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  • 100% Cotton sateen100% Cotton sateen
  • Retains colour after multiple washesRetains colour after multiple washes
  • Plush & soft comfortPlush & soft comfort
  • International design patterns in soft muted colour paletteInternational design patterns in soft muted colour palette
  • Skin safe Azo free dyesSkin safe Azo free dyes
  • Cozy warm comforters in reversible designCozy warm comforters in reversible design
  • Retains colour after multiple washesRetains colour after multiple washes
  • Skin safe Azo free dyesSkin safe Azo free dyes
  • Super soft peach finish fabricSuper soft peach finish fabric
  • 100% Cotton sateen100% Cotton sateen
  • Retains colour after multiple washesRetains colour after multiple washes
  • Plush & soft comfortPlush & soft comfort
  • International design patterns in soft muted colour paletteInternational design patterns in soft muted colour palette
  • Skin safe Azo free dyesSkin safe Azo free dyes
  • 100% Cotton sateen100% Cotton sateen
  • Retains colour after multiple washesRetains colour after multiple washes
  • Plush & soft comfortPlush & soft comfort
  • International design patterns in soft muted colour paletteInternational design patterns in soft muted colour palette
  • Skin safe Azo free dyesSkin safe Azo free dyes
  • 100% Cotton sateen100% Cotton sateen
  • Retains colour after multiple washesRetains colour after multiple washes
  • Plush & soft comfortPlush & soft comfort
  • International design patterns in soft muted colour paletteInternational design patterns in soft muted colour palette
  • Skin safe Azo free dyesSkin safe Azo free dyes

    Want to know more?

    Can a pillow cause neck pain?

    A poorly supportive or unsuitable pillow can contribute to neck pain. Choosing a pillow that provides proper support and aligns with your sleeping posture is important for preventing neck discomfort.

    Can I try out the pillow before buying it online?

    It may not be possible to try out the pillow before buying it online. However, you can check for customer reviews and product descriptions to make an informed decision.

    How Many pillows are included in each pillow set?

    The number of pillows included in each pillow set may vary. It is best to check the product description or contact Sleepwell or the retailer for specific details.

    What are the dimensions and sizes of the pillows in the sets?

    The dimensions and sizes of the pillows in the Sleepwell Hi-tech pillow sets may vary, generally it is 70.0 cm x 44.0 cm. It is recommended to check the product description or contact Sleepwell or the retailer for specific information.

    Are sleepwell pillows available in different sizes online?

    Sleepwell pillows are available in different sizes online, providing options to choose the size that best suits your sleeping preferences and bed dimensions.

    Is there a warranty or guarantee for the sleepwell pillow ?

    Sleepwell may offer a warranty or guarantee for their pillows. It is advisable to check with Sleepwell website or the retailer for the specific terms and duration of the warranty or guarantee.

    Is sleepwell pillow is used in 5 Star hotels?

    Sleepwell pillows are commonly used in various hotels, including some 5-star hotels, due to their quality and comfort. However, the usage of specific pillows may vary among hotels.

    What is the perfect pillow thickness?

    The perfect pillow thickness varies depending on individual preferences and sleeping positions. It is recommended to choose a pillow thickness that provides adequate support and aligns the head and neck with the spine.

    Which material is used in sleepwell pillow?

    Sleepwell pillows are made by especial moulded airvent technology using different materials, including high-quality foams, fibers, or a combination of both, to provide comfort, support, and durability. The specific material used may depend on the specific Sleepwell pillow model or variant.

    Buy the Best Pillows Online at Sleepwell for All Your Needs

    The most important requirement to sleep peacefully is an environment that is tailored for healthy sleep. You might think of multiple aspects, such as lighting, noise reduction and the use of orthopaedic mattresses to get comfortable sleep. Do you need something else other than these things to improve your sleep routine? The best pillows can provide an ideal answer to your requirements.

    Some of you may wonder how pillows can ensure that you can sleep without any issues. Remember the times when you returned home from work after having a tough day? Your pillow might have helped you out by offering support to your head and neck after the exhaustion from a long day at work. You can find different types of pillows online on our website right now. However, it is important to understand the different products available in the market and identify the right pillows.

    Which Types of Pillows Can You Find on Sleepwell?

    You can find the best pillows for sleeping by comparing the details of different variants of pillows and their benefits. The primary objective of a pillow is to provide comfort. However, the right pillow can also help you avoid neck pain and backache problems. Without your knowledge, your sleeping positions might be responsible for creating problems in your neck and spine.

    In such cases, you must choose the best pillow for neck and spine problems. The right pillow can not only solve your problems with sleep but also ensure promising improvements in your health. Therefore, it is important to learn about the different types of pillows and their unique specifications to find out how they can help you.

    Memory Foam Pillows

    The first choice among the best pillows online for you includes memory foam pillows. The special highlight of memory foam pillows is the unique foam material that adapts to the shape of your head and neck. Therefore, it provides effective support to the spine and neck when you sleep. Another reason to choose a memory foam pillow is the assurance of enhanced support for helping you sleep. In addition, it also guarantees exceptional levels of comfort, thereby standing out as the best choice for a sleeping pillow.

    Down Pillows

    You can also find an effective neck pillow for your bed with different options among down pillows. What makes them different from other choices of pillows? Down pillows are made with the soft feathers found in the layers underlying the outer feathers of geese or ducks. The soft and plush pillows can help you achieve true bliss in your sleep.

    Cooling Pillows

    Most people seek soft pillows for sleeping as they assume that softer materials offer a guarantee of comfort. It is also important to note that temperature also plays a crucial role in determining the quality of sleep. Interestingly, you can trust a Sleepwell pillow for effective temperature regulation that would prevent your body from overheating. If you can sleep peacefully throughout the night without any complaints of overheating, you are likely to experience promising improvements in your health.

    Microbead Pillows

    Another popular variant in the online pillow collection includes microbead pillows that are made with the help of tiny beads. The most noticeable feature of microbead pillows is the way they adapt their shape. With a meticulous design, microbead pillows can offer better support and comfort during your sleep.

    Pregnancy Pillows

    You should also pay attention to the collection of the best pillows in India for uncovering details about pregnancy pillows. The pregnancy pillows are useful for offering superior support and comfort to pregnant women by adapting to their body movements. You can buy pregnancy pillows in different sizes and shapes according to your needs.

    Latex Pillows

    You can also search for a latex pillow among the popular categories of pillows by Sleepwell. What is the special highlight of latex pillows? The unique material used for creating latex plus curve pillows is natural rubber. Natural rubber provides the guarantee of comfort alongside offering support and effective temperature regulation. With such high-quality bed pillows, you can get an adequate amount of rest throughout the night.

    Which Features Should You Check Before Buying Pillows?

    The options for online shopping allow you to buy a bolster pillow or any other popular variant from the comfort of your home. You can navigate the collection of pillows by Sleepwell to find unique pillows that can improve the quality of your sleep. However, shopping for the best pillow brand in India also requires a comprehensive assessment of different factors. Here is an outline of the common features you can find in pillows.

    Shape and Size

    You can find pillows in different sizes, such as standard, speciality and king sizes. On top of it, you can also find a soft pillow in different shapes. Some of the common shapes of pillows include rectangular, contoured, round or square and could offer targeted support for different body parts.

    Type of Material

    The type of material used for filling the pillows also matters the most when you want to buy pillows online from reputed platforms. The different types of materials used for filling pillows include synthetic fibre, feather or down feathers.

    Firmness of Pillows

    Buyers must also check the firmness level of the pillows before buying one. The firmness level of pillows can range from soft to firm and has unique implications for the quality of your sleep. It is important to choose pillows that fit perfectly according to your sleeping positions and personal preferences.


    The loft of a pillow refers to the thickness and height of the pillow. It has a direct impact on the level of support. If you want to buy pillows online, then you should check their loft according to your requirements. For example, high-loft pillows have more thickness and offer better support. On the other hand, low-loft pillows are thinner and offer a softer feel. You can also find medium-loft pillows that could offer an effective balance between the two variants.

    Support and Alignment

    The next important factor in a pillow online shopping guide draws the limelight on support and alignment. It is important to choose pillows that can adapt to changes in your body shape during sleeping. For example, orthopaedic or memory foam pillows can support the spine and neck and relieve pain by supporting the back.

    How Can You Select the Right Pillow?

    Before you order pillows online, you must take a look at the best practices for making the right choice. You can find multiple brands with unique variants of pillows in different styles, materials and firmness levels. Let us learn more about the practices you must follow to choose the ideal pillow.

    Sleeping Position

    The selection of sleeping pillows can become an easy task by considering your sleeping position. For example, you would need a high-loft pillow if you sleep on your side. On the other hand, you would need a flatter pillow if you are a stomach sleeper.

    Check If You Can Try It

    Another recommendation for buying the best pillows online is the option to try the mattress before you can buy it. Reputed stores allow customers to try pillows and mattresses with a flexible return policy for unsatisfied customers. This can help you check whether a particular type of pillow is the perfect choice for you.


    The traits of effective pillows would be incomplete without the assurance of support. You must choose pillows that can offer excellent support for your spine and neck. It can ensure that you enjoy a night of comfortable sleep.


    You should also check the pillow price before confirming the final order for purchase. It is important to remember that the price of pillows depends on the type of pillow, quality, and materials used. You must also know that the brand of pillows also plays a major role in determining their price. Buyers must select pillows from brands that fall within their budget and meet all their expectations.


    The selection of a reliable pillow that can offer comfort and effective support to your body during sleep can be a challenging task. However, you could use the primary traits such as durability to check how a pillow can deliver benefits beyond comfort. If you buy a pillow from a reputed brand, you must ensure that it can deliver long-term returns on your investment. Therefore, the pillow you choose to buy must have the durability to withstand the test of time.

    How Can Pillows Help You?

    You will come across multiple reasons to choose a pillow right away. You can find different variants of a neck pillow or pillows made from different materials to improve the quality of your sleep. Pillows are not only meant to help you sleep better but also improve your health conditions. The different variants of soft pillows and high-loft pillows could offer support for your neck and spine. However, it is important to choose pillows from reliable brands that have been working continuously to serve customers with the best quality mattresses and pillows.

    Final Words

    You can explore the Sleepwell pillow collection to pick the ideal pillow for improving the quality of sleep. It has been a trusted brand for thousands of people with the assurance of high-quality mattresses, pillows and bedding products. Over the years, the brand has diversified its offerings with different types of materials and unique value advantages.

    However, the availability of multiple variants of pillows in terms of size, shape, firmness level and materials can create confusion for buyers. You can navigate through the descriptions of each pillow offered by one of the most reputed pillow brands in India. Take a look through the pillows offered by Sleepwell and pick the best one that suits your needs right now.


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