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A back massage while you sleep. Ultimate ortho-care. Ultimate plushness. Ultimate support. Perfect spine support, but with a gentle massage feel when you lie on it.

Medium firm feel
17.5 cm (7.0") thick
Enhanced firmness
Enhanced plushness
Contour hugging
Superior air circulation
Plush top feel
What goes inside

Every sleepwell mattress, bedding sets and pillows is protected with Neem Fresche© technology.


Premium knitted fabric with pillow top finish

Known for its smooth texture and high strength, knitted fabric adds to the plush feel, is tear resistant and easy to maintain. An extra layer of comfort on the mattress top, to enhance its plushness.


Impression and Sleepwell Quiltec® foam in quilting

The use of Sleepwell ingenious Impressions foam and Quiltec® foam together in quilting, offers a luxurious cushy surface for a plush comfort.


Impressions foam

Impressions foam naturally adjusts to the body contours, offering soft snug contour hugging and even pressure distribution. This shape adjustment also enhances blood circulation. Impressions foam is an innovative breakthrough for being independent of the ambient temperature and offers the same level of comfort in all seasons.


Sleepwell Resitec® foam

Sleepwell Resitec® foam has a much higher resilience and lends itself to better flexibility, thus offering pressure point comfort. It has a medium-firm feel and gives optimal body support and a comfortable bounce.


Sleepwell Reticool® foam

The advanced open cell structure of Reticool® foam offers a gentle feel and enhances airflow thus improving mattress freshness.


Rebonded foam

Rebonding technology results in foam layers for extra firmness and body support. Promotes environment friendliness by ensuring zero wastage of different types of foam.

Make your bed. Add accessories

  • icon Moulded technology enhances durability
  • icon Relaxing snug comfort
  • icon Moulded airvent technology with healthy breathability
  • icon Humidity free fresh sleeping experience
  • icon Moulded airvent technology with healthy breathability
  • icon Humidity free fresh sleeping experience