Why is Sleepwell the Best Mattress Brand in India?

Posted on: 08 Jan 2024

It has been over 50 years since Sleepwell's dominance over the mattress market was established. And with every passing year, we firmly stand by our vision to bring comfort, cosiness, and good health to our consumers. A good night's sleep is essential for your health, but not everyone stresses it. Why?

Probably, because you probably need more money to buy the right mattress to attain a good night's sleep. Remember, sleep deprivation, due to any reason, can kill you faster than starvation. It means you can survive around two weeks without food, but you won't be able to live ten days without sleep. If sleeping well is essential, why not improve it using the right mattress? To assist you with the decision, Sleepwell brings you a vast collection of mattresses ranging from affordable to luxury options with different price tags.

Depending on what's more comfortable with your sleeping habits, we have the best options for you to count on. We don't just offer you the best types of mattresses at affordable rates, but we also ensure you like them. For this reason, our 100-night trial period is permanently active. Yes, you read it right! You can try our mattresses for up to 100 nights, and if it doesn't deliver you the sleep comfort you expected to attain, give us a call, and we shall pick it up from your residence right away. We will be processing your refund and will ask no questions in return!

We are one of the best mattress brands in India, competing with top names such as Kurlon etc. But we provide many more things from our arsenal, which makes us claim to be the best in the industry. So, let's dive deeper into this article and find out why Sleepwell should be your priority for buying your comfort mattress.

best comfort mattress

How Does Sleepwell Mattress Compete with the Rival Brands?

Sleepwell is among the top pioneers in India in the foam mattress domain and has been trusted by consumers for half a century now. Our brand's ideal design concept for mattresses has always been to enhance the support and comfort quotient. It is true that for some high-end products, the Sleepwell mattress price tags will be high, justifying the technologies and features provided.

But there are affordable options that offer the same level of comfort to meet your desired needs for attaining a good night's sleep. From standard options to Ortho collections, Sleepwell provides many options to suit your comfort requirements.

Whether customer service, affordability, durability, comfort, or support, Sleepwell is ahead of most of the top brands in India, such as KurlOn and others. Even in 2023, with many new and old mattress brands competing with Sleepwell, we are behind us in the race to provide the best quality products to consumers.

We have been in this market for quite a long time now, and have more than 4000 outlets across India. Not only that, but our online store is also attracting the attention of an audience who would like to make their purchases without the hassle of leaving their homes. Gone are the days when you had to go to an experience outlet and test the mattresses before buying them.

How long could you plan on experiencing the mattress at an experience store? Primarily for around 15 to 20 minutes, isn't it? With Sleepwell, we bring you the opportunity to share our mattresses for up to 100 days, giving you the liberty to test the comfort practically, and then let us know if you like it! 


Sleepwell orthopedic mattress

What Service Facilities Make Sleepwell the Best Mattress Brand in India?

Well, if you have put your trust in Sleepwell for quite a while, may it be for a mattress or a pillow, you are aware of the quality of our products. But, apart from quality, we also care for a few other aspects of our buyers nationwide. Here are some features that Sleepwell offers, ensuring no one feels left out in the race to attain utmost sleep comfort:

  • No-Cost EMI
    Our products offer no-cost EMI that you can use with your credit cards or eligible debit cards. Beyond that, we also provide cardless EMI with select banks to ensure all our customers get their desired mattresses without having second thoughts about budgets.
  • Free Delivery
    We charge no delivery fees from our customers. We aim to grow big as a Sleepwell family to deliver comfort and support to your body during your sleep routine. Our executives will not just be providing the mattress but will also be setting it up on your bed without any additional fee.
  • Custom Sizes Available
    We have custom sizes available with most of our mattress options, irrespective of their category or whether they fall in the affordable or luxury range. You have diverse options depending on whether you need a king, queen, or custom-sized mattress.
  • Occasional Offers
    Sleepwell respects the urge of Indians to avail discounts and offers, for which we keep introducing interesting price drops for our most demanding collections. All festivals or special dates throughout the year will bring up some discounts or offers on our site and all products. So, you ought to be alert when grabbing those offers.


Find the perfect mattress for your good night's sleep isn't difficult anymore! Sleepwell has dominated the mattress industry for ages and will continue. Why? It is mainly because we have been constantly bringing up new technologies and foam materials to introduce the best mattress in India for you, which defines comfort, support, and good health.

We have Pro Comfort, Ortho Comfort, Essential Comfort, Pro Nexa Comfort, and Pro Fitrest Comfort ranges, offering you the best quality mattresses at different price tags. Your comfort shouldn't come compromised! Sleepwell has consistently proven its capability in the mattress industry and has been patenting innovations to stay competitive and stand out among all the other mattress brands in India.

If you are keen to buy a Sleepwell mattress, explore our store for the abundance of options in all price ranges you are looking for! 


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