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Sleepwell Ortho-Pro-Profiled Mattress upto 31% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Enhanced supportEnhanced support
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
  • Cool gel infused foamCool gel infused foam
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress
From ₹6839.00 ₹8046.00
1 upto 30% off
  • Orthopaedic TechnologyOrthopaedic Technology
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Snug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions FoamSnug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions Foam
  • Freshness & ventilationFreshness & ventilation
  • Pressure point reliefPressure point relief
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Ortho Mattress
From ₹5643.00 ₹5940.00
Ortho Pro Spring Mattress upto 25% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 15.0 cm (6.015.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • Complete spinal adaptationComplete spinal adaptation
  • Enhanced supportEnhanced support
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Triple zone techTriple zone tech
  • Fresh and airyFresh and airy
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
Ortho Pro Spring Mattress
From ₹8766.00 ₹10313.00
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress upto 25% off
  • Gentle and firm feelGentle and firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • ReversibleReversible
  • Dual surface feelDual surface feel
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress
From ₹5597.00 ₹6219.00
Sleepwell Durafirm 1.0 Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Firm FeelFirm Feel
  • 11.5 cm (4.511.5 cm (4.5") thick
  • Gentle comfortGentle comfort
  • Adequate back supportAdequate back support
Durafirm 1.0 Mattress
From ₹5850.00 ₹6500.00
durafirm 2.0 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Full back supportFull back support
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Durafirm 2.0 Mattress
From ₹7681.00 ₹8535.00
Sleepwell Durafirm 4.0 Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Medium soft feelMedium soft feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Complete firm back supportComplete firm back support
  • Gentle comfortGentle comfort
  • Optimal back alignmentOptimal back alignment
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Durafirm 4.0 Mattress
From ₹10832.00 ₹12036.00
Sleepwell Spinetech-Air Mattress 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 15.0 cm (6.015.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • Enhanced firmnessEnhanced firmness
  • Comfortable firm back supportComfortable firm back support
  • Superior air circulationSuperior air circulation
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Spinetech Air Mattress
From ₹17001.00 ₹18890.00
Sleepwell Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Medium soft feelMedium soft feel
  • 17.5 cm (7.017.5 cm (7.0") thick
  • Enhanced firmnessEnhanced firmness
  • Enhanced plushnessEnhanced plushness
  • Complete spinal adaptationComplete spinal adaptation
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Contour huggingContour hugging
  • Superior air circulationSuperior air circulation
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress
From ₹22560.00 ₹25067.00
Star Gold Mattress upto 20% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 10.0 cm (4.010.0 cm (4.0") thick
  • Adequate body supportAdequate body support
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Perfect spine alignmentPerfect spine alignment
Star Gold Mattress
From ₹4089.00 ₹4543.00

    Best Orthopedic Mattress

    When you are done with all the hard work for the day, you deserve a comfortable sleep at night. Our back is the support system of our body and energises all the strength we need to take on all forms of challenges. Therefore, your comfort needs should never be compromised, as your body demands it.

    In ordinary mattresses, your spine stays misaligned or experiences unnatural strain when you don’t sleep in a designated posture. Due to this, you will find yourself restless throughout the night and wake up with a sore body! This is something you won’t be expecting in the name of comfort.

    With our Sleepwell orthopaedic bed mattress collection, we introduce a range of options for you to enhance the quality of your sleep every night. Every part of your body needs the alleviation from the whole day’s strain. And the design we offer is perfect to give your spine a healthy posture to sleep on.

    Our mattresses are backed with comfortable foam layers and supportive technologies to ensure your sleeping posture doesn’t get distorted, irrespective of how you lay on the bed. Our orthopaedic mattress options are made with memory foam and other such comfort layers to ensure your pressure relief quotient.

    The mattresses are designed to offer you varying differential zones that cater to the support needs of various body parts, from the heaviest to the lightest. As a result, your spine stays aligned, and the entire body experiences that cradling hug. With this, we ensure that every morning will be refreshed for you, without sore back or body ache issues.

    Whether you are in search of a single bed Sleepwell orthopaedic mattress or a king-size counterpart, we have all sizes available to attend to your comfort needs. Not only that, but we also offer the best quality pillows as a freebie when you purchase an orthocare mattress from us, which provides added support to your head and neck for an even more comfortable sleep.

    What are the Benefits of Using Our Sleepwell Ortho Comfort Mattresses?

    There is an endless array of benefits that our Sleepwell Ortho Comfort mattresses have to offer! Starting from special characteristics for relieving back pain issues to giving you plush comfort, our mattresses offer them all.

    We offer you our Impressions Foam quilting layer, which is meant to enhance the plushness of the mattress surface. Alongside that, our high-resilience orthopaedic foam mattress also enables better flexibility to provide you relief from pain issues at different pressure points of the body.

    Our high resilience foam adds the medium-firm feel to the orthopaedic mattresses we offer and guarantees optimal body support. You will get a comfortable bounce to give your back and body added relaxation, freeing you from the stiffness that has been holding you back for a long time.

    The use of a PU foam layer further enhances the efficacy of our orthopaedic and medicated mattress. The raw PU foam materials that we source are tested by the laboratory to retain the resilience quotient when compared to conventional foams. Unlike poor-quality foams that lose their shape and resilience after a few years of use, our foam lasts longer.

    Be free from the hassle of untimely sagging or sleeping over an uneven surface, as our PU foam mattresses are the best in quality when compared to most of the other options available on the market. We also offer a Sleepwell orthopaedic memory foam mattress, which comes with even better contouring capabilities for giving every curve of your body added support.

    Not just that, but our Dual Pro Profiled mattress, being part of the ortho comfort range, offers you the feasibility of changing the sides or reversing it as per your varying comfort preferences. Our Dual Pro Profiled mattress is denoted with a light tone to represent a gentle feel, whereas the dark tone is used to denote a firm feel.

    The improved breathability and airflow are staple benefits with all our ortho comfort mattresses. Apart from that, you also get a zipper cover in most of the mattresses you buy from us, which are hypoallergenic and plush to give an extra comfort layer for you to sleep on. These covers are removable, so you can wash them and ensure their hygiene at periodic intervals.

    When you experience all of these perks, it will be easier for you to improve your sleep cycle, attitude, mood, health, and overall well-being. With a good sleep at night, you will eventually be giving your body the rest it deserves after supporting you for the strenuous lifestyle throughout the day.

    What Inspired Sleepwell to Bring the High-End Ortho Comfort Mattresses?

    Sleepwell has been titled as one of the best online mattress brands in India, and we have been selling quality mattresses to a big chunk of the Indian population throughout the company’s life so far. Our approach has always been consumer-centric, and this is what enticed us to connect with our big Sleepwell family and take their feedback on what’s missing from their comfortable sleep.

    Are the consumers comfortable with the mattress they currently own, or are they facing some issues associated with falling asleep or waking up fresh? Upon doing this survey, we got to know that a lot of people are suffering from backache issues which won’t be alleviated the next morning. And upon asking people about what’s the reason for back pain, everyone blamed their hectic work lifestyle.

    There was a gap in the mattress fraternity, as the back pain issues needed to be addressed, not just by medications but also by providing people with a good mattress to sleep on. It has been scientifically tested that sleeping in a proper posture and on a good mattress allows the muscles to release the strained pressure and get rid of the aching effects.

    With the extensive consumer preferences and after analysing the pain points of diverse customers, we got the idea to start this range of Ortho Comfort mattresses. We then started collecting materials and tested what would work well to provide you with the best orthopaedic mattress.

    We introduced our complete range of ortho mattresses crafted out of PU foam, 3-zone pocket springs, and even memory foam material. Every other mattress listed on our site is different from one another, but the end purpose of providing comfort and luxury sleep experience is the same.

    People started leaving reviews that they are free from their persistent back pain issues and appreciate us for their good sleep health. With a consistent quest to make the best orthopaedic mattress in India, we launched the finest product of all, Sleepwell Nexa. It is the most luxurious mattress in our lot, with smart recovery memory foam, smart contouring technology, and much more.

    Upon buying our ortho spring mattress, you will be able to relieve the pressure points, and the contouring technology is what will help you the most in it. With these latest technologies, we stepped into the world of modern mattresses, and our Sleepwell family started to expand as we addressed some of the major pain points that hampered their comfort in the past.

    The base layers we use are made up of durable properties, which add firm support to the overall structure of the mattress. Strategic support is implemented for diverse parts of your body to provide you with better air circulation. We claim our ortho comfort mattresses to be the best because they enhance your sleep quality and provide you with a range of recovery from pain conditions.

    Why Buy from Sleepwell?

    At Sleepwell, we bring to you the best quality products, not just to help you sleep healthily but also to provide you with numerous facilities, such as:

    100-Days Free Trial

    With every bonded foam mattress you purchase, you will be provided with a 100-day free trial. It means you will have enough nights to use the mattress and test the comfort quotient as promised. Any time within these 100 days, if you feel like the comfort isn’t as specified or you don’t feel like the mattress is meant for your body type or support needs, you can definitely put it up for a return. The entire ortho mattress price will be refunded to your original payment method.

    No-Cost EMI

    We also offer EMI facilities for anyone who intends to purchase our mattresses. With this, you will have a flexible payment option, which will eradicate the budget constraints from your mind. So, irrespective of what the orthopaedic mattress price is, you won’t have to hesitate to buy it because you won’t have to pay it all at once!

    Free Delivery & Return

    You don’t have to pay a single rupee extra beyond the cost price of our mattresses to get the products shipped. The delivery will be absolutely free, and so will the return. Even if you are placing a request for a return, our partnered shipping firm will come and collect the mattress from you without asking you for any charges. This is one of the best perks of buying a Sleepwell Ortho mattress online.

    Custom Size

    You are provided with customization options associated with the mattress dimensions. If you have a bed frame that’s not of a standard size, you can measure the same and enter the dimensions in the custom section of your select mattress page. Remember, the thickness levels are standardised as per the brand because of the construction technologies we implement onto them to ensure comfort and support. So, you will be able to customise your mattress size only in terms of length and width.

    5-Years Warranty

    We also offer a 5-year warranty with all our products to ensure you attain peace while using our products. Sleepwell has trust in its quality, durability, and longevity! And we want to make you believe and be confident in these attributes as well. Therefore, we offer you a warranty that long, ensuring you don’t have to deal with any such manufacturing problems.


    1. What is the purpose of an orthopaedic mattress, and why consider using it?

    Sleepwell has designed the orthopaedic mattress in a way such that it allows your body to attain a natural position when you fall asleep. This way, your spinal alignment is attained, and a perfect posture will be defined to ensure your comfort quotient doesn’t get affected. You must use it because it will alleviate pressure points around the areas such as the hips, back, and neck. Your body ache symptoms will be alleviated, and your sleep quality will be improved.

    2. Is a memory foam mattress good for back pain issues?

    Yes, Sleepwell’s memory foam mattress is ideal for back pain conditions, as it provides a better conforming effect to the spine and keeps it aligned. Apart from that, memory foam mattresses, packed with other layers, offer you medium firm support, which is ideal for alleviating back pain issues. Even though there are a lot of good mattresses over Sleepwell for you to consider for immense body support, the ortho comfort options are best in terms of easing your back pain issues.

    3. Does Sleepwell offer free trials?

    Yes, from the day you receive your mattress at the doorstep, your 100-day trial will commence. You have a chance to test the mattress for its quality, comfort, body support, and other properties as specified for 100 long days. It is enough time for you to judge if you are attaining a good and pain-free sleep or not. If you want to seek a return, a full refund will be issued, and the mattress will be picked up from your doorstep for free.

    4. What are the mattress size options available with Sleepwell?

    When buying a Sleepwell mattress, you will be provided with king, queen, and single bed mattress options. But, beyond that, you will also be able to add custom dimensions, depending on your specific bed frame. Irrespective of the size you choose, the quality and comfort quotient won’t deteriorate at any cost. Ortho comfort mattresses are the best in the lot for you to overcome your backache issues, and this level of comfort is maintained in mattresses of all sizes!



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