Moving to a New Home? Don't Forget the Mattress!

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

When moving to a new home, all of us want to have a new beginning. What gives a new beginning to our life at a new home are new furniture and new decor. When getting new decor and a bed, do not forget to get a new mattress. A good and new mattress helps you make a healthy start to your life with your family. You should get not only a single bed mattress for your room but also new mattresses for all the bedrooms in your new house. 

From a mattress for the guest room to a mattress for the master bedroom, you need options for every possible bedroom of the house. We offer a wide range of mattress types that are made for the optimal comfort and superior support of the users. In a new home, everything should be new, and this can happen only when you choose new mattresses for the rooms, too. 


Best Sleepwell Mattress

Why do you need a new mattress for a new home? 

A new home often comes with an upgrade in lifestyle, and this upgrade can only happen when you include new elements and pieces in the home decor. A massive part of this new beginning is upholstery, mattresses and cushions that you buy to use and decorate the home. New mattresses and pillows give you a fresh bed to sleep on and help you improve your sleep cycle. Moreover, it is difficult to move with a full mattress, and sometimes, instead of an old mattress for your old home, it makes better sense to choose a new mattress for the new bed. If the bed is new, the mattress should also be new. 

These days, getting a new mattress for your home is very easy. If you cannot go to a brand store and get a new mattress because you are too busy shifting homes, you can go to our website and see the amazing range of new mattresses that we have. You can easily select our premium bed mattress in the right dimensions and place an order for it. We also have discounts and offers that make online purchases affordable for you. Getting a new double bed mattress is a matter of only a few minutes. We will deliver the mattress to your new home, so you do not have to worry about carrying it or installing it in your new bed.

A new mattress is an investment in health that will help you recover from stress every night. Instead of keeping a dirty old mattress, choose a new mattress and bring positivity into your new bedroom. 

How to select the best new mattress? 

When buying a new mattress like our Pro Nexa Luxury mattress, you have to consider a lot of factors. It is an item that you will use for years, so the choice has to be made carefully. It is also a choice that will affect your health and lifestyle. So, you should look at multiple aspects and choose a mattress after ticking all the right boxes.


Keep a budget in mind

When going to buy a mattress, first start with a budget in mind. A budget will give you a starting point and price window under which you want to spend on the mattress. We do not recommend you go overboard with the budget because we create mattresses in all price ranges. However, keep the budget a bit flexible to fit the characteristics you need. You should keep a reasonable budget and choose a mattress that has all the features you need.

If you are looking for something affordable, you can choose our Ortho mattress, which is very good for your spine and joints. It is a great mixture of pressure point relief and plush comfort, which is ideal for long hours of sleep. If you are looking for a luxury mattress, the budget has to be a bit higher. You can buy a luxurious bed from our Pro Nexa mattress collection. 


Narrow it to the mattress type 

The mattress type and the material out of which it is crafted determine the quality of the mattress. Therefore, when choosing a new mattress, look at the type and choose the one that has the perfect materials for your sleep. How a mattress and bed feel depends on the layers inside it. Instead of choosing a generic mattress, buy a mattress that has a specific and multi-layer construction for improved levels of sleep. All our mattresses are crafted carefully from multiple layers of foam and springs so that the user sleeps peacefully every night. You could choose an orthopaedic mattress if you are in your middle age, or you can choose a gentle and soft mattress like the Esteem mattress from our collection. 

You can choose from a memory foam mattress or latex mattress for your bed, depending on what kind of feel you want on the bed. You can also choose our best hybrid mattresses for the bed so that you get a good blend of support and comfort. 


Your sleeping position 

Your sleeping posture determines how your body parts rest and recover. The sleep quality you get is a combination of the comfort mattress and your sleep posture. When choosing the mattress, keep your sleep posture in mind. This is because different types of sleep postures need different mattresses. In different sleep postures, people put pressure on different spots, so the need for support differs. For example,  a side sleeper will need a medium-soft mattress for pressure relief and optimal support. 

On the other hand, a back sleeper will need complete support, which comes from the medium firm and firm mattresses. A firm mattress like Durafirm 2.0 is a good one for back sleepers. If you sleep while putting pressure on your front, your stomach and neck need the most support. You should choose a firm mattress for better spinal alignment. The spinal alignment is maintained with our orthopaedic mattresses. 



The firmness of the mattress gives you support while you sleep. Therefore, you should check the firmness level of the mattress before you choose it. The firmness of the mattress should not make it too hard for you to rest comfortably. The best kind of mattress is the medium firm mattress that gives good support and comfort to the body. 

You can choose a medium firm mattress for your body as it helps you sleep peacefully and keeps your spinal alignment straight. However, if you face back pain issues, you might need a specially designed orthopaedic mattress or firm mattress. While there are extra firm mattresses on the market, they are not the best for comfort. A soft mattress is good for kids and slimmer individuals who sleep on their side. 


Check for the level of motion isolation 

Motion isolation is something that you need in a good mattress. A mattress should be firm and stable so that even if you move around the bed and use it for multiple activities, the mattress does not skid. Motion isolation is important for undisturbed sleep. Sometimes, when we are sleeping alone, our movements and turns can cause disturbance and wake us up. 

Motion isolation is very important for couples as people can have different sleeping positions and habits. You need to sleep on a zero-disturbance mattress if you are sleeping with your partner. This will ensure that both partners sleep very well and wake up well-rested. If you are buying a queen mattress, then buy one that has a motion isolation feature. 


Choose a breathable and cool mattress 

To sleep peacefully, you need a cool and airy mattress. This is especially important in India, where people live in very hot conditions. Do not keep an old generic mattress that absorbs the heat and radiates it back in the night. You need a cool gel-infused foam mattress that regulates the temperature of the bed. You should also choose mattresses that have air mesh fabric at the bottom and breathable fabric on top. 

This will stop you from getting night sweats. A cool and breathable mattress ensures that you can head to bed at any time, even on a summer afternoon. Apart from a cooling king mattress with air pockets, also choose lightweight pillows made out of natural latex so your skin does not feel irritated. 


Edge support

One of the features that a lot of people ignore is the edge of the mattress. A mattress should be evenly supportive and stable. To choose such a mattress, you need to find an option that has good edge support. 

The edges of the mattress should be strong and supportive so the person does not fall off the bed and the mattress remains protected from damage. We create premium mattresses with superior edge support so you can work, play and sleep on the mattress without fearing falling or injury. 


A new mattress might add to the cost of shifting to a new home, but the benefits of new mattresses are all worth it. You need to choose a good mattress along with a new bed to set up your new bedroom. At Sleepwell, we create high-quality mattresses for a sleep of peace.


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