What Makes the Nexa Mattress from Sleepwell Different from a Usual Memory Foam Mattress

Posted on: 15 Jan 2024

Memory foam in the mattress world is a name that’s quite well-known among you all! It is the kind of material that enhances both comfort and body support to ensure ultimate peace during sleep. In simple words, you love the way it sinks in to contour your body and comes back to its original shape once you get off your bed. Isn’t it? 

There is no better feeling than collapsing into a comfortable bed after a tiring day! Right from the moment you lay flat on your bed, your mind travels into another dimension, exploring the joy and dreamy rejuvenation. A memory foam mattress adheres to this phenomenal feel you expect to attain. 

At Sleepwell, we believe you have an eternal bond with your bed and the level of comfort it has to offer. The soothing feel of laying flat on a highly conforming memory foam mattress stays with you throughout the day. It works as the motivation to get done with the day’s work while keeping a watch on the clock. 

Heading back home can’t be any sweeter as you have your comfort cocoon waiting to welcome you! But are all memory foam mattresses meant to offer you the same level of comfort? Well, it is true memory foam mattresses share the same nature, but the efficacy provided with it by diverse brands does alter the comfort quotient. 

But the Sleepwell Nexa mattress beats them all! Why? It is mostly because you are getting the perfect blend of premiumness, luxurious comfort, durability, and orthopaedic body support. You just read it right! All of these properties are packed in one single mattress. But we know you definitely need some more evidence to believe this fact that Nexa is undoubtedly the best! 

So, read this article till the end to find out why the Nexa mattress is better than any other usual memory foam mattress, and learn how to pick out a mattress from the crowd that’s loaded with the best features and functionalities. 


Sleepwell nexa mattress

What are the Benefits of Sleepwell Nexa Mattress Over Others?

Put an end to your thoughts on which type of mattress is best, as memory foam tops it all! Buy a mattress online, only from Sleepwell, as we offer you the best product in this category above all! 

The Sleepwell Nexa mattress is the finest, above all! This verdict is not just based on comparison with mattresses present in our brand store, but also among the top products in the whole mattress market. In terms of luxury and comfort, there is a lot that our Nexa mattress has to offer you. To give you a glimpse at how it’s different and better than usual products available in the market, here are some benefits for you to count on:

European Knitted Fabric

Most memory foam mattresses available in the Indian market are made with standard knittings, which minimises the plushness on the top layer. But, with a Nexa mattress, you get the premium European knitted fabric, which enhances the international aesthetics and adds luxurious softness. 

We use only imported fabrics for the top layer of our Nexa mattress, which not only ensures a smooth texture but also guarantees high-strength tear resistance. It is the secret to the amazing plush feel that you will experience, even when you run your hands over this mattress. Imagine the feel of this feathery touch on your body and be lost in the elegance and comfort it will drive. 

Responsive Memory Foam

We don’t use the standard memory foams, which are commonly used in mattresses. At Sleepwell, we have our own patented and copyrighted ingenious Nexa memory foam, which replicates smart recovery properties that provide you with unmatched sleep comfort. 

Your body gets the perfect responsive support and doesn’t sink too much. Due to this, moving your body around on the bed is quite easy during your sleep. This is not something you can expect from other standard memory foam mattresses, as the sinking effect might be too much, hampering your body’s ability to move in bed effortlessly. Not only that, but our Nexa foam also promotes better breathability and enhances airflow. 

Engineered Side Walls

Not all memory mattresses you come across will provide you with engineered side walls. The purpose of it is to strengthen the edges of a mattress, which scales the durability quotient. As you know, most people prefer sitting on the edges of their beds, and this technology will help them feel adequate comfort without any sinking effect. 

In addition to that, you will also find it easier to get on and off your bed when the edges are strong enough to resist the excessive sinking effect when you put on that extra force to get on or off the bed. Beyond the functional perks, the engineered side wall technology also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the mattress as a whole. 

Smart Contour Cuttings

Contouring is a common property for all usual mattresses. But Sleepwell Nexa introduces a special kind of contouring technology where the huggable feel is smartly delegated to be unique for different body parts. And that’s done with the use of high-end CNC machines to work on smart contour cuttings. 

It means the foam layer will be cut into smart shapes all across the surface, ensuring you get the unique conforming effect at different parts of the body. Such an approach will make sure that your backache and strained body muscles get relieved, giving you a comfortable sleep at night and an energised morning for the following day. 

These reasons are enough to convince you to buy a Sleepwell Nexa mattress online! Put an end to your thoughts on which mattress is best, as all your confusion can end with Sleepwell’s Nexa alone! There is no comfort parameter that we haven’t touched with our product, which ensures that every rupee you spend is worth the value! 


nexa comfort mattress



Sleepwell’s Nexa mattress is way better than most of the usual memory foam mattresses that you see on the market. The quality, comfort, body support, and other such properties are all levelled up in our Nexa mattress to ensure your money gets invested in the right product. 

If you want to buy a premium memory foam mattress with all luxury features intact, with a vision to keep quality above pricing, Sleepwell Nexa is your go-to pick. Do explore the product page to acquire more sophisticated layer-wise details on our Nexa mattress, and make your selection on the desired dimensions. 

Once done, go ahead and place your orders so that we can adhere to your best-quality mattress request and get your dreamy paradise delivered in no time! 


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