Sleepwell: Making Ortho Mattresses Affordable without Compromising Quality

Posted on: 09 Feb 2024

Imagine finally unwinding after a day of challenges, where every task demands your utmost energy. Your body, a silent warrior, bears the brunt of this daily hustle, often manifesting in aches and strains that whisper the tales of your hard work. Here's where the magic of a good night's sleep comes in - it's not just a luxury; it's your body's best ally.

Envision sinking into the comfort of the best orthopaedic mattress, allowing each muscle to relax and repair, liberating you from the day's stress. The ortho mattresses are designed to offer you excellent comfort and support, providing you with ample benefits to give your body the relaxation it deserves. This peaceful slumber isn't just about closing your eyes; it's about rejuvenating your entire being, preparing you to leap into tomorrow's adventures with renewed vigour and vitality. 

In this article, let's better understand the perks of orthopaedic mattresses for back pain and overall health and how Sleepwell makes them available at the best affordable price without losing quality.

Best orthopaedic mattresses

Is Orthopaedic Mattress the Right Pick for You?

As per a survey by NCBI with 366 respondents, including male and female individuals, around 56.4% expressed they were experiencing low back pain issues. The pain symptoms were immensely prevalent in around 14.4% and 61.5% of the respondents due to sleeping on a firm and foam mattress, respectively.

Before you can count on Sleepwell's ortho mattress options for your needs, it is crucial to understand whether you need it. Here are some conditions or situations that conclude your need to buy orthopaedic mattresses:


For the Back & Joint Pain

Orthopaedic mattresses come with a firm surface, promoting the healthy alignment of the posture and relief from strenuous pressure on muscles. If you are experiencing back or joint pain, consider buying the orthopaedic mattress on priority.


Comfort Needs

If you need a comfortable surface to sleep on at night, the firmness of the orthopaedic mattress is preferable to the best choice. Frequent tossing or turning in bed at night is a sign that your body is rejecting the mattress properties you are sleeping on. So, you need to get something more comfortable and firm to sleep on. And Sleepwell's Ortho Pro Spring Mattress is among the best pick.

What are the Benefits that Sleepwell's Orthopaedic Mattresses Have to Offer?

Not only does Sleepwell have the best mattresses for back pain, but they also provide the most reasonably priced orthopaedic mattresses. You get ample support for your spine and experience pain alleviation in the back, joints, and pain. But these are some expected benefits that almost every ortho mattress brand claims to offer.

To prove that Sleepwell's affordable pricing for the ortho mattresses is not against any compromise on quality, here are some benefits that we assure our consumers to experience upon using our products:


Enhanced Comfort

Sleepwell's ortho mattress has special foam and luxury layers that promote relaxation for your muscles and reduce the tension it holds. Sometimes, the muscle tension that triggers back pain will be responsible for your restlessness while you try to sleep at night.

With the right mattress, you can alleviate that tension and let your body send the pain-free sensation to your mind, allowing you to fall asleep quickly. Irrespective of what type of sleeper you are, an ortho mattress can be considered your best bet.


Improved Sleep Quality

Poor sleep quality can result from various factors, including ageing, stress, or medical conditions. However, one of the common reasons associated with poor sleep quality is the mattress you sleep on. The Spinetech Air Mattress is designed to provide better sleep quality and help you recover from your orthopaedic medical conditions.

We are the best ortho mattress brand in India, and we ensure you attain improved sleep quality by getting ample support for the spine and body. It will help reduce the tossing or turning effect and minimise the pain symptoms. Be assured you will sleep more soundly and wake refreshed and rested.


Better Blood Circulation

Most people don't care about the mattress they sleep on and complain about why they wake up with sore necks and backaches every morning. Well, even if you head out to the doctors, they will tell you to have a second look at the mattress you sleep on.

Orthopaedic mattresses will help improve blood flow by keeping it properly aligned with your spine while you fall asleep. Thus, it will improve circulation and help you overcome minor discomfort throughout the day. Poor blood circulation is the primary cause of swelling and pain every morning after waking up. Pick Sleepwell's orthopaedic mattresses and improve your overall health right away.


Bid Farewell to Allergies

Our ortho mattresses are packed with hypoallergenic materials, which will help you reduce the rate of allergic reactions you experience. Not only that, but the orthopaedic mattresses we offer are also ideal for reducing your asthma symptoms.

The materials and technologies used in making Sleepwell Ortho mattresses, like Durafirm 4.0 Mattress, keep all forms of viruses or dust mites away from your bed to keep you safe from unwanted diseases. Neem Fresche is a revolutionary anti-microbial technology in SleepWell products that protects you and your family from mites, allergies, and respiratory problems aimed at ensuring a healthy sleep environment.

The Ultimate Pledge to Provide Affordability Alongside Comfort Sleeping Experience!

Sleepwell is the best ortho mattress brand in India that provides you with the optimal sleeping experience, ensuring good health and utmost comfort. You must know that our focus has always been to provide you with a comfortable sleep routine, and our affordable yet quality orthopaedic mattresses are prime examples of this vision.

Neem Fresche, Air-O-Fresh foam, Cellergise technology, Impressions Foam, Nexa Foam, and others make Sleepwell a thriving leader in the mattress world. We offer reasonable pricing for all our quality mattresses under one roof, not just in the orthopaedic range.

If you expect relief from your forever back pain, now is the time to change your sleeping habits and buy orthopaedic mattresses today. But, if you have no specific preference, we have many options for you to count on. So, be ready to be overwhelmed with choices when you explore our store!


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