Unlocking Health Benefits: Special Mattresses and Their Impact on World Sleep Day

Posted on: 15 Mar 2024

Sleep is essential for the overall health of your body, which contributes to the well-being of your physical and mental functions. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule will boost your immune health, improve metabolism, and decrease the risk of chronic diseases. Lack of sleep will lead to cognitive issues, which will affect your brain functions and make you feel irritable and grumpy. 

In addition, you will notice fluctuations in your blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease and blood sugar levels and leading to obesity. Overall, sleep is an important function of your daily life that will calm your body and mind, giving you fresh and energetic sleep every morning. 

However, in order to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, you have to invest in the right mattress. Make sure the mattress you choose meets your sleeping preferences and health requirements. 

On World Sleep Day, promise yourself to gift yourself the best mattress to improve your health. At Sleepwell, we have an exclusive range of special mattresses under comfort, orthopaedic, and other categories. Each of our mattress categories has its own specifications to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 

In this post, let’s discuss the impact of the right mattress on your health and wellness.

Maintains Your Mental Health And Reduces Stress

The relationship between sleep and mental well-being works in either direction, and they also affect your health. When you are dealing with higher stress levels, it will automatically disrupt your sleep schedule, which will keep you awake. This is due to the release of stress hormones called cortisol, which cause hyperalert. Further, you will find it challenging to do your daily activities. This is where a special mattress plays a critical role in giving you relaxing sleep, which will regulate your emotions and maintain your psychological balance. 

You can check out our comfort mattress ranges under our Nexa Comfort, Ortho Comfort, Pro Fitrest Comfort, and Essential Comfort. We will get both budget-friendly and luxury options to meet your budget estimation. Our comfort mattresses will help you improve your mental health and reduce your body and mind stress. 


 Boosts Your Immune Health

When you sleep on an old and uncomfortable mattress, you must know that it will no longer be supportive of your body. So, eventually, you will not get the necessary rest, and your immune system will start weakening. This will make your body prone to infections and illnesses. This is why quality sleep in a good quality mattress is an absolute need to boost your immune health. When you are in a deep sleep, your body will switch to repair mode, which strengthens your immune response.

Moreover, an old mattress will accumulate more microbes, dust mites, and allergens. The allergens present on the mattress will trigger asthma and other respiratory problems that will cause stress to your immune system. When you choose a hypoallergenic mattress, it will contribute to building a healthier immune system. Our mattresses are integrated with Neem Fresche, which is an advanced microbial technology that protects you from allergies, dust mites, and breathing problems. 


Improves Your Heart Health

Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases or heart-related health conditions have become quite common. Many people, regardless of age, start suffering from heart disease. One of the major reasons is a lack of sound sleep and other things that affect your sleep, such as your mattress. 

A poor-quality mattress will disrupt your sleep cycle and lead you to wake up frequently. It will further contribute to many cardiovascular health problems, which include the triggering of high blood pressure, higher heart rate, and hormonal imbalances that cause inflammation and stress. It will further increase the chances of heart disease, diabetes and strokes. 

This is why you need to invest in a comfortable mattress that will give you a good night's sleep. You can check out our Nexa Comfort collection which includes Pro Nexa Classic Mattress, Pro Nexa Premium Mattress, and Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress. These mattresses will offer you the best comfort with their smart recovery memory foam that will boost your overall health. 


Prevents Your Back And Joint Pain

Keep in mind that your mattress will have a great impact on your back and spine the whole day. When you find your mattress is too soft or sagging, it will not offer the right amount of support that your back needs which will eventually lead to back pain and spine misalignment. 

When the mattress is too stiff, it will lead to back pain, discomfort, and stiffness both during the day and night. Therefore, it is necessary to find the right mattress that will offer a great combination of comfort and support. At the same time, the right choice of mattress will keep your back and spine aligned properly. It will prevent pressure points and pain, which will give you a refreshing sleep and reduce your back pain. If you are specifically looking for a mattress that offers back and joint pain relief, you can check out our Sleepwell Ortho Comfort category, which includes Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress, Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, Spinetech Mattress, and Ortho Mattress. These mattresses are specifically designed to reduce back and joint pain with proper spine alignment.


Reduction of Allergies 

Once the mattresses become old, they will gather dust mites, microbes, and allergens which will cause severe allergic reactions. It will be a problem for people who are sensitive to dust particles and various allergens. Also, when you share your bed it will create an unwelcoming environment. 

An unclean mattress will cause respiratory problems, breathing problems, and skin irritations. So, you need to keep your bedding environment clean through regular cleaning, which will effectively reduce these issues.

As discussed earlier, our mattresses are treated with advanced microbial technology to protect from all types of allergens and dust mites. If you are highly concerned about allergens in your bedding space, you can Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress. 

A latex mattress will offer you excellent comfort, enhanced durability, pressure relief, and great breathability. Also, this mattress will give your body responsive support and has hypoallergenic properties, which will prevent mould and dust mites. 


Aids in Weight Management

You may be surprised to know that sleep quality can actually affect your weight management. Since your mattress affects the quality of your sleep, it will also affect your body weight. When you are dealing with poor sleeping habits, it will disrupt the hormonal balance of your body which will make you feel tired. It will also make you less motivated to perform physical activities. This, in turn, will increase your appetite which will lead to heavy weight gain.

 So, you have to ensure that you have a supportive mattress that will let you rest better without any disturbance. It will further benefit your sleep quality and contribute to meeting your weight management goals. 

Check out our Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress, which will offer you the best back support with its impression foam. It is also equipped with Anti-skid bottom fabric, which will keep the mattress in a fixed place on your bed. 

You can also go through our Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress, which features anti-skid bottom fabric and engineered sidewall technology. This will enhance durability and offer side support. The mattress will also make the edge sitting more comfortable. It also features responsive contour hugging and evenly distributes pressure. You will get the same level of comfort in every season with this mattress. 


Improves Productiveness and Alertness 

On a regular basis, we engage in a variety of physical activities throughout the day that need your full attention and concentration. But, when you do not get enough sleep, you will become depressed and tired. This will affect your productivity in physical activities and impact your decision-making ability. 

On the contrary, sleeping properly on a mattress that fits your body will help you feel less uncomfortable, fall asleep faster, experience fewer interruptions at night, and make you more focused and alert. 

A sound sleep on a good quality mattress will enhance your memory, decision-making, and cognitive abilities. At our store, you will shop for high-quality, comfortable mattresses from our Pro Fitrest Comfort collection. You can check out our Fitrest Classic Mattress, Fitrest Premium Mattress, and Fitrest Luxury Mattress, which will offer you the best comfort. 

Final Thoughts 

Investing in a premium quality mattress that will perfectly suit your specific sleeping needs and preferences will enhance your overall health and well-being. This decision will help you sleep better on a daily basis, which will have a positive impact on your lifestyle, keeping you active all day. Remember that with time, mattresses may lose their support. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them on time to get the best comfort and support for a good night's sleep. 

In order to buy the right mattress, you need to consider several factors, such as the mattress types, which include memory foam, innerspring or latex, firmness level based on your personal preferences and your body type, the material used, etc. To make a quality and reliable purchase, go through our categories and choose the investment that is right for you. 


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