Why Is an Orthopaedic Mattress the Best Choice for Back Pain Relief?

Posted on: 31 Jan 2024

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why do you have to bear that strong back pain every morning after waking up?”

We bet you might have asked yourself that several times! But did you try looking for an answer? For a guess, you did look for an answer because you are finally here for it!

Your poor-quality mattress is the reason why your back aches every morning! It is because your strained muscles from the day’s tiring work schedule don’t get the relief it needs. And, as the mattress fails to give you the proper sleep posture, this pain aggravates and worsens the symptoms. 

So, what’s the solution to it? Should you see a doctor for it? Or is there anything else you can try doing?

Well, if the pain is unbearable, you are advised to see your doctor for some medications. But, if you want to prevent this ache from returning, it is advised you choose the best mattress for a switch. 

At Sleepwell, we have been consistent about ensuring your sleep comfort stays unaffected at all times. Therefore, if your back pain issues are linked to your poor sleep quality, we are here to the rescue with our orthopaedic mattress collection. 

But why is an orthopaedic mattress considered the ideal choice for giving you back pain relief? Now, it’s obvious for you all to seek an answer to this question before you invest in a mattress again to ensure you don’t put your money on the wrong product again! 

So, let’s get along with this article and give you a brief understanding of the efficacy of orthopaedic mattresses for back pain relief. 



Why Do You Need an Orthopaedic Mattress Over Others?

For a long time, people like you weren’t much concerned about categorising mattresses into various types. But as far as time and comfort preferences are concerned, you ought to take an interest in understanding the variations. 

One such variation that Sleepwell introduces for you is the orthopaedic mattress range! But before you go ahead and buy an orthopaedic mattress online from our store, we want you to know what it is! 

Well, an orthopaedic categorisation for a mattress is provided when it is embedded with adequate comfort layers that offer spine alignment, firm support, pressure point alleviation, and back pain relief. 

If you have a history of chronic pain conditions, back pain, muscle injuries, or any such condition, be assured an orthopaedic mattress is what you need for a speedy recovery or pain symptom alleviation. 

Over the past few years, we have seen a significant boost in the demand scale for our orthopaedic mattresses. And that’s mostly because the search frequency for buying the best mattress for back pain is quite high at our physical outlets as well as online stores. 

And why won’t it be? Hectic lifestyles with long sitting hours, hunched postures, prolonged inactivity, and other such general habits are deteriorating your muscle strength and triggering negative pressure on them. Due to this, the sprain effects are formed! 

And when you sleep on a poor quality mattress with your back ache condition triggered by the above-mentioned lifestyle habits, your body experiences no relief even when you are at rest. Thus, back pain soon becomes a part of your life! 

But you can overcome it, and that is possible only when you buy the best quality orthopaedic mattress! At Sleepwell, we strive to provide you with our Ortho Pro Profiled, Ortho Pro Spring, and other such purposeful mattresses.


What Perks Make Orthopaedic Mattresses the Best Pick for Back Pain Conditions?

Now, to help you feel more convinced about buying an orthopaedic mattress from us for your back pain condition, here are some of the perks you can expect to attain:

Immense Relief from Muscle Pressure

If your body has been undergoing a consistent back pain issue, you should not sleep on a hard or improper mattress. It is because that might exert additional pressure on specific parts of your body, such as the back, shoulders, or neck. 

On the other hand, sleeping on a softer mattress might deprive you of the required firmness, which will again put undue pressure on your spine and lower back. Therefore, to overcome this hassle, Sleepwell introduces the perfect balance. 

Our Ortho Pro Profiled mattress comes with a medium-firm feel, which is neither too soft nor too hard. With the Air Vent Gel Impressions layer we adopt as the top surface, your body curves get perfectly aligned, offering you pain and pressure relief.

Gives You Perfect Spinal and Posture Alignment

Orthopaedic mattresses are constructed based on a simple principle, and that’s about offering posture and spinal alignment to the sleepers. At Sleepwell, our orthopaedic mattresses are also designed to offer targeted support, which promotes spinal alignment. 

It is something that the usual mattresses might lack! We make use of Profiled PU Foam, 3-Zone Pocket Springs, and other such technologies to ensure that posture and spinal alignment factors are made available with every ortho mattress we offer.

Patients who have met with some accidents or are suffering from any chronic backache issues will need spinal or posture alignment on priority to overcome the health issues by attaining restful sleep. At Sleepwell, we make sure to align these needs of yours with the mattresses we offer. 


With this, you now have clarity on how important an orthopaedic bed mattress for back pain is! So, if you are tired of waking up with your backache issues every morning, it is a signal that you must look out for the best orthopaedic mattress in India

And to help you save the effort, Sleepwell brings you the best customer-reviewed mattress options to count on. Explore the descriptions of our ortho range of mattresses and get an idea of the comfort layers and technologies we use to make our products the best of all. 

When satisfied, specify your dimensions, choose the thickness, and place your orders right away! 



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