Unveiling Luxury Mattresses: Key Features to Improve Your Sleep Experience

Posted on: 18 Apr 2024

Are you getting up in the morning with a tired face, feeling unrested? If yes, it may be time to invest in luxury-quality mattresses that can withstand time. A luxury mattress is not about having a good night's sleep but it’s all about enhancing health and wellness.

A luxury mattress plays a strong role in ensuring a restful night's sleep. However, numerous options are available in the market, and identifying the ideal luxury mattress can be the toughest process. If you are wondering about a luxury mattress for good sleep, explore the most expensive mattress at Sleepwell. We have quality, comfortable, luxury mattress options for you. The following covers the key features of a mattress to level up your sleeping experience.


Features to look in the quality mattresses


Supportive Core

When buying mattresses online, look for a supportive core feature! This is the crucial feature to look for in any luxury mattress. The supportive core should be made with high-quality coils or high-density foam so that it keeps your spine aligned. It helps to lower back pain & improve the sleeping posture, which ultimately leads to quality sleep.


Comfort layers

The comfort layers are another essential factor which contours the body shape and offers pressure relief. Latex and memory foam materials are utilised in the comfort layers due to their ability to adapt to the individual body contours and alleviate the pressure joint to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience.


Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is necessary to prevent the disturbance caused by single-person movement from affecting sleep. The high-quality memory foam & the hybrid mattresses are popular for excellent motion isolation properties. Look for this when choosing a luxury mattress.



Investing in a durable mattress is necessary for verifying long-lasting comfort and support. Always look for mattresses that are prepared with high-quality material & superior craftsmanship. The durable mattresses maintain their performance and shape over time and offer consistent support for years.


Temperature & breathability

The ideal mattress promotes proper airflow and temperature regulation to prevent overheating during sleep. The mattresses are manufactured with gel-infused memory foam & latex, or mattresses designed with open cell technology are popular for maintaining a comfortable and cool sleeping environment.


Ultra-premium fabric

The best luxury mattress online brands should be made with high-density memory foam & pure natural latex to deliver extreme comfort and boost natural sleep. The premium knitted fabric delivers a plush feeling to mattresses & enhances the aesthetics of the bedroom. The luxury mattress fabric is stylish, strong and tear-resistant. A euro top finish offers additional comfort layers within the mattresses. Extraordinary craftsmanship delivers the highest degree of personalised and customised sleeping experience.

Steps of identifying a good mattress


Consider the sleeping position

The various sleeping positions need a higher level of support. If you sleep by your sides, then a soft mattress may help you alleviate the pressure point. The back and stomach sleeper requires a firm surface for improved spinal alignment.


Consider your body alignment

Do you know your body weight can influence the luxury of a mattress? If you are a heavyweight person, then choose a medium-firm mattress. If you are a lighter individual, then go for the soft mattress.


Warranty & trial period

Choose mattresses which have a better trial period and warranty. It allows you to sleep on the mattress for an extended period & return or exchange it if it doesn’t meet your requirements.


Check for certification

When buying luxury mattresses, consider certifications like CertiPUR-US® for foam mattresses. This certification indicates that they are free from harmful chemicals & meet high-quality standards.


Read the reviews

To improve the mattress performance & overall customer satisfaction, read the reviews. Look at the most expensive mattress & their reviews. 


Consider Firmness

The firmness level on your mattress should be appropriate for your sleeping posture. Soft to medium firmness works best for side sleepers, while medium to high hardness may be more comfortable for back and stomach sleepers. Choosing the appropriate firmness gives adequate rest as well as assistance for a good night's sleep.


Select the Right Fabric and Type

Mattresses come in a variety of materials and forms, including foam and hybrid mattresses. When buying a luxury mattress in India, choose a suitable mattress depending on your tastes and needs. Each material and kind has its own set of advantages, and your selection will influence your entire budget. Conduct extensive research to ensure an educated judgement.


Assess your requirements

To begin, thoroughly analyse your unique needs before investing. When it involves mattresses, everyone's needs vary. If you struggle with persistent back discomfort, choose a mattress that provides tailored support. If durability is your top issue, look at solutions that will provide long-lasting performance.


Set a budget

Determine your budget and start looking for mattresses around that range. While price is crucial, keep in mind that quality is also vital when choosing a mattress. Avoid sacrificing quality just to save capital, as a decent mattress is a purchase for your well-being.


Back Pain

The greatest mattress for someone suffering from back pain will include at least some foam providing pressure alleviation and an adequate firmness level providing support along with spine alignment. We spoke with back pain specialists, who said that a deeper problem is most likely causing back pain, but finding the correct mattress might be one step toward relief. Research has shown that the appropriate mattress may alleviate pain, stiffness, and sleep quality by 50-60%.


Mattress Sizes

Check the mattress sizes before purchasing to guarantee that it will fit well in your room. Queen is probably the most popular mattress size, while King (which is comparable to two Twins) is great for sleeping if you have enough space.

Learn the potential of top-quality construction

When you buy luxury mattresses, there is a certain futuristic technology that embraces the luxury & delivers a fantastic sleeping experience.


Recovery foam

Our Sleepwell Pro Nexa luxury mattress helps to confirm the body shape & facilitate flexible body movements. This smart recovery technology opens the cell structure in bed, improves airflow, maintains hygiene, and keeps your body cool.


Impression foam

The revolutionary technology allows the mattress to remain temperature-neutral and deliver comfort. It offers a snug feeling to the bed and distributes your body pressure uniformly across the surface.


Neem Fresche technique

Our Sleepwell mattresses are protected with anti-microbial technology. The shields and eco-friendly mattress keep you away from respiratory disorders & skin allergies. The mattress remains clean & fresh even after years of usage.


Quilted foam mattress

The mattress made with this technology offers a rich surface to sleep on because it has superior thickness. The foam mattress improves airflow and minimises trapping. It lets you sleep cool when the outside temperature is hot.


Resitec foam

The resitec foam mattress gives a bouncy feeling to the mattress since it has top-notch cushioning. It provides the sleepers with the highest degree of comfort & exceptional pressure relief to wake up in the morning with complete relaxation.


Cellergise technology

The mattresses made with this technology can be traced to the body shape to offer personalised support. It experiences zero disturbances despite the partner moving all night. Our Sleepwell pocket spring mattress is designed with an individual pocket spring with improved comfort layers. The pocket spring makes the mattresses supportive & delivers comfort.

Take a look at the range of luxury mattresses you can pick

Take a look at the types of Luxury Mattresses you can buy at our Sleepwell store. 


Impression mattress

Our impression foam mattress gives a gentle, plush feeling with full air circulation. This mattress is an excellent purchase for couples who want to sleep in a mattress of high luxury. It quickly adapts to your body form, enabling pressure distribution across the surface. The mattress offers a cosy, snug feeling and comfortable sleep all year.


Naturally 1.0 mattress

If you want to experience comfort in a luxury mattress, then Our Sleepwell Naturalle 1.0 mattress is the right choice. This complete natural latex mattress gives you natural sleep. Our Naturally 1.0 mattress gives amazing elasticity and offers good spinal support. Using natural latex avoids the breeding of germs & the accumulation of moisture to provide an excellent, clean surface to sleep. Our pocket spring offers a gentle, bouncy feel and movement on the mattress.


Nexa mattress

Sleepwell Nexa mattress is equipped with smart recovery technology. Buy the Sleepwell Nexa mattress because this is one of the best mattresses in our store. It resembles comfort and luxury with a deep feeling and superior support structure. This mattress is soft and plush, which helps you sleep like a baby. Nexa foam mattress conforms to your body shape and eases movement during sleep.


A significant investment in your general health and well-being is selecting the correct mattress. Your daily efficiency and quality of sleep will be greatly enhanced by a well-made mattress with a supportive core, cosy comfort layers, and exceptional durability. At our store, you may choose the ideal mattress to assist you in getting a refreshing and peaceful night's sleep. 


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