Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress: India's Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief

Posted on: 25 Jan 2024

Most people are now slowly realising the importance of good sleep for their overall health. And how a specific mattress type can contribute towards helping them attain that desired sleep comfort. Sleepwell has been addressing the comfort needs of Indians for a long time.

And with these efforts, we have been constantly winning the trust and satisfaction of our customers, which has always been our topmost priority. Among all the products we offer, our Sleepwell Latex Plus mattress is considered among the best in India, not just for its brand value but also for the innovations it boasts.

Even the scientific reports and data, as suggested by NCBI, claim that latex mattresses have the capacity to reduce the peak pressure exerted on the buttocks and torso. Following that, the specific data also indicates a higher proportion for all the low-pressure regions, better than the PU foams.

All our latex mattresses in India are made of fine materials that ensure proper sleep without pressing any strained muscles of your body. Instead, it relieves the pressure from stressed joints and gives you great comfort for sleeping peacefully at night. The latex mattress by Sleepwell ensures your body gets immense support for waking up healthy and fresh every morning.

Sleepwell's Latex Plus Mattress is also considered the best option for back pain relief, which is the ultimate requirement for most sleepers aware of a mattress's importance for attaining comfortable sleep. To help you learn more about the different types of latex mattresses we offer, let's get into some of our innovations embedded into the products. 

How Does Our Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress Help Relieve Back Pain Issues?

If you have been looking for the best mattress for back pain relief, Sleepwell brings you the best option in the face of Latex Plus Mattress. Let's get you a glimpse at some of the comfort-centric properties of our mattress, which help people attain relief from their back pain, joint pain, and other such orthopaedic issues:


Maintaining the Proper Spinal Alignment

A Sleepwell latex mattress provides proper spinal alignment while you fall asleep, providing your body with ample support and preventing pain. When your spine is aligned correctly, the ligaments and muscles tend to relax and reduce the inflammation or pain effects. Moreover, the latex mattresses are also durable enough to prevent sagging in the near future. This ensures that our mattress will continue providing you with the proper alignment and support for several years.


Reduce the Pressure on Joints and Spine

Our latex mattress will help you reduce the overall pressure on joints and the spine and relieve the pressure by conforming to the body. We use natural latex, which is also durable and flexible, offering adequate support to the body and reducing the pressure across all stress points. Thus, you will immediately experience relief from your back, neck, and joint pain. Moreover, sleeping on this mattress will also help you improve your blood circulation levels.


Minimise the Inflammation Effects

Our latex mattresses are meant to improve blood circulation in your body and reduce the inflammation rate, which is one of the necessities for alleviating your back pain condition. Latex, being a natural material, has resilience and elasticity as the core properties, which means it can contour to your body and reduce the pressure exerted on dedicated areas. Moreover, the latex mattresses are also properly ventilated, which will ensure the body stays cool overnight and collectively works towards reducing pain and inflammation. 


Let's Talk About the Different Layers Used in Making Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress!

So, if you intend to buy  latex mattress in India and have stumbled upon Sleepwell, here is a brief elaboration on what each layer of the Sleepwell Latex Plus mattress signifies individually to offer you collective comfort and relief from back pain.

1) We Offer Premium European-Knitted Fabric!

Our Sleepwell Latex Plus mattresses offer luxurious softness with outstanding international standard aesthetics. The fabric used in the making of this mattress is imported and provides high strength and smooth texture. Moreover, this fabric is also tear-resistant, adding to the plush feel you will attain while sleeping on it.

2) We have used the Special Sleepwell Latex Plus Foam!

Sleepwell uses its high-quality Latex Plus foam, which is meant to offer plush comfort to sleepers. Moreover, the resilience quotient is also higher with this mattress and gives a bouncy feel on the surface. You can attain exceptional comfort and enhanced relief at the pressure points, which are some of the assured perks of this foam. Following that, you will also be getting enhanced flexibility with this foam being used for the mattress, as it lends proper body support, pressure distribution, and bounce.

3) Layered with the Profiled Sleepwell Resitec Foam!

To add to the comfort perks of this mattress, we have also added a Resitec foam layer that implements a contouring technology that's made with the use of highly efficient CNC machines. Using these machines, you can ensure a smart contour cutting is proposed for the foam in different shapes to make the Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress even more comfortable to sleep on.

4) Comes with an Engineered Side Wall Technology

The durability quotient is adequately maintained on the side walls of this mattress. Optimal side support is ensured. The technology used in making this mattress doesn't just improve the aesthetic vibe and sleeping comfort of the mattress but also ensures it doesn't experience any damage. At the same time, people prefer sitting on the edges, ensuring utmost comfort.

5) Anti-Skid Fabric at the Bottom

The last layer is an anti-skid bottom to ensure that the mattress stays fixed at the exact place on your bed, giving you better comfort, with no scope of moving around while you position yourself for a restful sleep. 


These aspects are what make the Sleepwell Latex Plus mattress the best pick for experiencing relief from your back pain conditions. Starting from the top layer to the bottom, we have made sure that each one of them contributes towards enhancing your comfortable sleep. We are the best mattress brands in India, and we believe your healthy and restful sleep is our responsibility. We make exemplary efforts to bring you the best products that align with that vision of ours!

So, check out our Sleepwell mattress today, understand the ergonomic benefits, choose the ideal size, and place your order right away!


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