Nexa Mattress: Best Luxury Mattress in India to Transform Your Sleeping Experience

Posted on: 16 Feb 2024

Having the right mattress will be your gateway to experience a peaceful sleep. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a luxury mattress will be a valuable addition. The mattress quality will eventually decide your overall sleeping experience. To meet the current demand for getting a comfortable sleep after a busy schedule, we have brought the premium collection of Nexa Mattress: Best Luxury Mattress in India at Sleepwell. 

The Nexa Mattress is designed with advanced technology to offer a plush and deep comfort feel. Moreover, it improves body posture and relieves pain to give a restful sleep. It is the brand’s finest-ever luxury mattress collection that can transform your sleeping experience like never before.

The Nexa Mattress range comes with exclusive benefits to offer the best support and comfort during sleeping. In this blog, let’s discuss them in detail.


Sleepwell Nexa mattress

Experience Unparalleled Luxury with the Premium European Knitted Fabric Mattress 

The Nexa mattress collection comes with an extreme level of softness designed with international aesthetics. Hence, you will witness Luxury Sleep with Nexa Mattress in India. The speciality of its fabric is that it is made of European knitted fabric, which makes it the most luxurious imported collection ever. The fabric is specialised in smooth texture, durability, and higher strength. The plush feel of the fabric is due to its tear-resistant property. With a super soft feel, the mattress will offer a gentle, bouncy feel during your sleep time.

Nexa Mattress Made with Sleepwell’s Exclusive Soft Resitec Foam 

The Nexa Mattress for Luxurious Sleep is made with Sleepwell’s Soft Resitec Foam, which aims to offer cushy comfort and great comfort, as discussed above. The foam will result in a gentle bounce that tends to not only improve comfort but also support, resilience, and bounce in comparison to other foam types. You will experience adequate body support with proper spine alignment with the help of profiled Sleepwell Resitec foam. 

The foam in our Nexa mattresses is incorporated with contouring technology using advanced CNC machines. It will result in smart and perfect contour cutting of foams in different shapes. The foam is known for providing better flexibility and pressure point comfort. The Pro Nexa Premium Mattress has Resitec Foam combined with an Acuprofile support layer that features ingenious contouring technology. 

Nexa Mattress Comes with Engineered Side Wall Technology

The engineered side wall technology is integrated to offer enhanced side support and durability. Apart from this, it also improves the aesthetic appeal of your mattress. If you are habituated to edge sitting, it will give you a comfortable experience. Therefore, it is an ingenious technology that will improve both the durability and visual appeal of the Nexa mattress. All our mattresses under the Nexa collection, such as Pro Nexa Classic Mattress, Pro Nexa Premium Mattress, and Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress, are designed with engineered sidewall technology. 

Witness Superior Air Circulation with Great Ventilation with the Nexa Mattress

The Nexa mattress is designed with a special cell structure that is known to improve ventilation. The best part of this feature is it will keep your body cool when the climatic conditions outside are too hot and humid. The mattress comes with Air-O-Fresh technology that offers constant firmness and improves breathability. 

It is one of our Best Luxury Mattress – Nexa ranges with improved airflow that will result in pressure relief and superior support. It will boost air circulation around your body, which will eventually prevent high-risk bedsores. The mattress will regulate body temperature in order to maintain comfort while sleeping. Sleepwell Pro Nexa mattress comes with 27% faster heat dissipation and 32% pressure relief.

Responsive Contour Hugging with Easy Body Movements 

It is one of the best features that lets the mattress adjust to any body weight and shape. It does not matter if you are slim or overweight; its responsive nature will easily support you irrespective of these factors. It will give you the sleep comfort you desire with its 67% higher body conformance. The enhanced contouring effect of the Nexa mattress will offer comfort beyond your thoughts with its responsive contour hugging. 

The conformance factor is unbeatable by other mattresses of competitor brands. Another technology that complements the conformance factor is the feather-soft comfort technology. It will enable free and easy body movements across the mattress that will let you achieve any sleeping position you prefer. You can enjoy rolling swiftly across your bed with ease. Also, there will be no risk of pain and injury.

Anti-Skid Bottom Technology to Keep Your Mattress in Fixed Position

Are you irritated by the frequent slippage of your mattress out of your bed? It is the most common problem with many mattress types but not with the Sleepwell luxury Nexa mattress collection. We use the anti-skid bottom technology that uses anti-skid or anti-slippage of the mattress fabric. 

The major aim is to prevent your mattress from shifting. This feature will keep your mattress in a stable and fixed position without any chance of skidding. All the Nexa mattresses come with anti-skid or anti-slip, which is an innovative solution that will offer you sleep without any disturbance. 

Nexa Mattress Neem Fresche Feature with Anti-Microbial Technology

The Nexa mattress comes with a Neem Fresche feature, which is an advanced anti-microbial technology. This technology is combined with the goodness of Indian Neem and the latest technology that together fights against microbes. 

It will protect your body against all types of microbes, such as bacteria, dust mites, fungi, mould, and certain types of viruses. The mattress will also protect you from allergies leading to allergies and breathing problems. Overall, you will witness a healthy and hygienic environment for a peaceful sleep. 

Final Thoughts 

Are you ready to transform your sleeping experience with the best luxury mattress? Bring home the Sleepwell Nexa mattresses. It will be a great contribution to the well-being of your physical and mental health. We recommend you keep the price aside and think of the quality, advanced technologies, superior support, and exceptional comfort. All these factors will make it the best mattress to invest in. Enjoy unparalleled luxury, comfort, and support with this high-quality mattress. Get one of the finest Sleepwell Best Luxury Mattress online in India for your home now and improve your overall sleeping experience.


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