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Sleepwell Ortho-Pro-Profiled Mattress 15% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Enhanced supportEnhanced support
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
  • Cool gel infused foamCool gel infused foam
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress
From ₹6839.00 ₹8046.00
1 15% off
  •  Orthopedic Technology Orthopedic Technology
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Snug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions FoamSnug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions Foam
  • Freshness & ventilationFreshness & ventilation
  • Pressure point reliefPressure point relief
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Ortho Mattress
From ₹5049.00 ₹5940.00
Ortho Pro Spring Mattress 15% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 15.0 cm (6.015.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • Complete spinal adaptationComplete spinal adaptation
  • Enhanced supportEnhanced support
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Triple zone techTriple zone tech
  • Fresh and airyFresh and airy
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
Ortho Pro Spring Mattress
From ₹8766.00 ₹10313.00
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress 10% off
  • Gentle and firm feelGentle and firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • ReversibleReversible
  • Dual surface feelDual surface feel
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
Dual Pro Profiled Mattress
From ₹5597.00 ₹6219.00
Sleepwell Durafirm 1.0 Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Firm FeelFirm Feel
  • 11.5 cm (4.511.5 cm (4.5") thick
  • Gentle comfortGentle comfort
  • Adequate back supportAdequate back support
Durafirm 1.0 Mattress
From ₹5850.00 ₹6500.00
durafirm 2.0 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Full back supportFull back support
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Durafirm 2.0 Mattress
From ₹7681.00 ₹8535.00
Sleepwell Durafirm 4.0 Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Medium soft feelMedium soft feel
  • 12.5 cm (5.012.5 cm (5.0") thick
  • Comfortable firm back supportComfortable firm back support
  • Gentle comfortGentle comfort
  • Optimal back alignmentOptimal back alignment
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Durafirm 4.0 Mattress
From ₹10832.00 ₹12036.00
Sleepwell Spinetech-Air Mattress 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 15.0 cm (6.015.0 cm (6.0") thick
  • Enhanced firmnessEnhanced firmness
  • Comfortable firm back supportComfortable firm back support
  • Superior air circulationSuperior air circulation
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Spinetech Air Mattress
From ₹17001.00 ₹18890.00
Sleepwell Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress Mattresses 10% off
  • Medium soft feelMedium soft feel
  • 17.5 cm (7.017.5 cm (7.0") thick
  • Enhanced firmnessEnhanced firmness
  • Enhanced plushnessEnhanced plushness
  • Complete spinal adaptationComplete spinal adaptation
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Contour huggingContour hugging
  • Superior air circulationSuperior air circulation
  • Anti-skidAnti-skid
  • Plush top feelPlush top feel
Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress
From ₹22560.00 ₹25067.00
Star Gold Mattress 10% off
  • Medium firm feelMedium firm feel
  • 10.0 cm (4.010.0 cm (4.0") thick
  • Adequate body supportAdequate body support
  • Enhanced air circulationEnhanced air circulation
  • Healthy breathabilityHealthy breathability
  • Perfect spine alignmentPerfect spine alignment
Star Gold Mattress
From ₹4089.00 ₹4543.00

    Buy the Best Quality Sleepwell Mattresses in India

    If you intend to buy the best quality mattress for your comfortable sleep, there is no better option than Sleepwell for you to meet your needs on priority. Why? Well, Sleepwell has been in the mattress industry of India for a long time now and has won consumers' trust from every corner of India.

    We have options ideal for people with different sleeping positions or comfort preferences. Whether you want a sinking mattress that gives you an extremely huggable feel or a firm mattress to support the strained pressure points of your body, you need to review the description of your selected mattress on our Sleepwell store, and you shall find the best options listed on our product catalogue.

    But wait! Are you a complete rookie as far as buying a bed mattress is concerned? Well, if that's the case, don't worry! No one was born with in-depth knowledge of all types of mattresses. But, while you buy one today, you must invest your money in the best mattresses to expect high-end comfort and durability. Sleepwell is going to help you with that.

    But before that, you must know, gone are the days when a mattress was treated as a random necessity, and you bought one from the first store you saw near your residential address.

    Today, the mattress comes with a choice of whether you are buying the right product! Different mattresses have different variations based on the thickness, technologies used, and comfort properties. So, if you are now aware of how the mattress market has evolved with varying types of construction materials and technologies, choosing one from the abundance of Sleepwell mattress options might be overwhelming.
    So, here is a brief elaboration on all the types of mattresses that Sleepwell has to offer for you to attain a comfortable sleep:

    Different Types of Mattresses Available at Sleepwell

    If you are out shopping for the best foam bed mattress by Sleepwell, you must first be aware of all the options we offer before deciding what will suit you well. So, here's a glimpse at all the different types of mattresses we offer:


    Memory Foam Mattress


    Our memory foam mattress, Sleepwell Nexa, has innovative recovery properties such as high-end pressure relief and spinal alignment. The best thing is the contouring effect and motion isolation this foam layer adds to the mattress.

    With the motion isolation property, you can expect no disturbance if you sleep with your partner, pet, or kids. Memory foam can absorb any subtle motion on one end of the mattress and prevent it from transferring to the other.

    Following that, the contouring effect of the mattress adds a huggable impact to your body, supporting all the pressure points and encouraging spinal and posture alignment.


    Latex Mattress


    Sleepwell Latex Plus, made up of pure and organic latex material collected from rubber trees, is the best sleeping mattress for you to count on. It offers ultimate pain or pressure relief, as the property of natural latex is to provide you with better spinal alignment.

    With this, you can expect alleviation of your pain effects, ensuring you feel refreshed or rejuvenated every morning. Also, upon buying the latex luxury mattress online from Sleepwell, you will get the same motion isolation as the memory foam mattress.

    Due to this mattress's eco-friendly and chemical-free nature, you might have to pay a luxury mattress price to own latex products for your bedroom. But be assured that you will be getting the value for the money you spend on this mattress.


    Pocket Spring Mattress


    Sleepwell Pocket Spring and Ortho Pro Comfort mattresses come with pocket spring construction alongside other comfort layers. The use of pocket springs makes the mattress immensely supportive, providing independent comfort to different pressure points of your body.

    And this is possible because every pocket spring will function with an independent motion. Due to this, every part of your body will get a good support and massaging effect without losing your posture. Irrespective of what side you sleep on, your posture will be aligned on demand!

    Concerning the benefits, the pocket spring mattress offers you better air ventilation and circulation. Not only that, but you also acquire adequate body support alongside the right firmness and comfort levels. Your pressure points will experience pain alleviation.


    Kids Mattress


    We have a collective range of kids' mattresses that offer the same level of comfort and support but with added edge support, breathability, and plush fabric. We provide covers with our selected kids' hypoallergenic mattresses.

    It means your kids won't experience breathing or allergy issues while sleeping on our select mattresses. Depending on what makes your kids fall asleep faster, we have gentle and firm feel mattresses for you to count on. 

    Explore the Different Firmness Levels We Offer at Sleepwell!

    When you plan to order a mattress online from Sleepwell, it is different from the type of mattress you must consider and the firmness variations we offer. So, before you get along with placing your order for your favorite kind of bed mattress online from our store, here is the list of available firmness levels we deal in:


    Firm Mattress


    As you know, a firm mattress is considered a brilliant choice for anyone needing the best mattress for back pain. Firm mattresses are meant to offer robust support to your body while ensuring your spinal alignment is not distorted during your sleep time.

    Also, if you are heavier in body weight, buying a firm mattress is a wise decision to prevent the over-sinking effect. In severe such body weight cases, a mattress's firm nature supports your pressure points and lets you sleep comfortably without finding it a hassle to move, toss, or turn on the bed. 
    Beyond that, the firm mattress is also considered ideal for all you sleepers who prefer laying flat on your back or your stomach in bed. This way, the firm quotient of the mattress will ensure your spine stays neutral, giving you the ultimate comfort. If you fit in any one or more of the criteria, go ahead and buy a mattress online from Sleepwell that comes with a 'Firm' tag.


    Medium Firm Mattress


    On the other hand, the medium firm mattress combines multiple materials or layers that offer optimal comfort and balance simultaneously. When searching for the best orthopaedic mattress in India, Sleepwell is your one-stop hub with the best options, as we introduce medium firmness with all products in this range.

    It is to make our orthopaedic mattress a versatile pick for most sleepers. Whether you are a young office goer or a retired older adult, our medium-firm mattresses are meant to offer comfort and support to you in either case. When buying a medium-firm mattress online, you will acquire perfect spinal support and pressure point cushioning.

    Apart from the Ortho range of mattresses, our Sleepwell Latex Plus mattress is equally comfortable with medium firmness and moderate bounce effect. This way, you can consider our latex mattress the best bet for your medium-firm comfort needs.


    Gentle Feel Mattress


    Our gentle-feel mattresses are backed with a luxurious and soft feel, just like our Sleepwell Nexa and Pro-Nexa range. Even though they are gentle to sleep on, they are still brilliant at relieving your pressure points, such as hips or shoulders.

    This level of firmness is ideal for all you side sleepers and lightweight body type individuals. Our Nexa mattress has a soft and plush feel due to our patented Nexa foam and imported fabrics on the top layer. This contributes to the perfect recipe for a good night's sleep.

    But, if you are moderately heavy-weight, a gentle feel mattress might not suit you, and you must go with medium firm options. Our store's mattresses come with a soft feel and are supported with other layers to provide you with a cushioned and supported feel on your body. It is a brilliant pick if you are a combination sleeper or prefer versatility in choosing comfort level. 

    What are the Different Sleepwell Mattress Sizes You Can Opt to Buy?


    Ultimately, considering the size or dimension of your mattress is of utmost importance when searching for the best mattress in India. Therefore, here are some dimension options we have to offer with our mattress in our Sleepwell store.


    King-Size Mattress


    It is our biggest stock mattress size with all our product ranges. The king-size bed mattress price will be the maximum compared to the queen or single-bed options. For anyone who is looking for a spacious, comfortable, and luxurious surface to sleep on, a king-size bed is a no-compromise size to count on.

    Whether single or a couple, you can attain a comfortable sleep at night. If roominess matters to you, look no further than a king-size mattress. The thickness of our select mattresses is within the limited ranges. So, you must pick the ideal thickness from the given options.


    Single Bed Mattress


    When searching for a budgeted mattress and a single sleeper in a room, it is better to go with this smallest stock mattress size. It has a compact design and can accommodate only one adult. This size is also perfect for the children's rooms, not just the solo sleepers.

    The thickness levels will still be the same as what you can opt for with the king-size mattress, for you to experience the same level of comfort, irrespective of the size you opt for. A single-bed comfort mattress price will be the lowest compared to the king or queen-size mattress options.


    Queen-Size Mattress


    A queen-size mattress has the perfect dimensions, is ideal for adding an excellent appeal to a room, and accommodates two people on the bed. It has ample room for couples who want to enjoy sufficient sleeping space. For couples with a smaller room with more furniture to accommodate, it is better to go with a queen-size mattress over a king-size counterpart.

    You will get a big enough mattress to align with the queen-size bed frame, with ample space left to bring in your wardrobe, side tables, or work desk. As the size is smaller than the king-size mattresses, the price will also be less. Thus, it is a reasonably priced option for you to consider if you are a couple and are not willing to spend a higher amount to buy a king-size option.


    Custom-Size Mattress


    This is the flexibility that Sleepwell offers you all: to buy your select mattress, but with your custom dimensions. As stated above, you cannot select your preferred thickness, as the pre-set limits are specified concerning providing you with all the comfort layers as promised. Apart from the thickness level, you can choose the width and length of the mattress to align it with that of your bed frame.

    It is ideal for most of you with a big, small, or non-standard bed frame. Now, there are better moves than changing the entire bed to accommodate it to the mattress. Therefore, we allow you to enter your custom mattress dimensions and place the order right away. Depending on your chosen dimensions, the Sleepwell foam mattress price will also increase or decrease.  


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