Top Picks: The 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in India for 2024

Posted on: 22 Apr 2024

Memory foam is a high-density mattress that gives you comfort and support. Memory foam mattresses are super comfortable and supportive for your body. If you want to sleep on a mattress that conforms to your body, then you should choose a memory foam mattress. 

The best-rated memory foam mattress has viscoelastic foam, which can be very supportive and suit your body shape and movement. A memory foam mattress can be great for motion isolation and easy sleeping. Memory foam mattresses should be paired well with memory foam pillows so that you can create a beautiful bed set that allows you to sleep soundly every night. 


Best Indian mattress

What is the need for a memory foam mattress? 

If you have back pain and orthopaedic issues, you should buy a good memory foam mattress from our stores. The back pain will vanish with the regular usage of a memory foam mattress. The memory foam mattress is constructed with care to create a bed that is strongly supportive. 

Memory foam mattresses can be very expensive when compared with other mattresses, but the benefits that the mattress gives are really value for money. The return on investment from memory foam mattresses is very high. A memory foam mattress has multiple features that support your back and help you sleep. Memory foam mattresses can relieve pressure and pain in the body. 

We offer memory foam mattresses in different dimensions according to your needs. Whether you have a single bed or a king-sized double bed, you can get the best memory foam mattress from us. Moreover, we also have the team to customise your memory foam mattresses so that they suit your needs even better. The memory foam mattress is a very firm and durable mattress that you can sleep on any time of the day. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of our memory foam mattress and the best mattresses we offer in this category. 

Types of memory foam mattresses 

Before knowing about the best memory foam mattresses we offer, you should know about the types of memory foam mattresses present in the market at this time. You should choose the best mattress from the category based on your needs and the type of environment you live in. 


Traditional memory foam 

You can choose the traditional memory foam, which is the best choice for your bed if you are trying to change the mattress you sleep on. We have classic memory foam mattresses in the Ortho collection that are made to suit your orthopaedic needs. Our orthopaedic memory foam mattresses are very comfortable and have body contouring, which hugs you as you sleep in any position. 

These mattresses also have good motion isolation, which is a great feature for double bed versions. You will experience relief from pain to a great extent if you sleep on a traditional memory foam mattress. To improve your sleep quality, you can also get memory foam pillows to go with your mattress. 


Gel-infused memory foam mattress 

An upgrade from the traditional memory foam mattress is the gel-infused memory foam mattress. A gel-infused memory foam mattress offers you a cool sleeping surface even when the temperature is very high. The gel-infused memory foam mattress suits your bed if you live in hot and humid areas. As we suffer from Indian summers and high temperatures, a gel-infused memory foam mattress becomes an absolute necessity. The gel-infused memory foam mattress comes forward from memory foam layers that have cool gel in between for complete comfort and coolness.

The breathability of the top layers and the cool gel in the middle can give a superior cooling effect to the bed. Usually, other mattresses often capture the heat and release it slowly, so you get a hotbed that can make you sweat. But a cool gel-infused memory foam mattress takes away the heat and allows you to sleep on a cool bed. Whether you want a cool surface to take an afternoon nap on or you want to sleep on an airy mattress at night, a cool gel-infused memory foam mattress is the best choice. The memory foam mattress price for this type might be higher, but the peace you get sleeping on them is priceless. 


Plant-based memory foam mattress 

At a time when all of us are switching to plant-based things to use and eat, we have also decided to create a collection of plant-based mattresses. Plant-based memory foam mattresses are very good for the skin and for the environment. Our Latex Plus mattress is a memory foam mattress that has multiple layers of memory foam for mattress combined with natural latex for a natural feel and a comfortable bed to sleep on. 

A latex-based memory foam mattress is good for your bones and muscles. It is also a very plush mattress because it gives a bouncy feeling whenever you are in your bed. Plant-based memory foam mattresses are not entirely made of artificial memory foam and have natural properties that help you sleep without any skin or health issues. 

How to find the best memory foam mattress for your bed?


Density of foam 

The density of the mattress foam matters the most as a decisive factor. Usually, memory foam is very dense, and it has a certain firmness to it, which gives you great support. The density of the foam should be moderate to high so your body can rest properly. Low-density foams are not right to sleep on for hours. However, high-density foams can also be very warm, as beds are, if breathability is not ensured. 



The thickness of the mattress is a deciding factor because the thicker the mattress, the more luxurious your bed is. The thickness of the mattress creates a plush, cosy feeling for your body. Mattresses that are moderately or very thick give you a nest to nestle into every night. You can find very thick memory foam mattresses in our collection. Some of our memory foam mattresses are 7 inches thick. The thick construction and the plush top feel of the luxury memory foam mattress give you a very good sleep every night. 


Edge support

When you sleep, it is possible that you roll around or move to come close to the edge of the bed. An ideal memory foam mattress gives even pressure distribution, so you get superior edge support. Good edge support means that even if you are sleeping near the edge, you will not fall off the bed. The same thing can be said for when you are sitting on the edge. Edge support is very important in mattresses to keep you safe in bed. This is especially important for kids and senior citizens. Anti-skid features that our memory foam mattresses have also makes them the best memory foam mattress in India. 

The best memory foam mattress for sleeping 

Here are our top 5 mattresses for your bed from our memory foam collection. 


Ortho Mattress 

The classic Ortho Mattress has multiple layers of memory and PU foam, which provides good support to your spine and joints. We have added high resilience, dense foam inside the mattress so the mattress stays as it is and adapts to your body shape. The special Impressions foam inside it supports your body contours and keeps your spine straight. If you choose our Ortho Mattress, you will experience excellent pain relief. 


Revital  4.0 

Our Revital 4.0 mattress is a thick and supportive mattress that gives you firmness and a plush feeling. It is a thick mattress with multiple layers of memory foam with a 6-inch thick construction. The inner layers of this plush mattress have Resitec and Impressions foam, which give you a stable and contour-hugging bed on which to sleep. This mattress is also known for excellent edge support, so you can sleep without any fears. 


Impressions Mattress 

If you want to experience the benefits of memory foam while getting an ultra-luxurious feel from the bed, you need our Impressions mattress. Our Impressions mattress has a plush top feel and medium firm support when you sleep on it. It is contour-hugging and breathable, giving you the perfect memory foam mattress to sleep on. 


Spinetech Air Luxury 

If you want to mix spinal support and a luxurious feel to get the perfect mattress for your bed, Spinetech Air Luxury is perfect to use. The 7-inch thick mattress has memory foam layers that have our signature Resitec foam. There is knitted fabric on top and spacer fabric in the middle to maintain air circulation without compromising the density of the mattress. 


Latex Plus 

Our Latex Plus memory foam mattress combines the comfort of natural latex and support from Resitec Foam to create a plant-based memory foam mattress. We integrated a strong side wall into the edges of this mattress to create supportive edges. The anti-skid features on this mattress give you the perfect blend of bounce and stability. 


Memory foam mattresses are all the hype now because of the multiple benefits they have. In our collection, you will find memory foam mattresses and pillows. Pay attention to your sleep needs and choose the best memory foam mattress for your bed. At Sleepwell, we help you find the best mattress for your bedroom, so don’t wait and reach out now.


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