Waking Up With a Sore Neck? How Your Mattress Should Be to Blame (and How to Fix It)

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

As we sleep at night, our muscles and bones rest and repair. When the mattresses we use are not of good quality, the muscles and bones do not get good support. The mattress of your bed is the most important factor in determining how well you sleep. When the mattress and pillow are not suitable for your body, you will experience neck and cervical pain to a great extent. 

Neck pain is very irritating, and it can happen when the mattress is sagging and old. You need to switch to a newer mattress, which we can help you with. Our Fitrest Luxury Mattress is a great mattress for full body support and comfort, as it has contour-hugging properties. If you have chronic neck pain, you should reevaluate your old mattress. Consult with your doctor and buy an orthopaedic or memory foam mattress for the same. 


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Signs that your mattress is bad for your neck 

Before changing your mattress, keep in mind the signs that you see of a bad mattress and bad sleep quality. When your body does not get proper rest, it screams for help. Here are the signs that your body is complaining about the quality of your mattress. Neck pain and pillows are also linked, and you might experience more pain when the pillow is not in the right shape. 


Waking up in pain 

If you dread waking up because every day feels like a new beginning of pain, then your mattress and pillows are to be blamed. You could blame pillows for neck problems like soreness and deep-rooted pain. 

If you wake up in the morning, you first feel pain in your neck and shoulders, and then your sleeping posture, pillows, and mattress need to change. You can buy our Spinetech Air Luxury mattress for better spinal alignment and support to the neck. 


Tossing and turning 

When you frequently toss and turn on the bed, it means your body is not comfortable on it. A good mattress for sleeping will snuggle you in and help you sleep within a short frame of time. If you easily slip into sleep and are not aware of your surroundings, that means your body is relaxed, and you are enjoying deep sleep. 

When there is uneven pressure distribution on the bed, and your body parts lack support, you will not feel comfortable sleeping without worry. When you are unable to find a good position to sleep on the bed, that means your mattress needs to change. Our Pro Nexa Premium Mattress is one that gives your body complete support and also has enhanced plushness so you enjoy undisturbed sleep every night. 


The mattress is too soft or too hard 

When your mattress is not suitable for your body and pressure points, you will feel that the mattress is too soft or hard to sleep on. The feeling can disrupt your sleep pattern and bring down the quality of your sleep. The best kind of mattress for any person is a medium-firm mattress. You can also opt for mattresses that give firm support but are soft to the touch, so you feel very comfortable. 

When a mattress is too soft, your neck and shoulders will sink into it. When the mattress is too hard, your neck and shoulders will not have proper pressure relief; for a medium firm feel, you can choose our dual mattress, which has enhanced body support, a medium firm feeling, and pressure point relief features. 


Your mattress is very old 

It is very common for people to get a new mattress and then forget about it. It is true that a good mattress can last for a decade or more. However, even a mattress can get old. A mattress is used every night, and it can sag when used repeatedly. You should be aware of how long your mattress will last. 

You should understand that the existing mattress is old and sagging. The same goes for your pillows. Pillows can become old and dirty after a year or two. If your pillows are creating neck pain, then you need to get the best neck pillows for neck pain. Knowing when the mattress and pillows need to change is a wise action. 

These are some of the points that you should look out for. These signs show that you need immediate pain relief for neck pain. For neck pain, you can adopt other habits like massage exercises apart from changing the old mattress to a new one. 

How does a mattress cause neck and back pain? 

A bad mattress causes strain to your body, which then creates pain that is difficult to deal with. Soreness and pain in the shoulders and neck are a common concern for people who sleep on poorly designed mattresses. 

Instead of going to a generic or a streetside shop to get a mattress for your bed, you should go to a branded store and get an ergonomically designed mattress for your own bed. Because we know how a bad mattress can cause neck pain, we take care in designing and creating multi-layered mattresses that give enhanced support to the more sensitive parts of your body, such as the neck. 

A mattress is the most essential factor in determining how you sleep. When you have a poorly designed and maintained mattress, it activates your body pressure points as you sleep. This can also lead to straining the neck and the back. With time, you could face chronic pain in the neck and headaches due to poor-quality mattresses. 

Therefore, it is essential to identify the causes of back and neck pain and address them. It is also possible that the choice of pillows is also causing neck strain. To improve your sleep quality and to wake up without pain in the neck area, you need to select pillows that are very supportive and adapt to your sleeping position. 

Our team also designs the best pillow for neck problems and protects you from pain. We are dedicated to improving the quality of your sleep, so we give our best pillows for free with our mattresses. 

How to pick the perfect pillow for your neck?

Your neck deserves the best pillows that feel like a cloud and give it extra support. Your neck is a sensitive area, and you need soft but firm pillows that will help you sleep better. Here is how you get the best pillows from the shop. 

Sleeping position- Pay attention to your sleeping position and choose a pillow that can support the neck in that position. A side sleeper will need a pillow that keeps their spinal alignment intact and maintains a straight position even when the lower body is curved. On the other hand, people who sleep on their backs need pillows that can introduce slight elevation in the neck for better circulation. Stomach sleepers usually turn their head one way or the other, so such sleepers need pillows that are soft but also support the neck through its movements. Orthopaedic pillows that are made of memory foam stay stable and help you sleep better. 

Neck concerns- If you are ageing and already suffer from some level of neck and back pain, the choice of pillow has to be made extra carefully. You can choose a contoured pillow that has wave zoning so that it can alleviate your neck pain. A cool gel-infused pillow is also good for your neck as it keeps it cool and takes away pain from the neck area. 

Sleeping temperature- When lying on the bed, the breathability of the mattress and pillows improves your sleep. Along with breathable mattresses, we also make high-quality pillows that have breathable covers and are amazing for your neck. We also have cool gel-infused pillows that will keep the surface extra cool so you can sleep very easily. Even during the day, our pillows stay cool and inviting. 

If you have been using a generic pillow to sleep on, remember that it can cause more neck problems for you. You need a specially designed pillow that will help you sleep peacefully and painlessly. You need an ergonomic design and the best material for pillows so that your neck and shoulders get support and comfort. One of the pillow sets that you can try is our Latex Plus Curves pillow. 

Our Latex Plus pillows are made out of natural latex and are hypoallergenic. These pillows are not just good for your skin but also for the skin. These pillows are very breathable and have a unique shape for enhanced support to the spine. Switch to our orthopaedic pillows and experience even pressure distribution in the head and the neck. 


Neck pain can be crippling, and it can give rise to more pain in the head. To treat neck pain, you have to first know what is causing it in your body. Oftentimes, sleeping mattresses and pillows are the culprit. To ensure that your neck pain gets reduced and you are able to sleep without pain, you need to change to a more suitable orthopaedic mattress. At Sleepwell, we create firm and supportive mattresses that go well with pillows specifically designed for the neck.


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