The Complete Guide to the Best Mattresses Under 15,000 for Affordable Prices

Posted on: 09 Feb 2024

For how long have you been compromising on your sleep routine just because your mattress isn’t comforting your body the way you expect it to? If you didn’t ever consider switching your mattress with the modern-day options being marketed today, your answer to this question would probably be in ‘decades’.

But now is the time to change! Why? It is mostly because a recent statistic has revealed that around 55% of all Indians are not getting sufficient sleep or are having a cycle of less than 6 hours. This isn’t a statistic worth celebrating! If you have your sleep cycle distorted, keep budget or other constraints aside, and get yourself a new mattress!

You must look out for choosing the best mattress under 15,000, which will fulfil your need for attaining comfort and affordability as a priority. Sleepwell brings you the best mattress options within your specified budget to change your sleeping habits.

But, apart from just choosing a Sleepwell mattress under 15,000, it is also important to consider other factors to ensure you get the best option of all. Read along this guide till the end to find out!


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What are the Things You Must Consider for Choosing the Right Mattress?

Pricing is a top consideration for most Indians, as this is what will let you make the final call on making the purchase or not. So, keep pricing as your prime consideration for shortlisting the best mattresses under 15,000 at first. Once you are done with your shortlisting, the next step is to consider some other factors and narrow down the list to find the ultimate option, ideal for your sleep health:


Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position is very important for you to decide on which mattress would turn out to be best for your sleep needs. Most of you have your specific sleeping positions, and you might prefer to stick to them to fall asleep faster. But your sleeping position shouldn’t be hampering your overall muscle or bone health.

Therefore, depending on whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, go for a too-firm, medium-firm, or ultra-firm mattress, respectively. This way, your body’s spinal alignment will be properly attained, ensuring you don’t wake up with sore muscles and aching back.


Body Weight

Your body weight is yet another important factor for you to consider which mattress is right for you. The hug, cooling, feel, support, and sinkage effects will vary depending on how much you weigh. In fact, depending on the weight, you might find dedicated Sleepwell mattresses to meet your unique contouring needs.

Based on body weight, the sleepers are categorized as light, average, and heavy. And each individual in either of the three categories has their respective options to choose from. It means that light, average, and heavy sleepers can choose soft, medium, or firm-feel mattresses only by considering the variation in the firmness scale.


Mattress Type

As you have a budget of Rs. 15,000 be assured that you will be getting ample options with respect to various mattress types. All you must know about are the types of mattresses that you can count on and what’s right for you. You can choose from memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattress options.

Depending on the right level of comfort, contouring effect, technologies, add-on layers, and other such necessities, you can count on choosing the right type of mattress that you think will comfort your specific healthy sleep demands on priority.

What are the Best Sleepwell Mattresses Under 15,000?

Here are some of the best Sleepwell mattresses under 15,000 that you can count on for upgrading your sleep routine:


1. Pro Nexa Premium Mattress

Pro Nexa Premium Mattress is one of the luxury options of Sleepwell, which is now available under Rs. 15,000, for a single-bed option, with 6 inches thickness. The dimensions are around 72 inches x 30 inches, ideal enough for a single adult or two kids to sleep peacefully. This mattress offers you a gentle feel, a soft top feel, superior support, and outstanding air circulation. You get a plush top feel with the 3-zoned contour cut profile for better hugging and conformation feeling.

There’s an anti-skid layer at the bottom to ensure that the mattress doesn’t skid while you sleep over it. As a result, your comfort quotient will immensely increase. The Sleepwell Pro Nexa foam alongside Quilted foam is used in the making of this mattress, providing you with a luxurious and responsive surface.  The Pro Nexa foam also introduces a smart recovery technology, promoting easy movement of the body while you sleep.


2. Revital 3.0 Mattress

Revital 3.0 Mattress starts at a price slightly higher than Rs. 15,000, which offers a gentle feel and supports contour hugging. This mattress is 6 inches thick and has a plush top. The air circulation quotient of this mattress is also superior, ensuring that you don’t sleep hot. This mattress is triple-layered and offers you a perfect blend of softness and bounce with exceptional pressure point relief.

It is made up of premium European knitted fabric, which ensures luxurious softness at this price point. The aesthetics are internal and use imported fabric, providing you with high strength and smooth texture. Moreover, the tear-resistant fabric adds to the plush feel. Following that, the impression foam also adjusts your body naturally to contour it and provide you with ample comfort. Even pressure distribution and snug hugging contribute to better blood circulation in your body as well.


3. SleepWell Mable Mattress

The SleepWell Mable Mattress is a mixture of comfort and innovation. It provides a medium firm sensation, having a thickness of 15.0 cm, that ensures a balance between softness and supportability. Significantly, it has no partner disturbance, which is perfect for couples. The responsive body support conforms to your form, and the soft top feel provides an additional measure of comfort. The bed is equipped with anti-microbial technology, which allows it to combat dust mites and allergies so that the sleep environment can be healthier. The Euro top finish knitted premium fabric is strong and very soft in nature. The Quiltec® foam quilting by SleepWell improves air circulation and heat dissipation, leading to proper sleep temperature.

In addition, the mattress features a 3-zoned Sleepwell Profiled Resitec® foam which provides for even pressure distribution and contouring support. The individual pocket springs provide sensitive spinal support with minimal motion transfer. Foam wall technology supports the sides of this mattress and ensures that its edges are firm, while bottom air mesh fabric is designed to enhance breathability for a cooler night.


If comfortable sleep is your desire, Sleepwell store is your ultimate destination! Here are two of the most liked Sleepwell mattresses under Rs. 15,000 for you to count on. These are the high-end options for which the single-bed mattresses start at around Rs. 15,000 or slightly higher. But, considering the normal range mattresses, you can go with king-size options at the same or even a lowered price tag.

So, irrespective of whether you want a standard, average, or luxury feel during sleep, buy a mattress under 15,000 from the abundance of options with varying features, technologies, and comfort options. Purchasing the best mattresses online is a relatively easy job, as Sleepwell brings in the best options for you to count on.

Explore our store, set your budget to Rs. 15,000, check the features of the listed mattresses, and place your orders. Every feature of the mattresses is defined in an elaborate manner for you to relate to them and come to a final decision easily. 


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