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Sleepwell Ortho-Pro-Profiled Mattress upto 36% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Enhanced supportEnhanced support
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
  • Cool gel infused foamCool gel infused foam
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress
From MRP ₹6356.00 ₹8046.00 (upto 36% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
1 upto 45% off
  • Orthopaedic TechnologyOrthopaedic Technology
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Snug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions FoamSnug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions Foam
  • Freshness & ventilationFreshness & ventilation
  • Pressure point reliefPressure point relief
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Ortho Mattress
From MRP ₹5049.00 ₹5940.00 (upto 45% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
Ortho Pro Spring Mattress upto 31% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 15.0 cm (6.015.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • Complete spinal adaptationComplete spinal adaptation
  • Enhanced supportEnhanced support
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Triple zone techTriple zone tech
  • Fresh and airyFresh and airy
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
Ortho Pro Spring Mattress
From MRP ₹8147.00 ₹10313.00 (upto 31% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress upto 32% off
  • Gentle and firm feelGentle and firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • ReversibleReversible
  • Dual surface feelDual surface feel
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress
From MRP ₹5224.00 ₹6219.00 (upto 32% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
DURAFIRM 1.0 10% off
  • Firm FeelFirm Feel
  • 11.5 cm (4.511.5 cm (4.5") thick
  • Gentle comfortGentle comfort
  • Adequate back supportAdequate back support
Durafirm 1.0 Mattress
From MRP ₹5850.00 ₹6500.00 (10% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
durafirm 2.0 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Full back supportFull back support
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Durafirm 2.0 Mattress
From MRP ₹7681.00 ₹8535.00 (10% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
Durafirm 4.0 10% off
  • Medium soft feelMedium soft feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Complete firm back supportComplete firm back support
  • Gentle comfortGentle comfort
  • Optimal back alignmentOptimal back alignment
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Durafirm 4.0 Mattress
From MRP ₹10832.00 ₹12036.00 (10% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
Sleepwell Spinetech-Air Mattress 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 15.0 cm (6.015.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • Enhanced firmnessEnhanced firmness
  • Comfortable firm back supportComfortable firm back support
  • Superior air circulationSuperior air circulation
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Spinetech Air Mattress
From MRP ₹17001.00 ₹18890.00 (10% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
Spinetech air luxury 10% off
  • Medium soft feelMedium soft feel
  • 17.5 cm (7.017.5 cm (7.0") thick
  • Enhanced firmnessEnhanced firmness
  • Enhanced plushnessEnhanced plushness
  • Complete spinal adaptationComplete spinal adaptation
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Contour huggingContour hugging
  • Superior air circulationSuperior air circulation
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress
From MRP ₹22560.00 ₹25067.00 (10% off) (Incl. of all taxes)
Star Gold Mattress upto 28% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 10.0 cm (4.010.0 cm (4.0") thick
  • Adequate body supportAdequate body support
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Perfect spine alignmentPerfect spine alignment
Star Gold Mattress
From MRP ₹3680.00 ₹4543.00 (upto 28% off) (Incl. of all taxes)

    Want to know more?

    What is the price of a Sleepwell king-size bed mattress?

    Sleepwell Mattress is one of the top bed mattress companies in India. The price of a Sleepweell king size bed mattress price can vary from size to foams. There are lots of Sleepwell bed mattress options available such as Sleepwell mattress king size price for Ortho starts from Rs. 5000, Utsav 1.0 mattress for elders starts from Rs. 8000, Ortho pro spring mattress for kids starts from Rs. 6000, star gold mattress range starts from Rs. 7000.

    What are the dimensions of a king-size mattress?

    The dimensions of a king-size mattress matter a lot as you can face problems if you select a smaller or unsuitable size mattress. The king mattress size comes in three different dimensions which are 72/72, 75/72, and 78/72. This king bed mattress size is suitable for 2 adults and 1 child. It is not ideal for 2 adults with 1 growing child. King-size mattresses are a larger option than full and queen mattresses.

    What are the main features of Sleepwell’s king-size mattresses?

    Sleepweell’s king size mattress offers lots of benefits in terms of practicality and comfort that make it the perfect choice. The size of this mattress is suitable for king-size beds, the comfort level is high as it is made with multiple foam layers, and the innerspring coils, and high-quality foam offer adequate support to your back and spine. Sleepwell mattress features also include motion isolation technology, breathability, and durability as well.

    How does the king-size mattress contribute to improved sleep quality?

    The sleep quality mattress benefits contribute to improved sleep quality with its top-notch features and technology. King size mattress advantages offer huge space that enables people to sleep freely with the right body movement. It also reduces sleep disturbance as because of enough space you will not face trouble from your partner's movement. Your back and spine will be in the right position removing the possibility of neck or back cramps and pains. These features of a king-size mattress contribute to improving sleep quality effectively.

    Is there a warranty or guarantee on Sleepwell’s king-size mattresses?

    Sleepwell offers a warranty on all mattresses instead of a guarantee for peace of mind and quality assurance. There is a Sleepwell mattress warrant for sagging, natural dissolution, and crumbing. You have to register yourself on Sleepwell's official website to avail yourself of warranty benefits. You should check the details of Sleepwell king size mattress policy to know in which condition the warranty will be applicable for a king-size mattress.

    What are the benefits of choosing a memory foam king-size mattress?

    Choosing a memory foam king-size mattress offers lots of benefits that improve your sleep and reduce body tension as well. A memory foam mattress adapts your body shape effectively and gives you relief from body pressure by enhancing body blood flow. King size mattress benefits made with memory foam also reduce body movement disturbance. You will feel less motion when your partner changes the position. Memory foam bed mattresses protect you from allergies as it is dust resistant. You can customize your king-size mattress as per your requirement making it the best comfort mattress of all time.

    What are the different materials used to make king-size mattresses?

    There are various types of mattress materials used to make a king-size mattress. The most popular one is memory foam which is known for its ability to adopt any body shape effectively. Latex is an authentic material that offers more durability, and breathability and has hypoallergenic properties. Apart from this innersprings, hybrid which is a combination of innersprings and layers of memory and latex foams, gel-infused foam, and organic materials such as cotton and wool also used to make high-quality king size mattresses.

    Is a king-size mattress the same as a double bed?

    The king size mattresses are not the same as a double bed mattress. A king-size mattress is larger than a double-bed mattress. As you conduct a double bed mattress size comparison you will find that a king-size mattress dimension is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The king-size mattresses offer more space than a double-bed mattress. A king-size mattress is ideal for couples and people who need extra space to sleep peacefully while a double-bed mattress can be smaller for couples and suitable for single sleepers.


    People are slowly becoming aware of the fact that good quality sleep is an essential part of daily life to keep the overall health aspects strong. One of the major factors in having restless nights can be having the wrong mattress, which causes pain and discomfort when waking up in the morning. 

    Sleepwell brings you king-size mattress collections with innovative technological aspects that offer unmatched support and luxury in your sleeping session. We are dedicated to providing our specialised king-size mattress to meet a range of customers' requirements. 

    Whether you are single, a couple, or a senior citizen, Sleepwell can provide the right mattress for you based on firmness and bed size. Choosing a king-size mattress size is not only for adding comfort to your bed but also for bringing space and peacefulness into your relaxing routine. If you value having a roomy and unrestricted resting area, then a king-size mattress with dimensions ranging from 76 inches to 80 inches long is an ideal option. 

    We go beyond the ordinary to offer a sleeping experience that not only makes you feel fully rested but also alleviates body discomfort by supporting the right pressure points in the body. At Sleepwell, all our king-size bed mattress products are built using the finest materials that ensure durability and sleep luxury. 

    Various types of mattress materials are available for King Size Bed mattress

    No matter what range of comfort and relaxation you want your king-size bed to have, Sleepwell can tailor your needs to the product at a reasonable king-size bed mattress price. Each of our mattress materials comes with its own specific characteristics that cater to various sleeping needs and preferences. Here are our popular king-size mattress materials that optimise your sleep support needs:

    Bonded Foam

    Sleepwell can certainly avail of the firm and long-lasting bonded foam king bed mattress size. We attach all the high-quality foam layers together to create the bonded foam mattress, which are ideal for anyone looking to improve their back support. Paying for this mattress's king-size price can certainly give you value for money with its long-lasting comfort. It offers a firm and supporting surface without losing the plush feature, making it resistant to any deterioration for a long time. 

    PU Foam

    If you are on the lookout for a cosy resting surface that contours the curve of your body, the adaptability and cost-effective price of a king-size bed mattress of PU foam are unbeatable. We can tailor our PU foam mattress with Sleepwell technology to make it ideal for offering an excellent blend of softness and support. These products are lightweight and durable. So you can trust it to relieve your pressure points and put you into a restful sleeping position without any disturbed sleep. 


    Eco-friendly enthusiasts can now bring sustainability into their bed with our Sleepwell mattress, king-size, made of coir material. Our innovative techniques go into enhancing the mattress's breathability without affecting its firmness. If you want a firm sleeping surface without any synthetic foam materials, our coir collection is the best option to try out. Enjoy the natural ventilation and improve the cooler sleeping environment if you tend to get hotter while sleeping. 

    Latex Foam

    Another sustainable option for a king-size mattress size from Sleepwell is our latex foam material, which is very responsive and provides a floating sleeping surface. If you want to bring ventilation and prevent allergic reactions from lying on your mattress, then check out our latex foam material mattresses. These products not only improve breathability and hypoallergenic conditions but also relieve pressure points to make people go to sleep easily. 


    Check out the advanced technology-integrated ortho spring mattresses from Sleepwell that improve optimal air circulation and give you a luxurious, bouncy experience. If you have mobility issues, spring mattresses will bring the ideal motion isolation to shift you into the expanse of a king-size bed. Each of our products is renowned for their exceptional support and breathability. 


    What makes Sleepwell the No.1 brand in the competitive market is our advanced technology-integrated orthopaedic mattress king-size collections. We are committed to meeting the needs of orthopaedic patients who have trouble sleeping due to uncomfortable mattresses. Our product is tailored to provide the best support to orthopaedic patients for spine and joints. It is best for encouraging alignment and reducing pressure points. 

    Memory Foam

    Sleepwell's best-selling memory foam materials are the best choice for soothing the spine and lessening back discomfort, thanks to the advanced zonal support technology. These can be ideal mattresses for king-size orthopaedics due to the integration of high-resiliency foam. Moreover, these mattresses sport varying pressure zones and layers of breathable fabric. You can trust these mattresses to conform to the natural contours of the body, which minimises the motion transfer and customises the pressure relief. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for couples or people sharing a bed with others. 

    Dual Comfort

    With improved comfort on both sides, the Sleepwell dual comfort mattress is the multipurpose choice that greatly balances the firmness and softness of the mattress. If you are a couple with different comfort demands, our dual comfort mattress is a great option to present you with a stress-free sleep experience and forget waking up fatigued.

    Best price for exceptional quality Sleepwell King Size Mattress offering luxury and rest

    Sleepwell will offer you a combination of premium quality materials in your king-size mattresses that come with high-density support. If you are looking to enjoy king-size comfort at the best price, get a reasonable Sleepwell mattress price king size, making them affordable luxury. It helps you bring opulence into your sleeping environment and guarantee waking up refreshed with undisturbed sleep duration. 

    Why buy from the No.1 comfy mattress Sleep technology company in India, Sleepwell?

    Get quality assurance

    As the best mattress sleep technology company in the market, Sleepwell places a high priority on quality control through stringent clinical testing and meeting regulations for industry standards. Find each of our king-size mattress sizes as per the features you are looking for, ensuring long-lasting use with high-quality material use assurance and warranty period. You can be confident about your sleep technology investment with Sleepwell luxury mattresses for king-size beds. 

    Wide range of mattress options

    Sleepwell is at the top of the market, providing a variety of mattresses that can meet various sleeping needs and individual sleeping styles. Whether you are looking for different firmness levels of memory foam mattresses or different latex foam material mattresses, each of our products has special qualities for a different kind of sleep. We are a suitable sleep mattress company to meet your varied range of demands. 

    Enhance comfort to get a full night's sleep

    We keep the buyer's comfort in mind while manufacturing each of our king-size mattresses. All our products can present a high-density support system meeting all the comfort features. So, on summer nights or winter nights, your mattress will keep you well-ventilated to ensure you sleep comfortably cool, and there are ideal sinking and bouncing levels to control your movement. Furthermore, get enhanced body contouring so you never feel pain or stiffness while waking up in the morning. No toxic chemicals are used to trigger your allergic reactions and sustainability in your bedroom with certified natural material foams in your king-size mattress. 

    Convenient shopping and trial period

    Everyone loves a good death when it comes to investing in a luxury mattress. We offer king-size sleepwell mattress prices just right for their exceptional quality, perfectly combining luxury with affordability. Make your business with us to enjoy a convenient online mattress purchase by tapping into our hassle-free trial period. Browse through our policy to check out how Sleepwell's 100-night trial period works to evaluate your purchase before you commit to it. No need to worry about your investments going to waste as you can comfort it. Our mattress is the best option for your bedroom without making a permanent decision. 

    Advanced technology integration into mattress engineering

    Since we are the pioneer of mattress engineering in this competitive industry, we prove it by improving the comfort and luxury of the mattress. Sleepwell combines sophisticated sleep technology to customise the support system for your good night's sleep. The event technology will improve your pressure and pain alleviation, while the 3-zone pocket spring will adjust to any body curve to customise your sleeping position, adapting to each of your pressure points. We integrate wave zoning technology into the mattress fabric to improve your back support regardless of your sleeping style. Buy a king-size mattress online from Sleepwell to get the best of our sleep innovation technology. 

    No more pain and discomfort to keep you up all night long with the innovative Sleepwell King Size Mattress

    Find the right mattress fit for your king-size bedding with Sleepwell. We provide revolutionary sleep technology to get rid of pain and discomfort so you may sleep soundly and complete 8 hours of rest without any disturbance. We ensure each of our king-size mattresses comes with a zipper cover, making it easy to keep the mattress hygienic and giving it lower maintenance requirements. Trust Sleepwell to deliver you the right product that meets your requirements and puts your health first to keep you comfortable throughout your sleep. Get a rejuvenating effect by investing in our king-size mattress today!


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