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Springy. Ingenious. Perfect support. Perfect sleep.
Plush spring mattress with movement and spinal support, good for couples.

Gentle feel
15.0 cm (6.0") thick
Plush box top
Responsive luxurios comfort
Dry comfort in humid weather
Responsive body support
Enhanced support
Zero partner disturbance
Plush top feel
What goes inside

Is an anti-microbial technology integrated in all our products to protect you from dust mites, allergies and breathing disorders.


Premium Knitted fabric in Box top finish

Known for its smooth texture and high strength, knitted fabric adds to the plush feel, is tear resistant and easy to maintain. An additional extra thick comfort layer on the mattress top, to enhance the sleeping comfort.


Sleepwell Impressions® foam quilting

Impressions foam, when used in quilting, offers a plush surface feel. As a quilting material, it offers a plush surface feel.


Sleepwell Nexa® foam

Sleepwell's ingenious Nexa® is a smart recovery memory foam. It is a responsive foam that adapts to the contours of your body and offers easy body movement. Its unique cell structure enhances airflow, promotes breathability and comfort. When used in quilting it offers a cozy, plush surface feel.


Sleepwell Resitec® foam

Soft Resitec® foam offers a soft, cushy comfort with a gentle bounce.


Pocket spring

Individual pocket springs are best for responsive spinal support with no movement transfer. Highly recommended for comfortable spinal support. They lend themselves to a gentle bouncy feel with zero partner disturbance in the same mattress.


Foam wall technology

This technology gives the mattress enhanced durability and side seating support. It supports the mattress edges and prevents side sagging. It makes edge sitting more comfortable.


Bottom airmesh fabric

A smart fabric stitched to the mattress that supports an airy night of sleep.

Make your bed. Add accessories

  • icon Moulded technology enhances durability
  • icon Gentle responsive feel
Nexa Regular Pillow
From ₹3,999
  • icon Moulded technology enhances durability
  • icon Gentle responsive feel
Nexa Curves Pillow
From ₹3,999
  • icon Moulded technology enhances durability
  • icon Relaxing snug comfort