Impact of Mattress Thickness on Spine and Back Pain: An Analysis

Posted on: 07 Feb 2024

Most people have the wrong conception that only sleeping on hard floors or not lying in a flat position will cause pain in your body. While they are valid reasons for your back pain, sleeping on the wrong mattress for a long time can cause chronic back pain cases. Hence, it is essential to choose the right supportive mattress to keep your back healthy and not wake up in the morning feeling uncomfortable. However, the most overlooked factor while choosing the right surface is the bed mattress thickness. There is more to the significance of the mattress firmness consideration just for comfort. The right choice of mattress firmness can alleviate back pain.

However, to choose the right firmness level, you need to know the science behind mattress thickness and spine health. At Sleepwell, we avail a range of firm mattress collections with our innovative spine support and alignment technology design when you sleep.

Let’s analyse how the thickness of your mattress may result in inflammation in the spine and back pain to help you choose the right mattress that is best for your back discomfort.


Best mattress for spine pain

Why does the thickness of the mattress matter?

When you choose a mattress that is too firm can cause pressure points that can limit your movement and put you through discomfort. Hence, it's essential to find the right balance between the firmness and plushness of the mattress. It is the thickness of the mattress which affects the amount of cushioning and support your mattress offers to your back.

Hence, while choosing your mattress, you need to decide on a comfortable firmness range for your mattress that is releasing pressure from your back and spine. Look for the right thickness in the firm mattress for back pain, as a mattress that is too thin can cause pain due to misalignment of the spine without support and cause various chronic health issues.

If your spine is too thin and you sleep without any plush support, it can bend abnormally. Moreover, it can tense muscles. But if your mattress is overly thick, you might sink into it and feel uncomfortable as they don’t offer enough support. We recommend our Pro Latex Plus foam mattress, which will ease your spine and muscles and offer you a plush and bouncy surface. Choosing a medium-firm mattress can help you offer optimal thickness as it strikes a balance between support and cushioning.

What are the various thicknesses of our mattress ranges?

Now you know the impact of your mattress thickness, which can have a big influence on how firm and supportive your mattress is. It's essential to consider how it will affect your spine. Here are the firmness levels of mattresses you may watch to check out to learn their impact on supporting back:


Thinness of the mattress

Simple bedding alternatives for those who like a firmer feel or who are concerned about weight can go for thin mattresses of 6 to 4 inches. You can use them in small spaces or for sofa beds. They are cost-effective and can provide your small back with enough support. Our UTSAV mattress collections can give you that sleep luxury, which includes Sleepwell Quiltec® quilting to enhance the airflow and spread the heat evenly to give you a cooling effect with the use of PU foam and Soft Resitec® foam.


Medium range thickness in the mattress

Our medium-range mattresses range from 7 to 10 inches. These mattresses can bring harmony, comfort and support as they offer that balanced firmness. They can present you with an ideal option to improve your sleep health as they come with numerous layers to offer spinal alignment and a pleasant resting surface which can accommodate various weight ranges and body shapes. Moreover, our medium firm mattress can support any sleeping posture, making it ideal for a wide range of demographics.


Thickness of the mattress ranges

You can find various forms of thick mattress types in our collection, such as latex and memory foam mattresses, that offer excellent support to the spinal cord from neck to hip. They are not just luxurious; they are the best mattresses for spine pain that enable the opportunity to add various innovative technologies to provide pressure relief. Our products can be configured into your body contour to match your personal comfort preferences.


The impact of mattress hardness and softness on back pain

When you are considering hard vs soft mattresses, it's essential to take into account individual preferences and medical concerns. Our sleep experts offer the solution of striking a balance between mattress firmness and comfort to relieve back pain. Using a hard mattress can support the spine, but it's not an appropriate case for users with back issues like arthritis or herniated discs. Similarly, choosing soft mattresses can offer you plush comfort, but it's not appropriate for proper spinal support. Soft mattresses can make the back pain worse. Hence, consider your body weight and sleeping position while choosing a soft mattress.

Summing Up!

When you understand the correlation between mattress thickness and your personal requirements, it will enable you to make the knowledgeable choice of picking the right mattress that enhances your sleep quality while keeping your back happy. While there are various factors involved in picking out the right mattress for alleviating your back pain, when you are choosing the right firmness of your mattress, consider your body weight and your sleep style preferences. Moreover, if you have any medical issues, you must consult with your physician to ensure the mattress firmness is right to support your back.

Decide on the type of mattress you are choosing to pick the right firmness level. Browse through our mattress features designed to support the spine and back. Take advantage of our 100-night trial period to pay full price for the right mattress thickness and be confident about your investment. We can provide you with the right solution that comes within your set price bracket and can offer you lasting mattress durability and our signature innovative designs. 


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