The Ultimate Guide To Enhancing Your Sleep Experience With the Sleepwell Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress

Posted on: 27 Dec 2023

After a grueling day at work, you look forward to a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate and recharge your body, mind, and senses. Sleep deprivation or lack of quality sleep can drain your energy and mess up your health in the long run. Several studies have confirmed a strong connection between good sleep quality and increased lifespan of individuals.

You often attribute your sleep disorders to your hectic lifestyles and heightened stress levels. Somehow, you ignore another key factor that may have ruined your nights. A wrong mattress choice is equally to be blamed for your sleep fiasco.

A luxury mattress from a reputed brand like Sleepwell is a smart move to keep all your sleep issues at bay. Our best luxury mattress is designed to transform your sleep experience with superior construction and advanced features. You can instantly notice the difference the moment you upgrade to a high-quality mattress. 

The Sleepwell Pro Nexa luxury mattress is one such product that offers a host of benefits for folks who crave a night of blissful sleep.


Pro Nexa luxury mattress

Revel in the Lap of Luxury With the Sleepwell Pro Nexa Range of Mattresses!

Sleepwell, the market leader who pioneered the modern mattress revolution in India, is now ready with yet another innovative offering. The company seeks to completely change how people sleep by launching the Pro Nexa range of mattresses. These mattresses offer unmatched luxury and ultimate comfort with their ‘enhanced body recovery’ technology.


Sleepwell Pro Nexa Mattress Benefits

With a legacy of over five decades, Sleepwell is at the forefront of technological innovation to help India sleep better. We craft personalised sleep solutions for our customers to fulfil their unique needs and offer ultimate comfort. 

A Sleepwell Pro Nexa luxury mattress is a remarkable improvement over a traditional memory foam mattress. It ticks all the boxes of a good mattress-buying guide. Here are some advantages that come along when you buy a Pro Nexa mattress.

  • Unparalleled Comfort
    The use of premium European knitted fabric with a euro-top finish renders luxurious softness and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the mattress. These euro tops are additional comfort layers within the mattress. The terrific combination of Pro Nexa and Quiltec foam in quilting offers a luxury feel to the mattress surface. The high-quality, tear-resistant material provides a smooth texture and a plush feel for a deep, restful sleep every night.


  • Enhanced Support
    The right level of support is critical for uninterrupted sleep. A Pro Nexa mattress is designed to offer optimal support to your spine and body during sleep. Proper spinal alignment relieves pressure and helps you sleep pain-free for long hours. The anti-skid bottom fabric helps to keep the mattress in a fixed and stable position on the cot. Reports suggest the Pro Nexa foam material offers a 32% higher pressure relief than regular memory foam.


  • Advanced Features
    The ‘smart recovery Pro Nexa’ technology is a revolutionary feature that facilitates smooth body movements across the surface. With the feather-soft comfort feel, you can easily roll across the mattress without suffering any body pain or injuries. A Sleepwell luxury mattress is a customised mattress that can be modified to suit your unique preferences and deliver a personalised sleep experience. The engineered sidewall technology augments the aesthetics of the mattress and enhances its durability.


  • Responsive Contour Hugging
    The cells in a Pro Nexa mattress are brilliantly crafted to adapt to your body shape. The triple-zoned contour cut profile ensures strong lumbar support and uniform pressure distribution to alleviate pressure points. You don’t have to worry whether the mattress will suit your physique. The Pro Nexa mattress has a whopping 67% higher body conformance to reduce the risk of body aches and enhance your sleep quality.


  • Superior Air Circulation
    The unique cell structure in the mattress promotes good airflow to maintain hygiene and keep the body cool during summer. The special Air-O-Fresh technology ensures uniform firmness for good body support. A Pro Nexa mattress enables 27% faster heat dissipation than traditional memory foam to provide a sleep experience like never before. This feature is a boon to people who sleep hot and experience intense night sweats.


  • Higher Durability
    You spend a good 8 to 9 hours in your bed every day. An ordinary mattress requires regular upkeep and may not last long. However, a Sleepwell luxury mattress sources the finest materials that are highly resistant to damage and wear & tear. It does not sag easily and maintains its original shape & structure over the years. A Pro Nexa luxury mattress with minimum maintenance can last for at least 8 to 10 years. 


  • Greater Attention to Detail
    The best luxury mattresses are crafted with great care by paying attention to minor but finer aspects. The elegant design, intricate stitching, and meticulous finishing demonstrate the manufacturer’s finesse and commitment. All these factors significantly contribute to enhancing the plush feel of the mattress and improving your sleep quality.

Exploring the Sleepwell Pro Nexa Mattress Range

There are currently three products on offer in the Pro Nexa line. Budget-conscious mattress shoppers who do not want to compromise on quality can pick the Pro Nexa Classic, which starts at just under Rs.10,000. The Pro Nexa Premium is an upgrade to the classic version and costs around Rs.13,800. The Pro Nexa Luxury is the ultimate in luxury comfort and comes at an unbeatable price of Rs.17,700. (All the prices are for single-sized beds. They may vary based on size and thickness levels. Please check the latest prices before buying).


A high-quality luxury mattress is often confused with profligate spending by many shoppers. However, sound sleep is indispensable for great health and longevity. It is important to prioritise good sleeping habits to enjoy a better quality of life. A luxury mattress is a small price to pay to reap these benefits.

Sleepwell Pro Nexa luxury mattress makes luxury more affordable with its attractive pricing, discount, and no-cost EMI option. Buy a Sleepwell mattress and join the elite league of customers across generations who continue to repose their trust in the brand.



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