and you still get to sleep comfortably. 

    There are no compromises made on the comfort part of the mattresses, as all the layers that go into the king or queen-size bed counterparts are embedded in the bed mattress single bed design as well. 

    In case you want a single bed, but its standard dimensions aren’t suitable for your bed or your bed frame’s height, you can input the custom measurements as well. Depending on the single bed dimensions you specify, you will get the comfortable product on demand.

    Not only that, but the price of a Sleepwell mattress for a single bed, which we charge for our available options, is also based on the versatility and functionality that they offer. All our mattresses are layered with quality foam layers, most of which are patented by our brand itself. 

    It means we have designed our foam layers with technological innovations in mind, ensuring that you get unmatched comfort. When you check out a product page of our single mattress online, you will see we have crafted it with multiple layers to establish utmost comfort. 

    And why do we do it? We know we have to drop the single bed gadda price down for the audience to accept it for their sleeping needs, so what is the point of us never compromising on adding those comfort layers?

    It is because we have been consistent with the sleep quality we offer! Yes, the Sleepwell single bed gadda price point might not be the cheapest in the Indian market, but we can bet that our single bed options are better in terms of quality and comfort than any other option you see online. 

    With immense effort, we have tried to keep up with the comfort quotient of our single-bed mattresses while cutting down the cost to make them fall within the affordable range. But, cutting down on costs doesn’t imply that we have dropped on the quality as well. 

    We still have the pricier single-bed mattress options available at our online store. You shall learn more about the pricing of our single-bed mattresses and what influences it in the following section. 

    Is the pricing of Sleepwell single bed mattresses suitable for mass audiences?

    If the budget has always been in your way while deciding on availing comfort, the Sleepwell single bed mattress price point is very reasonable for you to break that barrier. No more settling for something less comfortable!

    A lot of you often keep looking for a nominal mattress price for a single bed, but Sleepwell has addressed that concern on priority. We have our single bed prices starting from as low as Rs. 4000, which is something way too commendable for you to count on. 

    But, if you don’t want to settle for the low-end Sleepwell mattress single bed options, we also have premium options with the same measurements. For instance, you can get along with Sleepwell Nexa, which is the finest creation by our brand and boasts ultimate comfort and luxury. 

    For obvious reasons, the single mattress price for the Nexa range will be higher than that of the other options in our collection. But be assured, once you start sleeping on a Sleepwell Nexa mattress, there’s no going back! The feeling of luxury will stay with you forever! 

    So, whether you are looking for a single bed mattress because of the space/budget constraint or are just a single person willing to accommodate yourself on a comfortable sleeping surface irrespective of what the single mattress cost is, we have the ideal options for you to count on. 

    What are the Things to Consider Before Buying a Single Bed Mattress Online?

    Before you buy a mattress online single bed option, you must take note of a few things that we believe will help you choose the best product for attaining restful sleep at night:

    Size of the Mattress:

    Most of our Sleepwell single bed mattresses indeed come with the same dimensions, but not all single bed frames align with it. Therefore, depending on what your specific bed frame dimensions are, you can give your custom size options as well. 

    This way, you can be assured that your single bed mattress fits the bed frame properly and will give you a proper surface to sleep on. 

    Quality of the Product:

    Sleepwell ensures to offer the best quality products at all price ranges, even when you are buying single bed options. But this consideration is for you to decide on your preferences and look for the comfort features or quality that you think is best for your good night’s sleep. 

    Do check the comfort layers we add to our single bed mattresses, and decide on what type or level of comfort and body support you need. Depending on that, go ahead and finalise the quality of the product you want to attain. 


    The most crucial topic that we have already discussed a lot about, pricing, is something you must take note of. Remember, the gadda price single bed considerations differ depending on the type of materials or comfort technologies used in them. 

    Therefore, depending on the budget you have in mind, there is a comfortable Sleepwell single bed gadda or mattress available for you to count on. The higher the price point, the more comfortable the mattress will be. 


    Warranties are important when you buy mattress online of any size to ensure your investment is made on a durable product. When a brand offers a warranty, it proves that they have confidence in the quality of the product they are offering. 

    Therefore, when buying a Sleepwell single bed mattress, you don’t have to worry about our level of confidence in the products, as we offer five years of warranty and even a 100-day free return policy. 

    What are Some Tips to Care for Your Single Bed Mattresses?

    Some of the tips that you should adopt to take care of your single-bed mattresses are:


    Discover Comfort and Affordability with Sleepwell's Single-Bed Mattress Collection

    With this, you are now a bit clear about how Sleepwell leads the market in the case of single-bed mattresses as well. We are not just catering to the needs of people associated with buying a standard-size mattress, but we are also offering them an affordable approach to availing comfortable sleep hygiene. 

    So, irrespective of the budget you have in mind or the type of comfort you want to seek, come to Sleepwell and explore our abundance of collections made available only for you. Once you are done choosing your single bed mattress type, select the thickness and get along with placing the order. 

    We will deliver the product within the estimated time and for free! Our team won’t be charging anything extra for delivering and unpacking the mattress at your residence. And, in case you want to return the mattress within the free trial period due to some reason, even then, you can just contact us, and our team shall come and pick it up without any additional fee. 

    So, we provide you with not just the best quality mattress but also a reliable service! Do explore our collection of single-bed mattresses today! 


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