Spring or Foam Mattress: Which is More Comfortable?

Posted on: 22 Mar 2024

A mattress for your bed is what ensures that you have a good night's sleep every day. When choosing a mattress for your bed, you have to take many factors into consideration. These days, sleep mattresses come in different materials and have multiple features. 

The most common type of mattresses that people choose for their beds are spring and foam mattresses. The choice of a mattress can be a bit overwhelming when you are looking at a lot of options. 

In this article, we compare the two types of mattresses to suggest the most comfortable mattress for your bed. 


Best Indian mattress

Foam Mattress 

The foam mattress has an all-foam construction style. Different types of foams are mixed to create such mattresses for the comfort of sleepers. Many of the foam mattresses have a blend of memory foam, polyurethane foam and other materials. We offer foam mattresses that are made of Resitec Foam that offers more flexibility so you can sleep comfortably in any position. Foam mattresses have many advantages and are good for sleeping long hours. 

Advantages of foam mattresses 

Foam mattresses from our company have multiple advantages, making them the best buy for people. If you are ready to buy mattress online, you can do so from our business website. Here are the best advantages of foam mattresses that you can use in your bedroom. 


Conforming mattresses 

The all-foam construction of foam mattresses is best for conforming to the shape of sleepers' bodies. If you are searching for a foam mattress that conforms to your body shape and snuggles you completely, then buy one from our collection. The foam mattress fits your body shape and helps you sleep very well. 

For restful sleep, you can choose a good quality foam mattress. You can order mattresses online from our website according to bed dimensions. You can compare different mattresses and then choose the best mattress for your bed. 


Motion isolation 

If you are a person who moves around when sleeping, then choosing a foam mattress can also be a good choice. You can check the material of the foam mattress and then choose a mattress that allows good motion isolation. Motion isolation is needed for mattresses that are set up in a couple of bedrooms. 

If you are someone who moves around and does not want to disturb your partner when sleeping, you can choose a motion isolation foam mattress that can suit your bed and sleeping style. The motion isolation feature in our Impressions Mattress can help you and your partner sleep for the entire night. 


Soft material 

Would you not want to sleep on an extra soft mattress that helps you sleep like a baby? You can also choose a memory foam and spring mattress, which can not only give you softness and comfort but also help your sleeping posture. The soft material feels like a fluffy pillow and can make you sleep within minutes. The gentle feel and luxurious softness of foam mattresses from our collection are like a warm, comforting hug for tired souls at night. 

Our Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress is soft with multiple foam layers and also helps reduce pain when sleeping. You will have a better sleeping position when sleeping on the Ortho Pro Profiled mattress. The plush and restful feeling of sleeping on specially designed foam mattresses is what makes your nights better than your days. 


Pressure relief

During the day, your body accumulates a lot of stress, and you need to relax during the night. A comfortable and soft foam mattress is what your body needs to relieve the pressure from your body parts. When you lie down on our specially designed foam mattresses, the contour and structure of the foam mattress support your body well and relieve the pain in your body. 

Our Ortho mattresses are made of multiple layers of foam, help you sleep peacefully and relieve pressure from critical points in your body to help you wake up without pain. So, by choosing a foam mattress, you sleep really well and then wake up fresh for a new day. 

Spring mattresses 

A spring mattress is a bit different from the structure of a foam mattress. The spring mattress has spring coils made of metal inside. The spring coils are made of metal like steel, and our spring mattresses are really durable. The spring mattress offers support to the sleeper and also helps distribute the weight of the sleeping person evenly so that his body can rest well during the night. 

The spring mattress has coils that are covered with softer padding materials like foam, cotton, etc. The arrangement of the coils is what decides the softness and firmness of the mattress. The spring mattress retains its shape for a long time and also provides good support to your body. 

Advantages of spring mattresses 

There are multiple advantages of spring mattresses that you can experience when you buy one. Choose the best spring mattress after checking for its advantages and comparing it with other options. The advantages of spring mattresses are as follows- 


Affordable Mattresses 

Spring mattresses are affordable and easy to buy. Apart from giving you a lot of comfort when sleeping, you will also find affordable options with spring mattresses. The spring mattress can be found in the ultra-luxury bracket but also within a limited budget. So, whatever your bed size or your budget, you can get the best sleep mattress with springs at an affordable price tag. If you are looking for a durable and affordable sleeping mattress, then you can get a spring mattress for your bed. 


Bounce response 

The spring base of our spring mattresses, like the Esteem Mattress, gives a responsive bounce to the mattress to give you more cushioning and comfort. The bouncy feeling of the mattress helps you sleep well and retains the shape of the mattress without much effort. 

The springs and multiple layers of material give a lot of support to your body, too. Your body can easily rest on the mattress, and you can get a good night's sleep in its bouncy comfort. 


No disturbance for the partner 

Just like the foam mattresses, the spring mattress also gives a lot of firm support to your body and does not let your movements affect the sleep of your partner. You can experience great motion isolation when you are using a spring mattress. So, if you are sleeping with your partner or have a kid sleeping between you, all of you can sleep peacefully despite any sleeping motions done by the other. The supporting springs are strong and can help your body stay firmly in one place while you are resting. 


Good airflow for better sleeping 

Spring coils in the mattress also allow the air to circulate through the layers of your mattress so that the mattress remains cool when you sleep. When the mattress remains cool, you feel less discomfort during the night. The spring mattresses are best for warm nights and tropical regions where you might face warm temperatures and humidity. 

The spring mattress is one that fits into the bed and can keep the sleeping space airy. The airflow keeps the mattress suited for sleep during different seasons and times of the day. Even if you are someone who likes to take an afternoon nap in the summer, you can sleep on the Mable Mattress or the Premia Mattress from our spring mattress collection. 


Good for plump people 

The spring mattresses are good for people who are heavier in weight and need more support when sleeping. The spring mattress is fitted with supporting coils which can easily help side sleepers and people of varying weights. 

The coils give the mattress a bouncy feel and help the mattress go back to the usual shape even after you have slept in. The plump people should be able to sleep easily on heavy duty spring mattresses. 


Spring or Foam mattress- the choice 

The spring mattress and the foam mattress are both a good fit for your bedroom. However, you have to also weigh the cons of the two mattress types before choosing one for your bedroom. For example, foam mattresses can often be hotter than the spring mattresses in temperature. Spring mattresses offer more air circulation. However, if you want to go for a mattress that is softer and has a plush feel, then it is best to go for the memory foam or premium foam mattress. 


The final choice of mattress should depend on the people who will be living and sleeping in the bedroom. Apart from the material of the mattress, you should also make sure that the mattress is washable and stain resistant. This way, it will be easier to maintain the mattress and keep your bedroom clean. Sleepwell offers a range of mattresses in different materials and customized layers to offer the best experience to you. With our mattresses your days and nights will pass in comfort. 


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