What Makes Sleepwell Mattresses The Best Choice: A Comprehensive Analysis

Posted on: 20 Nov 2023

Sleepwell is the most recognised brand that has been making premium mattresses for around three decades, since the day of its announcement in 1994. Even though there is a big list of competitors that have introduced their business during the Sleepwell era, they are still somehow lagging in terms of meeting all required criteria of the consumers.

Some of the Sleepwell competitors offer quality, while others offer versatility! But, when you decide to buy a Sleepwell mattress online, you get versatility, quality, durability, breathability, longevity, and all other properties in one single mattress.

We have been the pioneers in the mattress industry of India and have been strengthening our USP in the field of comfort & support. The kinds of mattresses we design might be on the higher end, but the customers are ready to invest a considerable amount to avail of high-quality foam mattresses and immense durability.

So, if you have some comparative thoughts about Sleepwell mattresses with that of the new competitors in the market, this article will help you get clarity on why we are the best in the industry for you to count on. 

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A Little Time Travel to the History of Sleepwell

Sleepwell, the popular mattress brand, comes under the parent company, named Sheela Group. The Sheela Group was founded back in 1971 by Mrs. Sheela Gautam and later was managed by Rahul Gautam, her son. Sleepwell is considered the biggest company of this parent firm, but there are other businesses under the chain as well, such as Feather Foam, which manufactures PU foam. 

After the parent company was established, the Sleepwell brand was launched in 1994 and was referred to as the primary brand or business of the Sheela Group. Over time, the company kept on evolving its business to launch various mattresses with different benefits and characteristics. The brand has more than 10 manufacturing units across various states of India. Moreover, there are facilities in Australia as well for manufacturing Sleepwell mattresses.

The Dominance of Sleepwell Mattresses Over Others

At Sleepwell, we have been in this market for a long time now and have opened more than 4000 retail outlets all across India. Our extensive dealer network is what adds strength to our business operations, and that is what helps us be connected with our customers without any location barriers.

Sheela Group, the parent company of Sleepwell, has always been implementing some strict or robust policies for manufacturing and quality control processes of mattresses. As a result, quality mattresses were made and sold, which were appreciated by the customers on a high scale.

As of today, it is one of the few mattress brands that is annually profitable! Considering its success in India, Sleepwell has now expanded its business to enter the markets of Australia and Spain. If you consider the price bracket for different  kinds of mattresses  that Sleepwell has to offer, then it ranges from Rs. 5000 to up to Rs. 1.8 lakhs.

And there are a lot of buyers who tend to make their purchases within this bracket. At Sleepwell, the experts have always been working tirelessly to innovate new technologies and foam materials for introducing modern mattresses to the market. As Sheetal Group itself owns a business that makes PU foam, the quality is guaranteed, and the highest standards are met at all times.

Thus, the amount of experience that Sleepwell brings to the table in the arena of manufacturing quality mattresses for a good night’s sleep is unmatched by any other competitor in the market. When you make the best mattress comparison between Sleepwell and other brands out there in the market, you will find reviews, ratings, and features better for our brand than others. 

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In What Ways Is Sleepwell the Best Choice for Your Next Mattress Purchase?

Sleepwell is the best mattress brand in India, not just for manufacturing the best quality mattresses but also for providing customers with the utmost flexibility in making purchases. So, if you are still in a dilemma of whether or not Sleepwell is the all-round mattress brand for you to count on, here are some reasons that would help you with more clarity:

1. Provides You with a 100-Days Free Trial

Sleepwell respects the urge for satisfaction from customers upon buying a mattress online. Therefore, we offer a 100-day free trial with all the Sleepwell mattresses. If you don’t feel like the mattress is providing you with the desirable comfort, you can always return the product with no questions asked.

2. Free Delivery

With every order you place over our Sleepwell store, you will get a free delivery guaranteed. Unlike other mattress brands, you won’t have to pay the shipping charges, which makes us a good deal provider for the customers.

3. No-Cost EMI

Sleepwell also provides you with the flexibility of attaining no-cost EMI for your mattress purchase. There are various financial institutions or banks listed over the platform for you to select the eligible offer and avail of the EMI option to pay for your purchase of the best mattresses in India.

4. Wide Range of Options

Starting from usual foam mattresses to ortho and other technology-rich options, the Sleepwell store has a wide collection for you to choose from. When you land in the store, you will find a carousel of our best sellers, which has the top options that the Indians are demanding at a high scale. Check them out!

5. Cash-on-Delivery

The most important thing that distinguishes Sleepwell from other mattress brands is the availability of the COD option. Most of the new businesses in the industry do not find it reliable to offer a Cash-on-Delivery option to consumers with the fear of hearing loss. But Sleepwell has the confidence in its consumers, for which payment flexibility is an important inclusion when you buy your mattress from us. 


Ultimately, Sleepwell has consistently proven its might in the mattress manufacturing industry, and no other brand competes with its reputation in the market. This might not be a mattress-buying guide, but it gives you clarity on why Sleepwell should be your only preference when you plan on buying your next mattress.

Other brands are striving to adopt modern technologies and solutions but are slower in implementation compared to Sleepwell. We offer a range of feature-packed mattresses, catering to the various specific needs of our customers. So, explore our store today and place your orders for the mattress of your choice.



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