Health Risks Associated with Old or Used Mattresses

Posted on: 31 Jan 2024

If you can’t remember the year you bought your existing mattress, consider it old and ask yourself, “Does sleeping on an old mattress bring some side effects?”

If you are here searching for an answer to this question, it is YES! Sleeping on an old mattress could result in multiple adverse effects. And not just old mattresses; buying used mattresses also puts you at risk of experiencing damaging health hazards.

Besides sleeping on an old mattress, buying a used one will also trigger some side effects. In this article, you will get a clear insight into what issues your body encounters when you sleep on an old or used mattress.

If you relate to any side effects we specify below, buy a new mattress today!


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What are the health hazards that get triggered by the use of a used or old mattress?

The side effects of a used mattress and an old mattress might slowly deteriorate your health or halt your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Due to this, you will find yourself waking up less active and with unwanted body aches. But not anymore!

At Sleepwell, we bring you the best quality mattresses in all price ranges! Irrespective of your comfort or body support preferences, we have the perfect technology and innovation-packed foam layers to meet them all.

But before you start exploring our mattress collections, it is better to relate to the symptoms of a bad mattress. This way, you will be able to filter the best mattress from the list for your desired level of sleep health and comfort:

1.Pain Symptoms

Sleeping on a poor mattress is one of the significant back pain and neck pain causes! People often presume that such aching issues are part of life and that they must deal with them after waking up every morning. But that shouldn’t be the case at all! 
You should wake up fresh every morning and feel energised from within to take on the challenges or tasks for the day. If you don’t think that way, you must get a new mattress immediately. It is often the case when your mattress has either been used for a decade or more or you purchased a used mattress that hasn’t been maintained for a long.

2. Spinal Misalignment

Every time you sleep on your mattress, some pressure is exerted. Most of the materials are meant to bounce back once the pressure is released or the person gets off the bed, but over time, this property of the foam starts to deteriorate.

When this happens, your spinal alignment will be distorted, and your neck & back will start to feel uneven pressure and get strained. If this pain effect is persistent, even after taking medications, it is the mattress causing back or neck pain and hurting the respective muscles. So, go ahead and seek a change now!

3. Increased Heat Retention

Irrespective of what type of mattress you own now, if you feel inappropriate warmth while sleeping for a long time in bed, it indicates that heat retention has kicked in. And this is a very evident sign that the mattress has lost its quality and comfort characteristics. 
Sleeping on a warm surface isn’t considered good sleep, as you will often sweat at night, which will bother you in the middle of the night. So, if you feel like the cooling-gel layer of your mattress is worn out, you can consider replacing your mattress without second thoughts.

4. Too Much Snoring

One of the most prominent side-effects of sleeping on a used or old mattress is that your snoring rate will increase. As stated earlier, your old or used mattress with sagging issues won’t support the back and neck. 
Due to this, your airways will be blocked or will experience tension. Therefore, you will start to snore! If you are married and are sleeping with your partner, the habit of snoring shouldn’t be kept. Buying a new one might help you prevent this habit because it is built due to a sagging mattress.

5. Loss of Memory

When you don’t get enough sleep at night, you will mostly be forgetful about the things that happened the last day. You must know that sleep isn’t necessary just for the body but is also for your mind.

When you sleep well, your brain will log everything that happened throughout the day as part of your memories. If you aren’t getting enough or good sleep, your brain won’t be able to log all the memories, and as a result, you might forget some things! Therefore, buying a comfortable mattress is of utmost necessity.

6. Triggers Premature Ageing

If you sleep on a used or old mattress, you welcome faster ageing effects for your skin. You will start to have puffy eyes and dark circles as your sleep routine is distorted completely. 
You should buy a new mattress and ensure your sleeping hours are complete every night. This way, your eyes, skin, and body will get enough rest to align with the work you did throughout the day.


You can incur These side effects if you sleep on an old or used mattress. If any of these symptoms relate to your current health or overall well-being, you must conclude that your mattress needs a change.

And there is no better hub than Sleepwell for you to address that need! At Sleepwell, we have the best mattress collections to manage your back pain, allergic reactions, neck pain, spinal misalignment, and other issues.

Explore our site, and use our mattress selector tool to set your comfort preferences or side effects you face. Based on the inputs, you will be provided with the best Sleepwell mattress options ideal for you! 


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