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10% off
  • icon Gentle feel
  • icon 22.5 cm (9.0") thick
  • icon Exceptional elasticity
  • icon Even pressure distribution
  • icon Responsive body support
  • icon Enhanced support
  • icon Zero partner disturbance
  • icon Superior air circulation
  • icon Double germ protection
  • icon Healthy breathability
  • icon Firm edge support
  • icon Plush top feel
Naturalle 1.0 Mattress
From ₹38,340 ₹42,600
20% off
  • icon Gentle and firm feel
  • icon 12.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • icon Reversible
  • icon Dual surface feel
  • icon Healthy breathability
  • icon Enhanced air circulation
  • icon Zipped cover
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress
From ₹4,975 ₹6,219
10% off
  • icon Customisable gentle and ortho firm top layers
  • icon 15.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • icon Zero partner disturbance
Cocoon Mattress
From ₹11,632 ₹12,924
10% off
  • icon Medium firm feel
  • icon 15.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • icon Gentle comfort
  • icon Enhanced support
  • icon Even firmness
  • icon Enhanced air circulation
  • icon Plush top feel
Spinetech Mattress
From ₹15,169 ₹16,854
20% off
  • icon Medium firm feel
  • icon 12.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • icon Enhanced support
  • icon Healthy breathability
  • icon Enhanced air circulation
  • icon Cool gel infused foam
  • icon Zipped cover
Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress
From ₹6,437 ₹8,046

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Pro comfort

Sleep like a pro. India's first - ortho and dual pro mattresses.


Essential comfort

Firm, medium-firm, that stimulates and soothes.


Ortho comfort

Firm to medium firm. With extra layers for spine support.


Hotel comfort

Soft.Plush. Extra layers for extra comfort.


Luxury comfort

Luxurious and rich for the ultimate sleep.


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Innovations for your personalised comfort

Sleepwell Neem Fresche®

An anti-microbial technology integrated in all our products to protect you and your loved ones from dust mites, allergies and breathing disorders.

Sleepwell Quiltec® foam

Sleepwell's ingenious foam for plush surface feel. It enhances airflow and heat dissipation to eliminate humidity and has superior loft compared to other quilting foams.

Impressions foam

Impressions foam naturally adjusts to the body contours, offering soft snug contour hugging and even pressure distribution. This shape adjustment also enhances blood circulation. Impressions foam is an innovative breakthrough for being independent of the ambient temperature and offers the same level of comfort in all seasons.

Sleepwell Nexa ® foam

Sleepwell's ingenious Nexa® is a smart recovery memory foam. It is a responsive foam that adapts to the contours of your body and offers easy body movement. Its unique cell structure enhances airflow, promotes breathability and comfort. When used in quilting it offers a cozy, plush surface feel.

Sleepwell Cellergise®

The individual cell concept of ingenious Comfort Cell® technology adjusts to the natural shape of the spine and offers customizable body support. These mattress cells track the shape of your spine, offering optimal support and total partner independence.

Sleepwell Resitec® foam

Sleepwell's ingenious foam for the plush, and bouncy surface feel. Sleepwell Resitec plus® foam offers exceptional comfort and enhanced pressure point relief.

Sleepwell Air-O-Fresh® foam

Sleepwell's ingenious Air-O-Fresh® foam ensures uniform firmness. Its unique cell structure promotes air circulation offering dry comfort in humid weather.

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