It’s time to forget about memory foam

If you’ve ever been out mattress shopping, you have probably heard about memory foam. It’s the most popular ingredient in a top-rated foam mattress. It is often regarded as the best innovation in the world of sleep……until now.

At Sleepwell, we believe in finding comfort in comforting others. As India's leading and most trusted mattress brand, our commitment to your well-being drives us to continually innovate and improve your sleep experience. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our latest breakthrough in sleep technology is going to make memory foam a thing of the past.You see, conventional memory foam becomes loose in summer.  And slightly hard during the winter season. Ordinary memory foam is not temperature-independent, thus compromising on body relaxation and recovery as you sleep. Conventional memory foam, althoughremembers the shape of your body, it retains it a bit too long. This in turn creates a sinking feeling, that makes tossing and turning in the night a little difficult. It’s like sleeping on the
sand. Or worse, sleeping on dough. Feeling stuck?

Now imagine sleeping on the surface of a bread loaf. Soft, bouncy, better surface recovery,
and easy to move. That’s exactly what our latest in mattress technology feels like.

Introducing Sleepwell Pro Nexa Mattress

A quantum leap in sleep technology is poised to revolutionise how you experience rest and erase your memory of memory foam. With this innovation, we’ve redefined comfort and luxury, that works for all kinds of sleepers. Sleepwell Pro Nexa Technology is lab-tested and certified by RMIT University, Australia.

What’s Pro about Pro Nexa Technology?


Easy Body Movement

Sleepwell Pro Nexa® Mattress conforms to your body's shape up to 67% better thanconventional memory foam. This means it provides tailored support, cradling you perfectly to enable easy body movement and enhance your comfort throughout the night while sleeping
on this luxury mattress.

Superior Pressure Distribution

In addition to its conforming abilities, Sleepwell Pro Nexa® technology also reduces themaximum pressure on your body by up to 32% more. By evenly distributing your weight, it alleviates pressure points, reducing tossing and turning, and ensuring you wake up feeling
refreshed and rejuvenated.

Enhanced Temperature Regulation

Say goodbye to overheating during the night. Sleepwell Pro Nexa® technology takes heat away from your body up to 27% faster than conventional memory foam. This advanced heat management ensures that you don’t wake up feeling sweaty, and stay cool and comfortable
throughout the night, every night.

To illustrate the remarkable difference between them, we launched a nationwide ad campaign using the creative analogy of…you guessed it right – Bread versus Dough(click to watch the film). It features the esteemed culinary expert and renowned TV personality, Kunal Vijaykar,
who in his unique style demonstrates the traps of memory foam and the freedom of movement offered by Sleepwell Pro Nexa Technology.

As one of the best mattress brands in India and trusted by over 1.2 Crore happy and satisfied consumer, our mission is to provide you with the best sleep possible. With constant R&D and innovation, we strive to push the boundaries of comfort, which helps us push you
into more restful slumber. And the result of this endeavour is one of our best creations - the Sleepwell Pro Nexa, one of the top-rated foam mattress.

Visit for more details. Or walk into the nearest Sleepwell store to experience the mattress of the future.



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