What kind of foam is best for back pain? Choose the best orthopaedic foam mattresses

Posted on: 15 May 2024

Want to invest in the right mattress to get relief from back pain? Consumers usually ask about “which mattress is best for back pain”, and experts recommend selecting a foam mattress. But do you have any idea about the different foam types used in the orthopaedic mattress? Having an idea about the foams will help you pick the right mattress. Each foam type has its own specifications to give your body the perfect comfort and support while sleeping. 

At Sleepwell, we have orthopaedic mattresses made of foam material that offers great relief to your back. You will witness pain-free sleep the whole night and even wake up every morning without any back pain problems. 

In this blog, we will discuss different kinds of foam and give a brief overview of our best orthopaedic foam mattresses, which will help you come to a conclusion on which orthopaedic mattress is best. 


Best orthopaedic mattresses

Foam Mattress And Its Exclusive Types 

Foam mattresses work by trapping air within aerated substances instead of springs, which offers great support and bounce to your body. These mattresses are known for providing the right level of support and fit in order to relieve pressure and pain. It will further give your back the best comfort and soft feel. Foam mattresses are the ideal choice for all sleepers, especially side sleepers. This is because they conform better to specific body shapes.

When it comes to foam mattress types, there are many factors to consider, such as your sleeping style, position, body and health conditions, etc. Also, while choosing the type of mattress, you need to be aware of its density, thickness, and other factors. Here, we bring you a list of different foam mattress types and their uses.


Latex Foam Mattress

Latex foam mattress is manufactured using natural latex. The liquid foam is vulcanised into a solid foam. They are also made of synthetic foam at times. The latex foam will offer your body optimal support and comfort. Moreover, it will react instantly to each body movement. Another good thing about latex foam mattresses is that they do not sink in and maintain consistent support without getting warmer or softer over time. Therefore, sleeping on this foam mattress will give you a peaceful and relaxing sleep throughout the night.

Additionally, latex mattresses are best for every sleeper type, but specifically, they are a good choice for side sleepers and for the ones who have posture problems. Latex foam mattresses can be a bit expensive due to the benefits they offer.


Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is a type of synthetic material known as viscoelastic foam. Among different foam types, it stands out because of its durability and incredible support. It is an ideal material choice for mattresses. Apart from being durable, it is also soft and can dissipate heat and moisture, giving you the same comfort every season. When you are looking for the best mattress for back pain, check out an orthopaedic memory foam mattress online. The mattress will also reduce joint pain.

In addition, memory foam is much thicker than regular foam. It offers much more supportive, comfortable, and precise support. It has numerous benefits, from body-hugging comfort to the ability to customise it according to body curves and sleeping preferences.  Buy a memory foam mattress online from our store and get relief from back pain. Also, provide your specific body parts, such as bones, spine, and muscles, with the best support and comfort.


Gel Foam Mattress

The gel foam mattress is a modern form of memory foam mattress. It is designed to offer a cooling sleeping experience. You can simply define it as a fundamental traditional memory foam that has been combined with microbeads of gel. The gel foam will provide your body with cooling comfort and will give you a baby-like gel mattress experience while sleeping. This material is also known as a phase-changing material. It will store heat up to a certain temperature and then release it out. However, gel foam mattresses will help sleepers stay cool and prevent them from getting too cold. 

This mattress type can also be a bit expensive as they are designed to cope with body temperature issues when sleeping. It is suggested that you choose a gel foam mattress whose cooling effect will last longer. You can check out our Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress, which is a layer of cool gel-infused foam. It is the best mattress for back problems. 


PU Foam or Polyurethane Foam Mattress

Polyurethane foam is a material that is produced between the chemical reaction of polyols and isocyanides with the presence of additives. The best part of this foam material is it does not harm human beings or the environment. It is a basic material used to manufacture different mattresses.

PU foam mattresses can conform to the natural curves and contours of your body. It will keep your spine aligned in a neutral position while you are sleeping. Moreover, PU foam will reduce pressure points and promote good posture in order to offer the best support. This action will relieve back pain and prevent it from getting worse. At our store, check out Dual Pro Profiled Mattress, which is equipped with soft PU foam. 


Rebonded Foam Mattress

The rebonded foam, also called a rebond, has an open-cell polyurethane foam. This mattress type is firm yet flexible. It is made of reclaimed and scrap foam.

Rebonded foams are manufactured with a combination of multiple densities of foam. A mattress with a layer of rebonded foam will have pain- and pressure-relieving properties. It will pamper your back and give it relief from pain. Our Spinetech Air Mattress and Durafirm collection has a rebonded foam layer.

Collection of Best Orthopaedic Foam Mattresses

Here, we have brought a list of our best-selling orthopaedic foam mattresses which can be your suitable fit;

Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress – Innovative Memory Foam 

Our Ortho Pro Profiled mattress will offer you a pain-free sleeping experience with excellent posture alignment. It is engineered to offer the best pressure relief. The mattress has a layer of cool gel-infused foam and impressions foam, which are innovative breakthroughs in memory foam. 

The foam will naturally adjust to your body contours to offer your soft contour hugging. The mattress will offer you comfortable bounce and optimal body support. You will get the same level of comfort in every season.

Sleepwell Ortho Mattress – Budget-Friendly Foam Mattress

This budget-friendly orthopaedic mattress will be your back’s best friend by perfectly aligning with your position. The mattress comes with Snug Comfort with Next-Gen Impressions Foam, which is an advanced memory foam. The foam offers a plush surface feel to provide your body with enhanced comfort. 

It is a high-resilience foam that will provide you great flexibility and comfort when using pressure points. It has a medium-firm feel and gives optimal body support and a comfortable bounce. This is the top-selling Sleepwell memory foam mattress under the ortho comfort category.

Sleepwell Latex Plus Foam Mattress - Exceptional Pressure Point Relief

Our latex mattress is made of elite latex foam to offer pressure-free sleep. You will witness exceptional pressure point relief while sleeping on this mattress. You can notice the difference between sleeping on memory foam mattresses and sleeping on latex foam mattresses. 

Our ingenious Latex Plus foam comes with higher resilience and provides exceptional comfort. The mattress enhances flexibility and gives the best-ever body support with comfortable bounce and even pressure distribution.

Sleepwell Spinetech Air Mattress – Great Spine Support

This exclusive mattress is our best orthopaedic mattress in India. It is incorporated with three-zoned resilience that offers firm back support. By bringing this mattress, you will get rid of niggling pains. Overall, it will offer you great spine support. The mattress has layers of profiled Impressions and Quilted foam that will offer a luxury cushion feel while sleeping. 

Moreover, the mattress has rebonded foam that offers extra firmness and great body support. It will promote eco-friendliness with no wastage of different foam types. This mattress also has spacer fabric, which is a 3D knitted fabric design that promotes airflow.

Sleepwell Durafirm 4.0 Mattress – Best Ortho Care

The Durafirm 4.0 mattress is the upgraded version of our Durafirm mattress series. The mattress is known for offering pain-free sleep the whole night. It will provide you with the best ever ortho-care at the best price. It is a firm ortho-care mattress that comes with a gentle surface feel. The major features of the mattress are firm back support, optimal back alignment, and a plush top feel. 

The mattress has layers of profiled Impressions foam, Sleepwell Quiltec foam, visco rebonded foam and Rebonded foam. Visco rebound foams are made up of bonded visco foams that will offer comfortable firmness to your back. The visco material evenly distributes pressure in the entire body in order to give deep sleep. Rebound technology provides layers of foam for added firmness and best support. It also promotes respect for the environment by ensuring no waste of different types of foam.

Final Thoughts 

In the above section, we have discussed different kinds of foam mattresses and our top collection of orthopaedic foam mattresses. You can pick the ones that we have discussed by ensuring they meet your comfort and support needs and relieve your back pain. However, you need to have an idea of how to choose the right mattress by considering different factors. If you are ready to make a foam mattress purchase for your back support, visit our online store and explore the orthopaedic foam mattress collection.


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