Looking for a Premium Luxury Memory Foam Mattress? Check Out the Sleepwell Nexa Mattress!

Posted on: 22 Jan 2024

If attaining sleep comfort is your priority, there is no better mattress than memory foam! With the contouring effect and immense body support, you can ensure you get a perfect sleep every night. But is it fine to pick almost any memory foam mattress that you see online? 

Well, even though the standard property of a memory foam mattress remains the same, the add-on efficacies that the brands put onto them are what enhance the true feel of the product. Therefore, as far as memory foam mattress is concerned, Sleepwell Nexa is the ultimate product for you to count on. 


It is mostly because of the advanced comfort technologies and functionalities that we offer along with our Nexa mattress. You shall know more about the comfort parameters of our Nexa mattress further in this article. So, read along till the end to be sure about buying this best luxury mattress

What are the Features that You Get With the Sleepwell Nexa Mattress?


Sleepwell Nexa Mattress

To help you attain the ultimate luxury during your sleep, you ought to buy a premium foam mattress that complements your sleeping posture, body type, and comfort requirements. Sleepwell Nexa is the ultimate pick, as it offers all of it and more! Some of the features that make Sleepwell Nexa the best memory foam mattress in India are:


Gentle Feel

With the premium European knitted fabric as the top layer, it is evident for you to attain that gentle feel. The luxurious softness of this imported fabric will add a smooth texture to the top surface, giving you a soothing feel on your body every time you sleep on it.

Following that, the gentle feel is also obtained by the soft Resitec foam, patented by Sleepwell, which adds cushiony comfort and a minimal bounce to the mattress. Enhanced plushness will ensure you fall asleep quickly after going to bed! 


Responsive Contouring Effect

The use of Sleepwell Nexa foam in the making of this mattress is the ultimate reason that makes it a premium and comfortable option. This memory foam brings you a smart recovery property, which adapts to your body curves to give a perfect contouring effect. 

Apart from this, the fourth layer of this mattress has a profiled layer of Resitec foam, which adds more efficacy to the contouring technology of the product. Smart contour cuts are made to this layer using CNC machines in various shapes. This way, you get unique body support across different parts. 


Better Air Circulation

The use of Sleepwell Nexa foam is also responsible for the optimal air circulation aspect of this mattress. This is because the Nexa foam layer consists of unique cell structures that enhance the airflow of the mattresses. This way, the breathability quotient of the mattress is increased, and comfortable sleep is also ensured. 

In addition to that, if you often sleep hot at night, the consistent airflow of the Nexa mattress will ensure your body heat doesn’t get trapped. This way, you won’t experience any disturbance due to unwanted sweating or body temperature rising issues. 


Motion Isolation

Sleepwell Nexa excels in the domain of motion isolation, which makes it an ideal choice for all restless sleepers or couples. With the use of Nexa foam, backed by other supportive layers, all motions get absorbed within, ensuring your partner doesn’t feel it or vice versa, thus called the ‘zero partner disturbance’ technology.

This way, you can ensure a good night’s sleep without any disturbance from your partner’s end. Irrespective of the varying body types or sleeping habits of your companions, our Nexa mattress supports exceptional isolation. So, whether you sleep with kids, pets, or your partner, our Nexa mattress is the top-rated memory foam mattress for you to count on. 


Better Side Wall Support

Our Sleepwell Nexa mattress comes with engineered sidewall technology, which is not just something meant to enhance the mattress’s aesthetic appeal. Instead, it also adds more strength and support to the four edges of the mattress. Due to this, it becomes easier for you to get on and off the mattress without experiencing that over-sinking effect at the edges. 

Following that, as most of you also prefer sitting on the edge of your bed most often, this engineered technology will ensure you don’t sink in uncomfortably. The durability factor also gets enhanced with the engineered side walls, ensuring the Nexa mattress lasts longer to add more value to your investment. 


Customization Available

This might not be a direct comfort feature of our Nexa mattress, but it is a service facility by Sleepwell, which is highly demanded by you all. Customisation of the mattress in terms of your bed frame dimensions is highly crucial to ensure it fits perfectly. Proper fitting of the mattress to your bed frame is equally important to attain optimal sleeping comfort. 

There are pre-set sizes, such as king or queen, also available for you to count on! But, if there is a custom-sized bed in your room, we have the provision to let you enjoy the Nexa experience by placing your order with custom dimensions. But remember that the thickness can be opted in either 6 or 8-inch options. 


Memory foam mattress


With this, you now have a clear insight into why Sleepwell’s Nexa mattress is the best among all other memory foam mattresses in the market. We entitle ourselves to offer the most premium and luxurious mattress, as our construction approach is backed by scientific research on sleep comfort. 

The Sleepwell Nexa mattress price might be on the higher side than most standard options out there. But the features we have provided alongside it are what add value to the product. People with the desire to avail a luxurious feel every time they go to sleep at night will find the price reasonable enough. 

So, if you understand the true essence of sleep comfort and want no compromise on your overall well-being, go for Sleepwell Nexa, as it is the best mattress in India with memory foam for you to count on. 


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