Orthopaedic guide to choosing the right mattress

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

Choosing a mattress for your new bed can be a difficult task because there are so many options available today. However, if you want a mattress that has multiple benefits, you can simply go for an orthopaedic mattress in India. Too many people suffer from body pain, stiff joints and inflamed muscles. All of these concerns have one answer: the best orthopaedic mattress for your sleeping needs. 

An orthopaedic mattress comes with multiple features that make it great for all ages. Whether you are sleeping alone or with a partner, an ortho mattress is a great choice for your bed. All these features make the ortho mattress a great back pain relief mattress. In this article, you will learn about the types of orthopaedic mattresses and the mattresses we offer in this category. We hope this will help you choose the best orthopaedic mattress for back pain. 


Best orthopaedic mattresses

What are the types of orthopaedic mattresses? 

Usually, when people hear the word ortho mattress, they think it is a single type of mattress. However, the best mattress in India from the ortho category actually has multiple layers and could be made of different materials. Here are some of the most common materials used for orthopaedic bed construction. 


Memory foam 

Memory foam mattresses are made out of high-density foam, which adapts to your body shape and provides adequate support for the back. This material is best for pressure and pain relief from the body. Therefore, often, the best orthopaedic mattress for back pain Is made out of memory foam. 

However, memory foam, Resitec and Impression foam are also used in our Ortho mattresses. The memory foam mattress allows even pressure distribution so that your back strain does not aggravate further. Memory foam removes your back pain so you can sleep even better during the night. You can also use memory foam pillows from our pillow collection to enhance support to the upper back and neck. 


Pocket spring mattress 

An inner pocket spring mattress gives stability and even support to the body. A pocket spring mattress has a firm feeling and gives complete support to the back and other joints of the body. You can feel the mattress taking away pressure from your muscles and bones as you sleep. 

If you want to buy a traditional orthopaedic mattress, then you can choose our Basic Achiever Spring Mattress. It has zero motion transfer and spinal alignment features. The mattress gives your body support in any sleeping position. It is also very comfortable as it has a soft top feel. 


Latex mattresses 

Latex is a naturally bouncy material that is used in many ways. One of the best ways that it is used is to create a bed mattress for back pain. Latex mattresses are made out of pure, natural latex and are good for your skin, too. If you want to buy a sustainable and natural mattress, then you can opt for our Naturelle 1.0 mattress. The latex foam in the middle of the layers relieves pressure from the joints and muscles of the body. 

It is very comfortable and supportive for sleepers of every age. It also has triple-layer quilting, which gives a gentle and plush top feeling. When you are sleeping on this latex mattress, you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud because of its soft, bouncy feel. This mattress is also protected from dust and germs, so you do not have to worry about diseases. 


Hybrid mattresses 

The best orthopaedic mattress for back pain could be a hybrid mattress that combines springs and foam together to give enhanced support to the sleeping person. If you are not sure which type of orthopaedic mattress you should take home, you can simply opt for our Ortho Pro Spring mattress, which has multiple layers of foam and also one layer of pocket springs for maximum body support. 

A hybrid mattress could offer complete spinal support so that none of your body parts are sore or injured in the morning. You could change sides and position on the mattress without any negative consequences. A hybrid mattress might cost more than a regular mattress, but it is the best mattress for back pain in India

How do you choose the best ortho mattress? 

We want you to have the best orthopaedic mattress in India for your bed. To help you find it, here are some tips to use in the shop. 


Know what you need

A mattress purchase is a very personal choice because you will be sleeping on it every night. The sleep and rest needs of people differ because of their age and lifestyle. One person might prefer one kind of mattress, and the other may prefer a different one. Therefore, you should take time to know what you need before you choose the perfect mattress for you. 

Orthopaedic mattresses also take some time to get used to. Therefore, consider why you are buying the mattress and then make the choice. If you have chronic back pain, you will need a mattress that is made for responsive body support. On the other hand, if you want deep sleep and complete pressure relief to avoid back pain, then you need a hybrid mattress. Determine your sleeping preferences and style before making the choice. 


Check the firmness level 

The firmness of the mattress that you choose is the most crucial factor. You need to get a mattress with the perfect firmness level so that you avoid muscle soreness. When you go for an extra firm mattress, it might give you higher support, but it will be uncomfortable with little pressure relief. An extra soft mattress will sink and give you a sensation of falling. 

Therefore, it is best to go for a medium-firm mattress that has a soft and plush top. For example, you can go for our Spinetech Air Mattress, which has an optimal thickness, medium firm layers and plush top texture. This mattress is a balanced surface on which to sleep and relax. The complete spinal support just adds more pain relief to the mix. You can check the firmness information when you are buying the mattress online, or you can go into our brand stores and check the firmness level yourself. 


High-quality materials 

You should always choose a mattress that is made out of high-quality materials. Choose to buy mattresses from branded outlets, so you have a guarantee of a high-quality finish. Our mattresses, in every category, are made of very high-quality and resilient material, so you get a stable and supportive bed for years.

For example, in our orthopaedic mattresses, we use profiled Resitec foam, which is created and tested by our sleep experts. The Impressions and Resitec foam make the bed strong and resilient, so it can support you even better. The contoured foam is crafted to adapt to the natural contours of your body. The Resitec foam has the benefits of superior pressure relief, so you feel weightless as you drift to sleep. The Impressions foam is breathable and dense, so it can help in keeping the bed cool. This foam layer hugs your body and helps you sleep deeply. The foam layers also combine with each other to improve blood circulation to the vital organs. Our orthopaedic mattresses help you get the most therapeutic benefits of deep, restful sleep. 


Think of the price

You can find orthopaedic mattresses in the market from every Indian brand. However, when choosing the best Ortho Mattress for your bed, choose a balance of features and price. The price of the mattress should be reasonable and within your budget. We offer you orthopaedic mattresses under every budget. Our Ortho mattress and Ortho Pro profiled mattress come under a budget of 5000 to 6000 Indian rupees, so you can afford restful and well-supported sleep under a budget. 

If you want a more premium feel, you can go for our Spinetech Air Luxury mattress, which combines support and luxurious comfort in one. Keeping your health needs in mind, you might go for a higher-priced mattress. Since the mattress will last for years, a one-time purchase at a higher price makes a lot of sense. 


Test the mattress 

What you should do with every mattress is to test the mattress for its feel and support. Of course, if you are going to a mattress shop and picking up the mattress offline, you can test out the mattress briefly. However, the proper testing happens when you use it for the initial nights. It is possible that the mattress might feel different in the shop from what you feel at home. 

This is especially true for the ortho mattresses that you buy online. Choose a brand like ours that offers a long try-out period so that you can be sure of the mattress you want for your bed. We offer a 100-night trial period so that the mattress adjusts to your sleep needs and bed without the risk of money loss. 


Orthopaedic mattresses are very beneficial for people who work for long hours or suffer from joint problems and back pain. A good ortho mattress will improve your sleep posture and overall health with repeated use. At Sleepwell, we create luxurious orthopaedic mattresses that help people sleep painlessly.  


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