Which mattress is best for persons with lower back disc problems? Choosing The Best Orthopaedic Mattress

Posted on: 14 May 2024

In today’s age, there is no one who does not face stress in his life. From physical stress to mental health problems, there is so much that threatens our well-being. It has become more important than ever to take care of our bodily functions and put effort into improving our lifestyle. One major part of a person’s lifestyle is their sleep. 

Your body spends half of a day resting and at least 8 hours sleep. To sleep restfully and reduce stress, you need special mattresses that take away your fatigue. There are numerous mattress types available in the market today. However, you need to buy orthopaedic mattress for physical benefits and stress relief. 

As you age, your bones and muscles need deep rest. To ensure proper resting patterns, consider a good orthopaedic mattress from our Ortho Collection. In this article, you will learn about orthopaedic mattresses and the best we offer for sleep. 


Best Sleepwell Mattress

What is so special about an orthopaedic mattress? 

An orthopaedic mattress is one that offers a comfortable and supportive surface for you to sleep on. An ortho mattress is different from other mattresses because it is particularly designed to support your bones, muscles and joints. You will feel zero discomfort when sleeping on our ortho mattresses. 

Orthopaedic mattresses are best for senior citizens and ageing people who suffer from pain in different areas. Such mattresses have special foam layers such as our Resitec Foam, which gives firm support and de-stresses your body. The best mattress for back pain is an orthopaedic mattress because it offers proper lumbar and cervical support. For better spinal alignment, you must choose a good Ortho Mattress from our collection. 

An orthopaedic mattress has inbuilt layers that use memory foam and PU foam to give extra support to the body. The hips and back of the person rest comfortably, so there are no chronic pain issues. Our orthopaedic mattresses are designed with care to provide even weight and pressure distribution. 

Thus, the people who use these mattresses do not feel any discomfort or pain when sleeping on the bed. Doctors might suggest that people who suffer from arthritis and joint health issues sleep on an ortho bed. With a special orthopaedic mattress, you wake up fresh and agile. 

If you have been facing back pain and lower disc displacement, then you need to buy an orthopaedic mattress as soon as possible. There are different types of orthopaedic mattresses that you can choose for your bed. Depending on the thickness, firmness and extra features, you can choose one from our collection. 

Factors to feel before choosing the orthopaedic mattress 

We do not want you to settle for just about any mattress. There are some orthopaedic mattresses that claim to have multiple benefits but, in reality, lack them. Our orthopaedic mattresses are the best in India and have multiple features and benefits. Before you choose the Best Orthopaedic Mattress In India, you should consider a lot of factors. 



The material that is put into the construction of the mattress matters a lot in the way it determines the sleep quality. We create mattresses with a combination of different foams, so you get the best comfort and ortho benefits. Materials like memory foam, latex, and rebonded foam give you a soft but firm surface on which to sleep. For example, our Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress has profiled Resitec foam, which is unique to our brand.  

This mattress hugs your body and helps you rest for long hours without any discomfort. Profiled foam gives an extra firmness to the mattress so your body does not sink into it. The Impressions foam used on top of it adds to the contouring of the mattress for pain relief. We use a mixture of materials to create the best orthopaedic mattress for back pain and sleep quality. 


Comfort level 

The comfort you feel sleeping on the bed matters to us a lot. A good and comfortable mattress helps you sleep peacefully till morning. Choose a mattress that not only has excellent material inside but also has a top cover that increases comfort. We create orthopaedic mattresses with European knitted covers on top, which gives you premium comfort and the support you need. 

Our quilting layers and fabric on top of the ortho mattresses create a gentle bed for you to lie on every day. A comfortable ortho mattress regulates your blood circulation so you release stress while sleeping. You do not feel any soreness or pain when you rise from our ortho mattresses. 



An orthopaedic mattress is specifically designed to give you better spinal alignment and correct your sleeping posture. Our Spinetech Air Mattress is created to give you extra support and firmness while you sleep.  You need to buy a mattress that gives your spine ample support so your back and nervous system can recover. 

The mattresses in our Ortho collection provide enough support for your spine to remain straight in any position. You can address spinal problems like lower disc displacement by sleeping on the ortho bed. When lying on the Ortho mattress, you can get all the spinal benefits that are designed for it. 



The durability of the mattress that you choose also matters so that you get your value for money. The value for money of our ortho mattresses is the best in durability because these will last for decades. To increase the durability of the mattress, you have to take proper care of it. You need to keep the mattress clean, and you can even add a quilted mattress protector to the top of the ortho mattress. We provide a knitted fabric top which protects your mattress from dust and mites. The knitted fabric top has antimicrobial properties which protect your bed from dust and allergens. 

The properties of the mattress that you choose decide the sleep quality you get. Our orthopaedic mattress has multiple features that you can benefit from. The dimensions of the orthopaedic mattress should be perfect for the bed in your room, too. The anti-skid feature in our mattresses helps you sleep without the fear of falling. 

Our special ortho mattresses

We have one of the best collections of ortho mattresses in India. You can select from any one of our orthopaedic mattresses for your bedroom. Know about the features of our orthopaedic mattresses and choose the right one for your bed. 


Ortho Mattress

Ortho Mattress is a comfortable and highly supportive mattress that has multiple foam layers inside. With a premium fabric top and quilting, the Ortho Mattress is very comfortable for your sleep. The ortho mattress has Impression foam and quilting for extra comfort and good sleep quality. 

The mattress also has high resilience foam inside it, which gives you a medium firm feel to sleep peacefully. The high-resilience foam is very flexible, which relieves pressure from your body and reduces pain to a great extent. The air mesh fabric at the bottom of the layers keeps the mattress breathable and airy. 


Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress 

Our Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress provides you coolness with the gel-infused foam in the middle of it. The Profiled mattress has Profiled Resitec foam, which gives a contoured shape to the mattress on top. The contoured design gives a lot of comfort and support to your body so your bones do not suffer from pain.  

The Ortho Pro profiled mattress also has Resitec foam on the lower level so that you can sleep on a flexible surface with even pressure distribution. The fabric on the top of the mattress has wave zoning so that the areas are designed for complete back support and recovery. An ortho-pro profiled mattress will give you superior comfort and excellent back support. A medium firm feel and optimal thickness give you the best bed to sleep on. 


Spinetech Air Mattress 

Our Spinetech Air Mattress is designed specifically for those who suffer from spinal issues. This is a good mattress for senior citizens as it gives a firm surface on which to sleep. The breathable air mesh fabric on the lower level keeps the mattress aerated and cool. 

The mattress will guarantee a peaceful sleep with the plush top comfort on it. When paired with memory foam pillows, the Spinetech Air Mattress is very comfortable and airy to sleep on. The enhanced firmness of this mattress is best for your back if you suffer from chronic pain issues. 


Durafirm 1.0 mattress 

The Durafirm Mattress is a firm and reasonably priced mattress that gives you excellent support for spinal alignment. This is a mattress that you can use if you have low back pain issues. It is gentle and firm, and you can sleep on it without worrying about soreness the next morning. 


The orthopaedic mattresses that we offer have the best features and are made for multiple benefits to the body. You can sleep properly on firm beds for better support to the back. The best kind of mattresses are medium-firm mattresses that have the right level of firmness and comfort for you. If you have lower back pain issues, you will need to consult with your doctor and get the best orthopaedic mattress from our collection. At Sleepwell, you will find the best orthopaedic mattress for sleeping in any dimension. So, why wait? Explore your options now.


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