Sweet Dreams on a Budget: Choosing the Best Sleepwell Mattresses Under 4,000

Posted on: 30 Jan 2024

A good night’s sleep is the birthright of you all! Unfortunately, in the past, we weren’t quite aware of the necessary sleep comfort. Therefore, the traditional poor-quality mattresses found their way into your bedrooms for a long time now. But not anymore!

If you are done waking up tired and with body aches every morning, it is a sign that you must change your mattress right away. But, even though you decide on getting a new mattress, the worries about the high price tag might start to bother you, won’t it?

Well, Sleepwell comes to the rescue and brings you the ultimate sleeping comfort by letting you choose the best mattress under 4,000. Read along this article till the end to pick your ideal option today!


Star gold mattress

Why is it Important to Change Your Mattress Without Hesitations?

Before you get to find your affordable yet best mattresses under 4,000, it is important you know why it is essential for you to consider changing your existing one mandatorily.

You must be aware of the fact that humans spend one-third of their lives in bed. So, you all need to acquire a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface. When you tend to sleep on a worn-out or old mattress, it will cause pain, discomfort and health problems. This is the reason why updating the mattress is quite crucial.

Most of you are still not aware of why it is important to replace a mattress, but the necessity of it is undeniable. Here are some of the reasons that express the need for changing your mattress today:

Comfort Needs

With the new mattress, it will be helpful for you to attain a comfortable sleeping surface, which is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Bid farewell to the restless nights.

Health Benefits

Changing your mattress will help you improve your posture, reduce neck & back pain, and eradicate sleep disorders. This way, your sleep apnea or snoring issues can also be alleviated.

Good Hygiene

The older mattresses often absorb dead skin cells, sweat and body fluids to become breeding grounds for the bacteria. Changing the mattress to a newer model will help you ensure good hygiene while you sleep.

Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping over a new mattress will help you attain a better sleep routine, improving your well-being and all-round health. You won’t have to toss & turn restlessly to fall asleep, as the right mattress will make you feel sleepy in no time.

Modern Features

Sleepwell is the epitome of modern mattresses and offers you a plethora of features, including gel, airflow, and memory foam technologies, scaling your sleep comfort to the next level.

When Signs Indicate the Change of a Mattress?

Some of the signs that indicate you must choose the best mattresses for a healthy switch to your sleep routine:

  • Dips or sagging on the surface of the mattress.
  • Noisy or creaky springs.
  • Visible stains and unwanted odors.
  • Feeling sore or tired every morning after waking up.
  • Morning allergies.

Best Sleepwell Mattresses Under Budget

Most of you feel convinced about changing your mattresses but often worry about the pricing. Sleepwell makes it easier for you to switch your mattress and bring in a healthy and new one, but pay only a minimal price. Here are some of the Sleepwell mattresses for you that are under or slightly higher than Rs. 4000 for you to count on:

1. Star Gold Mattress

To start with, we provide you with the Star Gold Mattress, the price of which is under Rs. 4000 for the single-bed option. The single bed option comes with 72” x 30” dimensions, ideal for you to be comfortable over for a good and dreamy night’s sleep.

The firmness quotient is medium for this mattress, and the thickness is 4.0 inches. You get proper body support and spinal alignment with this option, which would ensure you wake up without any strained muscles causing you aching problems.

The mattress is also breathable and supports enhanced air circulation, ensuring you don’t sleep too hot at night. This mattress consists of resilient foam and profiled PU foam comfort.

2. UTSAV 1.0 Mattress

If you want to buy a mattress under 4,000, the UTSAV 1.0 mattress might be one of the ideal picks for you, with some card discounts from your end. But, in general the single-bed pricing is slightly above Rs. 4000, but is a worthy consideration. It provides you with a medium-firm feel and optimal support to give your muscles the relaxation you want to attain. Following that, you also get a soft top feel, giving you a plush feeling for your body.

This mattress is made up of knitted fabric and double-layered Sleepwell Quiltec quilting, giving you the ultimate comfort and restful sleep at night. To add to the durability and comfort quotient, we also use Resitec and hard PU foam. The thickness of this single-bed mattress is 4 inches.

3. Ortho Mattress

Sleepwell’s ortho is among the best mattresses online and costs slightly more than Rs. 4000, providing the true worth. This single-bed mattress is dimensioned about 72” x 30” and is 5 inches thick. We make use of knitted fabric and Impression quilting to scale the comfort quotient of this mattress.

The best part of this mattress is its orthopedic technology, which offers snug comfort and optimal contouring effect. The top layer of the mattress will ensure a plush feel, which will make you fall asleep faster. Sleeping over this mattress would help you attain the utmost freshness and ventilation.

You can expect to relieve strain from all your pressure points, which will help you wake up fresh and active the next morning.


To ensure you attain good overall health, it becomes very important for you to sleep healthily. And that can be guaranteed only when you have a good quality mattress at home. Gone are the days when you had to rely on those local mattresses that define no comfort or durability.

If affordability was the concern for you to opt for high-end mattresses, Sleepwell drops that for you as well. Buy your Sleepwell mattress under 4,000 or at a slightly higher rate by comparing the options from the list above.  It is the most affordable range that a high-end mattress can be available in.

There are a plethora of other options as well, depending on what size of mattress and technology you want to attain. Explore the store for the best Sleepwell mattresses, and place your orders right away! 


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