Which is better: Foam mattress or spring mattress?

Posted on: 07 Mar 2024

Unlike in earlier days, choosing a mattress takes a lot of consideration today. The traditional cotton or plastic mattresses are no longer relevant to getting a good night’s sleep. Various demographics can afford luxury mattresses, and there are a lot of options in the market that can make it overwhelming to choose the right product. 

If you wish to sleep in style and comfort, the popular options are foam mattresses vs. spring mattresses. Therefore, people often mull over which mattress is better, spring or foam. If sinking into the mattress is something you want to experience, then a foam mattress is the one you are looking for. However, if you want a bouncier feel to your mattress while sleeping or chilling in bed, then a spring mattress is the option for you. 

But just that preference does not contribute to your overall comfort in sleep. Therefore, let's take a look at the mattress choice types to evaluate which one can best fit into your luxury sleeping comfort. 


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What differentiates Memory foam from traditional mattresses?

The comfort use of memory foam material first came into mainstream knowledge when viscoelastic polyurethane foam was used in the 1960s for astronaut safety. When comparing memory foam vs polyurethane foam, you will find that viscoelastic is the denser and more elastic option. Moreover, viscoelastic foam offers low resilience. But overall, the memory foam mattress is the best option to fit your body contour as you sleep as it sinks your body to offer the best possible comfort and pressure reduction. 

The standard memory foam mattress doesn’t offer any cooling qualities. At Sleepwell, we avail Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress with Gel microbead-infused open-cell foam mattresses. This mattress design technology can improve heat dispersion and improve ventilation while sleeping.

What makes a spring mattress stand out?

The traditional spring mattresses were considered to compromise comfort and cause pain and aches in the muscles. But since sleep is greatly associated with healing, buying quality mattresses is essential. Therefore, spring mattresses have gone through significant changes over the course. Sleepwell can offer you a wide range of spring mattresses. The open-coil mattress interconnects the hourglass-shaped coils in a metal mesh that distributes support across the surface. 

The pocketed coils in spring mattresses are another option that wraps the coils individually in fabric pockets so they can reduce motion transfer more independently.  If you are to compare mattresses with springs vs foam, you can find more options with springs, including a flat, segmented mattress that connects the flat top and bottom with helical wires to support your body shape. The most stable and durable option in sprint mattresses is the Mira-coil option, which forms an S-shaped curve. Check out our Pocket Spring-Basic Achiever and Ortho Pro Spring mattresses.

What different levels of support do spring and memory foam mattresses offer?


While both options can improve the quality of sleep by relaxing your body, you must consider their differences before buying a new mattress. It will help you understand which option can match your preferences. 


Firmness level of the mattress

You can find both foam and spring mattresses in different firmness-level options. But spring mattresses are firmer, making them a better option for those who want more support. At the same time, all-foam mattresses can offer you more sinkage than firmness. Spring beds can include various memory foam layers along with spring connections to make it firm with the hybrid mattress choice. 


Motion isolation on the mattress

If you don’t wish to disturb your partner’s sleep by shifting in bed, the memory foam mattress is the best choice. People who tend to move a lot in their sleep should go for a foam mattress thanks to its motion isolation feature, no matter what firmness level it has. Although spring mattresses make it easier to move, pocketed coil mattresses can offer more motion isolation.


Mattress choice as per the sleeping position

Although all sleeping positions can be accommodated by memory foam and spring mattresses, you must choose the right firmness level according to your sleeping position. If you sleep on the side, a soft memory foam mattress is ideal for you to reduce pressure. But spring beds will make it easier to shift. Moreover, if you are on the heavier side, a spring mattress will be helpful for you to stay comfortable on the bed. But light body-weight sleepers can relieve their pressure as per their body frame with foam mattresses. 


Mattress selection as per the price factor

Spring mattresses are less expensive due to reduced advanced manufacturing techniques and materials. Check out our luxury mattress collection to find the ideal mattress that comes within your budget. Make sure to learn about its maintenance and material quality to make an informed choice when choosing a durable option. Check for the bounce range and sinkage level to get comfortable sleep. 

Ideal mattress for diverse sleepers

While memory foam mattresses can be a suitable choice for the majority of consumers, couples and side sleepers can get more value for money with this choice. If you are a side sleeper, buy foam mattress to provide you optimum sinkage and shape around your body, which aids in preventing pressure buildup. 

But if you are a stomach or back sleeper, it's best to choose a more firmness level foam mattress that will prevent too much hot environment on the bed. Additionally, memory foam is a great option for couples that get bothered by their partner’s sleep movement as the mattress lessens motion transfer. 

However, if you are a combination sleeper with diverse sleeping positions and have mobility restrictions, then spring mattresses are the ideal choice for you. The stomach sleepers can benefit from it as it can offer you the least amount of sinkage if you prefer a level midsection. At Sleepwell, we have breathable spring mattresses that are best fit for customers who tend to get hot while sleepers. They can offer a cooler sensation than memory foam mattresses.  

Final Words: 

It's not easy to state which mattress choice is the best to buy as the purchase depends on your sleep comfort preferences and budget range. Since side sleepers prefer pressure relief, they prefer memory foam and stomach sleepers who want more support can benefit from spring mattresses. If you are a couple who sleep hot, you can choose memory foam, and if you sleep hot and prefer a cooling option, spring models are the best choice.

There is also an option available to give you the experience of both foam and spring mattress features. Sleepwell offers a hybrid mattress to enjoy the luxury of both worlds to ensure you spend a night of restful, revitalising sleep. Now you know what to expect from foam and spring mattresses. So, choose the mattress type that meets your unique comfort needs and individual sleeping style. 


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