Sleepwell Nexa Comfort Matttress

If you are looking to buy  mattress online that gives you a balance of luxury and comfort, our Pro Nexa Mattresses are the best choice. Made for beds that feel like clouds, The Pro Nexa Mattress collection is made with Indian technology and European fabric. With a combination of high-quality fabric and foam layers, Pro Nexa Comfort mattresses are well-balanced for the best kind of sleep. 

Our mattresses are the leading products in the Luxury mattress category. If you want to create a luxurious feeling for yourself along with complete back support, then pick one of our Pro Nexa mattresses for your bed. Pro Nexa range has our most expensive mattress, and it is made for the sound sleeper in you. If you have been facing sleep problems recently, the Pro Nexa mattress will completely change your sleep cycle and help you sleep better. 

Our luxury bed mattress can be bought in single bed dimensions or in king and queen dimensions. If you are looking for a top-rated luxury mattress that can be customised and fit into a unique bed, we will also take your requests into account. Instead of the most expensive mattress in the world, go for the best luxury mattress that fits your budget and helps you sleep better every night. 

How to choose the best luxury mattress for your bed? 

Suit your lifestyle

Your bedroom is a major part of your life. What you put on the bed will determine your lifestyle to a great extent. You need to have a lifestyle that suits your sleep cycle and helps you sleep completely at night. The mattress that goes on your bed also determines your sleep quality greatly. 

If you work long hours, you need a mattress that gives you a luxurious feel and also supports the contours of your back so all the pressure can be relieved. Choose a bed mattress that will support your day and nightlife equally. A spine luxury mattress is one that you can invest in from our Pro Nexa collection.

Choose the right type

Even in the Sleepwell luxury mattress category, there are different kinds of mattresses. You can go for a foam mattress or a spring mattress. Even in foam there are different types of foam, and you should know about the inner layers of the mattress before you buy it. We are very transparent about the layers we use and try to offer you maximum comfort with the combined use of different types of foam. 

We also offer thick, hybrid mattresses to our users based on their sleep needs. When checking the mattress, also check the feeling you get when you sit on it. You need a mattress that is firm but soft to the touch so it is luxurious and good for your back. If you want natural and sustainable luxury mattress brands, you can choose ones that either have a coir base or a latex base. Latex luxury mattresses are softer and bouncier. 

Your sleeping position

When choosing a new mattress from top mattress brands, you should choose a mattress that supports your sleeping position. There are specific mattresses that are good for side sleepers, and there are mattresses that suit people who sleep on their backs. If you choose a mattress from our Pro Nexa collection, you will experience superior support regardless of your preferred sleeping position. A luxury bed and mattress with our Pro Nexa product has excellent contour-hugging properties which combine luxury with orthopaedic benefits. 

You sleep soundly and wake up refreshed even when you change sleeping positions frequently. Our mattresses also have excellent motion isolation, which is great for couple beds and large beds for family bedrooms. Choosing any one of our Pro Nexa mattresses gives you excellent back and joint support. Even when you compare our mattresses with top-rated mattress brands in India, our Pro Nexa mattresses will be the best. 

Explore our range and choose by features 

Know about some of the salient features of the Pro Nexa mattress and choose the best for your bed. 

Lavish thickness 

Our Pro Nexa mattresses are made of multiple layers of specially treated foam that are luxuriously thick. You can buy mattresses from our Pro Nexa collection that have soft and thick textures of 5 to 7 inches. 

If you like to sleep on a surface that does not feel hard and has an ethereal, bouncy feeling, choose our Pro Nexa Luxury mattress. The thick mattresses from our Pro Nexa Collection are very cosy and snug, and you can fall asleep in a few minutes. To create an inviting bed to look forward to every night, buy the best luxury mattresses from our collection. 

Gentle feel

When sleeping on a bed, you should feel like a baby sleeping in a soft cradle. To create a gentle and soft feel that feels like a natural cocoon, choose our Pro Nexa mattresses that have soft knitted fabric and quilting on top. The gentle feel of our Pro Nexa mattress keeps your body relaxed and safe. 

The soft and gentle feel of the mattress gives you the comfort to sleep at any time. Our Pro Nexa Mattresses have a premium European knitted fabric top, which gives you a soft feel and keeps your skin protected from rashes. The special quilting that we offer inside the mattress also increases your comfort and luxury. 

Air circulation

Our Pro Nexa mattresses in the luxury range are made with breathable fabric and foam, which gives you a cool and airy feeling when you rest. The superior air circulation of the mattress keeps the mattress cool even during the summer season. If you are living in India and want to sleep on a cool mattress at all times, you can select one of the mattresses from the Pro Nexa Mattress collection. 

The knitted fabric on top not only gives a superior plush feeling but also keeps the mattress cool and dry. You will not feel stuffed when you lay on this mattress. Because of its plush and soft feeling as well as its breathability, The Pro Nexa mattress is equal to a five-star hotel mattress. 

Back support 

The unique three-cut contour profile that Pro Nexa mattresses have is very supportive for your back. The three-cut contour profile is created to hug all the joints and movements of your body so you find support in every sleeping position. The contour cut profile mattress helps relieve pressure and cure pain. Whether you are a fast-paced, career-driven professional or a senior citizen, you can experience greater comfort when sleeping. 

The three-cut contour profile also ensures that your motions during sleeping are stable and isolated. So, even if you buy our Pro Nexa mattress in the king or queen size, you and your partner will get full support while sleeping. The contour-hugging properties of our Pro Nexa series of mattresses are so good that you feel like you are sleeping on the most luxurious bed in the world. 

Why Choose Sleepwell for Luxury Mattresses? 

We can give you many reasons why our Luxury Mattresses are the best. We are better than other luxury mattress brands, and the difference shows in the product. 

Neem Fresche 

Our mattresses come with an inbuilt neem fresche technology, which combines the anti-bacterial properties of Neem and the natural freshness of cotton to give you a safe and clean mattress to sleep on every night. The mattress will remain fresh and clean for longer periods of time. You can sleep on our Pro Nexa mattresses without worrying about dust mites, bed bugs and infections. Our Neem Fresche property can protect you from allergies and infections. You sleep soundly and wake up healthy. 

Free Gifts

We know how to take care of our customers and always deliver more than what is expected from us. Along with the best mattress for your bed, we also give you Latex plus pillows with Pro Nexa mattresses so your luxurious sleep experience is complete. Our Latex Plus pillows are made of natural latex and help you sleep really well. Our bed sets help you relax all your joints, including your neck and back. We give you complimentary plush pillows with mattresses so you can sleep easily once the mattress is delivered. 

No cost EMI

We understand that flexibility in payment is very important for the modern customer. We offer No-cost EMI at our best luxury mattress price so you can easily afford the mattress in your economic condition. Our No-cost EMI provisions allow you to afford the best quality Pro Nexa mattress so you do not have to compromise your comfort or sleeping needs. We convert the total cost into easy instalments so you can easily buy the mattress you want. Our No-cost EMI process is easy and helps you buy the Pro Nexa mattress as soon as possible. 

Free delivery

Our Pro Nexa Mattresses come with a free delivery option, which ensures proper delivery of our luxury mattresses without any additional cost. Even if you select our mattresses online and buy from our online store, our team will deliver the chosen mattress to your doorstep and help you set it up. We deliver the promise of excellent customer service with our free delivery service. When you visit our Brand store and select a mattress, you can ask our team to deliver the mattress if you cannot carry it on your own. We reduce the transport hassle and help you settle into your bedroom without any inconvenience. 


We offer the Pro Nexa collection in different sizes, such as single bed, double bed, king, and queen size. However, if your bed does not fit the mattresses of these dimensions, you can choose to go for customisation so the mattress can fit your bed exactly. We customise our Pro Nexa mattresses without any changes to the features, so you get the comfort of a Pro Nexa foam mattress in any size. The customisation process is fast and gives you a lot of freedom in the way you sleep and the luxury mattress you want for yourself. 

Wide range

We also offer you a wide range of mattresses apart from the Pro Nexa collection. The Pro Nexa collection is the best mattress collection of our brand. However, if you want to widen your choices and choose a mattress from our other collections, you can do so too. Even in the Pro Nexa collection, you will get a lot of options to choose from according to the feel and comfort level. The mattress that you choose should be appropriate for your sleep needs and day comfort. The Pro Nexa collection has mattresses that are good for all-day activity. 

7 years warranty

With our Pro Nexa luxury mattresses, you will also get 7 7-year warranty. The warranty period is a certificate of the durability of our mattresses. Our mattresses are really durable and strong, so you will be able to use them for more than years and even for decades. The anti-sag feature of our bed mattresses is also a testament to their durability. Within the 7-year warranty, if you are unsatisfied with the mattress or feel that the mattress has lost its quality, we will replace it quickly so your luxury standards are uncompromised. 

Select Mattress from the top mattress brand of India 

Sleepwell comes with a promise of durability, comfort, and relaxation for each of its mattresses. Our Pro Nexa collection gives you a luxurious feel and a comfortable surface on which to sleep. With the layers of our Pro Nexa mattresses, we ensure that your sleep quality improves and improves. 

By selecting any mattress from our Pro Nexa mattress, you bring home a plush bed mattress that is great for your family and becomes your trustworthy sleep partner. Our Pro Nexa collection can be a bit expensive, but the quality of sleep and resting feel that we offer with these mattresses is worth every penny. 


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