Mattress Sizes: Knowing the Difference Between King Size and Queen Size Mattresses

Posted on: 22 Feb 2024

In your journey to purchase the right mattress that meets your comfort, sleeping requirements and spine health condition, you should be aware of its size. Determining the mattress size for your bed is one of the major considerations that should be taken into account. Mattresses are usually available in different size ranges. The most common and popular sizes are the king and queen-size mattresses. 

At Sleepwell, we have all our mattress collections available in both king and queen-size categories due to higher customer demand. King size mattress vs queen is the top debate topic among our customers. Both of them are the best choices, but when you want to choose one between them to fit well with your bedding environment, you have to understand and take certain considerations into account. 


Buy King Size Mattress

Size Differentiation of King And Queen Size Mattress

Both king and queen-size mattresses can easily accommodate two people. Couples usually choose either queen, while families go for king sizes. 

In order to choose the right type, the buyers are recommended to start by comparing the king-size mattress dimensions vs the queen-size difference. Go with the basic dimensions and thoroughly move into the considerations to choose between the popular sizes. At our store, you will get king size starting from 72" x 72" to 84" x 72" and queen size starts from 72" x 60" to 84" x 70". Based on your size preferences, you can shop for the right one. 


Basic Difference Between King And Queen Size Mattresses

King size is more spacious than queen size. Couples find queen size more suitable, while families find king size more comfortable. The best king-size mattress can perfectly accommodate a couple and a child. The surface size also differs between these mattresses as the king size has a larger surface area in comparison to the queen. However, if you have larger bedrooms with enough space, then king size beds and mattresses are the best choices while queen size bedrooms are a good option for apartments with small bedrooms. 

But the question is, how do you know which is the right choice for you?


Consider Your Sleeping Partner 

One of the top considerations is your sleeping partner. Couples are usually comfortable sharing queen-size mattresses, as discussed earlier. But, for people who want extra space for this, children or pets must have to go for the upgraded choice, i.e. king mattress as discussed above. If you want a luxury and comfort option, you can go through our Nexa comfort collection. 


Determine Your Bedroom Size

Consider how large your room is. If you are renovating, then determine how you are planning the bed. This is why, before purchasing the mattress, you have to measure your bed to ensure how well the size will fit into the bedroom space. It is basically recommended to leave around 24 inches of space between the bed and your surrounding wall or the furniture. King size will make smaller rooms look messy or cramped, so choose wisely. 


Note Down Your Weight, Size and Sleeping Positions

Another major consideration is the physical size of you and the persons you are sharing the bed with. Also, take your sleeping position into consideration. Physically, when you're healthy or overweight, go for a king-size spring mattress. You can check out our spring mattress collection which is equipped with individual pocket springs that offer the best well-responsive spinal support without any movement transfer. It is highly recommended for those who want spinal support. Some of our spring mattress collections are Naturalle 1.0 Mattress, Pocket Spring-Basic (Achiever) Mattress, Ortho Pro Spring Mattress and others. These collections are available in both king and queen sizes. 

Tall individuals can go for a large king-size mattress as it will offer more legroom compared to a standard king or queen. Moreover, people with stomach and back sleepers also need more space around them in comparison to side sleepers.


Ease of Transporting To Your Place

A king-size mattress is significantly more challenging to shift and move around in comparison to a queen-size mattress. A queen mattress can easily fit into cargo vans, truck beds, etc, without any specific issue. So, if you are relocating, renovating or shifting, there will be no problem. The queen size mattress is also relatively effortless and easy to get up on staircases and at tight corners. With king mattresses, you will face more challenges. The movers may find it more difficult to shift. So, if you are someone who is frequently moving, a queen-size mattress will be a better choice.


Budget Estimation And Consideration

Budget consideration is the most important thing to take into account when purchasing your next mattress. When you find the major difference between king and queen mattress size, you will eventually know that king size is more expensive. The price will go up with the category and model choice. Furthermore, bedding frames and other accessories will add price for the larger king-size mattress. When you are on a tight budget, a queen size mattress will be the best to choose.


When to Choose King and Queen Size Mattress? 

First, understand the queen-size bed vs king-size bed dimensions mattress size king vs queen. It is recommended to consider the bedroom size, which should be 10 x 14 feet or more for a king-size mattress, and for a queen-size mattress, the bedroom size should not be more than 10x12 feet. For a small family, king size is the best choice while for couples, queen size is an ideal option. 

Final Thoughts

The above guide will help you to understand the difference between king and queen size mattresses. Consider certain factors that were explained above and then make your purchase. At our store, we have various collections based on ortho, comfort, use and other categories. All our luxury and affordable collections are available in king and queen size. It is recommended that all buyers choose wisely and take into account the above things to make a well-informed purchase. 


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