Need a Custom Mattress? Explore the Customised Mattress Options from Sleepwell

Posted on: 29 Jan 2024

Who said mattresses are meant to be available in standard designs, sizes and comfort quotient? With the abundance of options out there in the market, the personal preferences of the customers are lost in the crowd.

It is true that most of the mattress types are designed with consumer preferences and needs in mind, considering what the masses demand. But, getting an option to customise the shape, size, comfort level and thickness of a mattress is something that adds a cherry on top for everyone who wants to attain a comfortable sleep every night.

Sleepwell is undoubtedly one of the top names in the mattress world, and our vision has always been to bring in newer technologies to ensure utmost sleep comfort for our consumers. With this ideology, we have introduced customised mattress options for our consumers to get a mattress manufactured with their instructions as a brief for the brand.

Let's explore those options today and get you a detailed understanding of how buying a custom mattress can be beneficial for you.


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What are the Benefits of Buying a Custom Mattress?

There are undoubtedly various types of mattresses available over Sleepwell, but for some, a custom mattress would be unquestionably a priority over others. It is because not everyone sticks to buying beds with conventional dimensions, as some get custom-sized beds for their select rooms.

In such cases, there is a high chance that the pre-designed or pre-manufactured mattresses won't be ideal enough to fit the beds. Therefore, it becomes essential for an individual to seek custom-sized or shaped mattresses to accommodate their bed designs. But, that's just one necessity that calls in for buying a custom mattress.

There are a lot of other benefits of sticking to the thought of choosing a custom mattress online, which includes:

1) Get the Right Bed Thickness for Easy Accessibility

A standard mattress comes with enough yet limited thickness, catering to the average measurements of the vast audience. It might be fine for most people, but some might still be facing thickness issues, making it difficult for them to find comfort over the bed.

Moreover, bed thickness might not directly affect your sleep quality, but it will definitely make it difficult for you to get on & off the bed. Therefore, when you seek a custom-size mattress from Sleepwell, you can decide to increase or lower the mattress's thickness.

Imagine older people with joint or body ache issues, finding the mattress too high or too low for getting on or off the bed. This will eventually create a sense of discomfort for them. Thus, your mattresses should be customised per the thicknesses for respective individuals and their needs. Beyond making the bed more accessible for you, the desirable thickness of a mattress will also make the space look smaller or bigger.

2) Age-Wise Customisation

The best thing you get with a customised mattress is the ability to tailor it to the age of the person sleeping on it. For most households, there are elderly adults or young kids who might need some custom perks in their mattresses for healthy and undisturbed sleep.

For instance, some elderly adults might experience muscle stiffness, back pain, joint pain and other issues as they age, whereas some kids might frequently toss or turn while they sleep. In that case, it becomes essential to consider ortho properties in the mattress for elderly adults, whereas motion isolation properties for kids.

Following that, young adults also have their preferences as per age. For instance, people in their 20s look out for softer beds, whereas people in their 30s or 40s will demand balanced body support from the mattress. Upon choosing custom mattress options, you can select the firmness and comfort levels on age-wise terms.

The Customisation Options for Your Mattress Choice by Sleepwell

Now that you understand the benefits of seeking a personalised mattress, now is the time to dive deeper into the available options for you at Sleepwell. Generally, Sleepwell offers customisation options with most of its mattresses. You can select the 'Custom' tab when on the product page and enter your preferred dimensions and thickness. You can then add the same to the cart and place the order.

But Sleepwell also has a next-level customising option, which enables you to filter out the collection and get the options that match your desired comfort levels. And that feasibility is offered to you by the dedicated Sleepwell mattress selector tool. Here are some of the custom selections that you can make using this tool:

1) Who will be Sleeping on the Mattress?

The first question you will be asked is, who is about to sleep on the mattress? Is it a single person, a couple, kids, elderly, guests or all-members?

2) Determine if Partner Disturbance is an Issue for You

In the next question, you must let Sleepwell know if partner disturbance is something that bothers you. You can select 'Yes' or 'No' for the same.

3) What's the Type of Mattress You Would Prefer?

Whether you like a gentle, medium-firm, firm, spring or hi-tech mattress, you just have to select the given option from the list.

4) What is Your Sleeping Posture?

Determine your sleeping posture to let the mattress selector find your ideal pick. Whether you sleep on your side, back, stomach or multiple postures, we have the best mattress online for you to count on.

5) Is there any Sleep Issue that You are Experiencing at Present?

If you face any specific sleep issue at night, such as allergies, soreness, pain, tossing due to lack of space, sweating, body weight discomfort or others, select one or more tabs from the given options, and you are good to go.

Once you hit 'Submit' with your selections, you will get the options that match your preferences. Once you have selected your comfort needs, you can choose the product that interests you and select 'Custom' over them to pick the desired dimensions. This way, you have your Sleepwell customised mattress ready to place the order.


This is how to use Sleepwell's mattress selector tool and built-in custom options to get a mattress that meets your preferences. Starting from the body support you need to the sleep issues you face, all your sleep comfort necessities will be attended to without any hassle. Use the mattress selector tool and make your mattress selection process easier! 


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