How Sleepwell Nexa Mattress's Responsive Body Support is Transforming Sleep?

Posted on: 31 Jan 2024

No matter how hard the day has been in terms of work and physical stress, a peaceful sleep at night can fix it all! Isn’t it?

So, isn’t it worth considering investing in a mattress that can help you attain that peace during sleep and a magical body recovery overnight? If you answered ‘Yes’ to the question, the Sleepwell Nexa mattress is here to meet your comfort requirements with the brand’s finest product.

Whether you have a bad backache issue or are finding it comfortable to attain a proper posture, Sleepwell introduces its immensely responsive Nexa mattress, packed with a smart recovery memory Nexa foam, soft Resitec foam, and engineered side-wall technology.

Whether you are seeking orthopaedic comfort for your body to alleviate back pain issues or just want to give your body a soothing feel every time you go to bed, our Nexa mattress adheres to your needs without second thoughts.

But, a big question that you might have in your mind is how responsive body support mattresses like Sleepwell Nexa can work on improving your sleep quality. Well, to get your answer, you will have to read this article till the end.


Nexa mattress

The Responsiveness Quotient of Sleepwell Nexa Mattress Defined!

Our Sleepwell Nexa responsive memory foam mattress uses the patented Nexa foam that contours to your body perfectly. This way, your body experiences a huggable effect, supporting all your curves. Moreover, it will also allow your body to move freely without struggling.

Apart from that, our smart recovery foam also comes with unique cell structures that promote better airflow, comfort, and breathability. This way, you will never be sleeping too hot on your mattress, repelling the sweating problem that you face with your existing mattress.

Not just that, but in the fourth layer of our Sleepwell Nexa mattresses, we have also embedded the profiled Resitec foam that is crafted out of a unique contouring technology that’s made with high-end CNC machines. It gives rise to the smart contour cuttings over the foam layer in diverse shapes, ensuring you get optimal comfort at all parts of your body.

This way, your sleep comfort will be enhanced exponentially, and your body pain issues will be alleviated to help you wake up fresh and energised every morning.

Thus, you can conclude that the amount of Sleepwell mattress features that our Nexa product has to offer is unmatched by most of the other options in the market that claim to offer you a similar level of responsiveness.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Responsive Mattress like Sleepwell Nexa

To help you feel more convinced about getting along with Sleepwell Nexa as your next mattress for attaining responsive comfort are:

Better Spinal Alignment:

When you prefer sleeping on a responsive and contouring mattress like Nexa, it will allow you to attain better spinal alignment. This way, no back, joint, or neck pain issues will be bothering you on the following day when you wake up.

Better Sleep:

As you know, sleeping on a memory foam mattress provides you with the right level of contouring effect. Thus, when the mattress is conformed to your body shape, it will provide you with personalised cushioning and support for enhancing your relaxation while you sleep.

Reduce the Pressure Points:

The pressure points develop in various parts of your body, such as the knees, shoulders, or hips, when they get pressed against your mattress. With Sleepwell Nexa, the count of pressure points around your body will be reduced, ensuring you don’t feel discomfort while falling asleep.

What Other Features Does Sleepwell Nexa Mattress Have to Offer?

Beyond responsiveness, the Sleepwell Nexa mattress also offers you a plethora of features that make it a worthy product for your consideration. Some of those features include:

European Knitted Fabric

The top layer of our Nexa mattress comes with European knitted fabric, which is a premium imported material, ensuring luxurious plushness. Upon the use of it, the top layer gets a smooth texture, and high strength is ensured. Moreover, this fabric is also tear-resistant, which enhances the durability quotient of the mattress.

Cushiony Feel

The Resitec foam layer used in the making of the second layer of our Nexa mattress is meant to enhance cushiony comfort. With this, you will find your body resting on a gentle surface that’s soft as well as firm enough to support your body. Apart from that, you also get a gentle bounce, which is important to ensure you don’t find yourself stiff while sleeping on the mattress all night.

Engineered Side-Walls

One of the major USPs of the Sleepwell Nexa mattress is its engineered side-wall technology. If you are hearing about this for the first time, you must know it is the process where the edges or sides of the mattress undergo special treatments to add strength. This way, the durability quotient is increased, and you will acquire better side support. Moreover, it will also make it comfortable for you to sit on the edges.

Anti-Skid Bottom

The final layer of the Nexa product comes with an anti-skid fabric that is meant to keep the mattress in a fixed place on your bed frame. This way, you will attain a comfortable sleep at night, even if you have a habit of frequently moving, tossing, or turning around on the bed.

When you buy mattresses online that hold a premium or luxury status, these are some features that you will definitely expect to contribute to your comfortable sleep. And Sleepwell adheres to the promises made with this product! Starting from a gentle feel on the top layer to providing you enhanced support and an anti-skid base, Sleepwell Nexa is literally an all-rounder package for your comfortable sleep!


So, this is how the Sleepwell Nexa mattress makes its way into the market for being one of the best responsive support mattresses. If you intend to acquire sound sleep without any compromises and are ready to invest a good amount for it, go with the epitome of luxurious sleep comfort, Sleepwell Nexa!

You can learn more about the product on the dedicated page and choose your preferred pre-set or custom dimensions for placing the order. The Sleepwell Nexa mattress price will differ depending on the dimensions you choose! 


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