Finding the Right Mattress: Deciding Between Hard and Soft Mattresses for a Healthy Spine

Posted on: 13 May 2024

You need a good mattress to sleep on for your bed. When setting up the bed, you need a mattress that suits your sleeping style. We create mattresses with different feels and textures so you can sleep peacefully. People have different needs, so they need to sleep on different types of mattresses. Your bed will be the surface on which you spend a lot of time. To create a bed that is good for your body, you need a mattress that fits your physical dimensions and fulfils your sleep needs. 

You will find different types of mattresses in our collection, which are made of different kinds of foam and springs. Depending on your age and sleeping patterns, you should choose the mattress type. There are two main categories of mattresses: hard and soft. In this article, you will learn about the differences between hard and soft mattresses and why you should go for one or the other. 


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Hard mattress characteristics 

A hard mattress is nothing but a firm feel mattress that gives you a firm bed to sleep on at night. A hard mattress foam, latex and springs. A firm bed has a hard surface and does not let your bones sink into the bed. Firm and hard mattresses are chosen to give extra support to the body. 

People who have joint pain and spinal alignment issues need a firm and hard mattress. The firm mattresses are used for people who have back pain and chronic fatigue. The ones who sleep on their back also need a firm and hard mattress because of the pressure they exert on the bed. 

Soft mattress characteristics 

A soft mattress is a mattress that offers comfort and a bouncy feel. A soft mattress is very plush and luxurious. It can have multiple foam layers inside it. Sometimes, the soft mattresses are made of memory foam or our signature Impressions foam. Mattresses from our Pro Nexa collection are made to have a gentle and soft feeling so you can drift off to sleep very easily. Soft mattresses hug the contours of your body and help you sleep even better. 

If you are choosing a mattress for your child or for yourself, you can go for a soft mattress. Soft and medium soft mattresses are great for back sleeping because they provide support to side pressure points in that posture. The soft mattress supports the curves of your body and allows you to turn from side to side very comfortably. Depending on your sleeping posture, you can choose the type of sleeping mattress you need. 

There are many options available in the hard or soft mattress category. You need to know about the pros and cons of each mattress type before choosing one for your bed. Choose a mattress after fully being aware of the characteristics of these mattresses. Stay informed and choose a mattress that improves sleep quality by manifold.

What are the signs of a good mattress?

A good mattress supports all the curves and contours of your body. The mattress you choose should be able to handle your weight in all positions. A good mattress gives you enough space to sleep and change positions as you do so. The best mattress for your bed is the one that maintains your body in a neutral position and keeps your spinal alignment as it is. No matter how much you twist or turn on the bed, you should not wake up with soreness or pain. 

The mattress that you find comfortable should not exert any pressure on your body. It should absorb all the pressure from your stress points so you basically float to sleep. When you get in bed, you should feel a high level of relaxation and restoration. Every time you sleep on the bed, you should feel like you are resting in heaven. Every morning that you wake up should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to be active. 

If you are feeling tired all the time, you need to change your lifestyle, which also includes your mattress. You are using the wrong mattress if you are feeling sore and waking up with back pain or neck pain. Sometimes, you need to change your entire bed set to improve your sleep quality. A firm mattress for back pain will be a good choice if you have chronic back pain. Sometimes, a mattress upgrade can cost you a lot, but if you buy the mattress from our collection, you will see a change in your sleeping pattern for the better. 

Pros of Hard mattresses 


Extra support 

If you are someone who struggles with back pain and soreness, then you need to sleep with extra support to the spine. A hard and firm mattress is good for your spine as it retains its layers and does not let your spine sink and lose its alignment. An extra firm mattress might be too much, but a firm mattress like our Dursafirm 1.0 is a good choice for you to get extra support for your body.


Improved posture 

The sleeping posture that you have decides the quality of sleep you have. The sleeping posture decides the way you sleep, and this also depends on the mattress you choose. If your sleeping posture is hurting you and you want to improve it, then you should switch to a hard or medium-firm mattress. The medium-firm mattress is a good choice when you are struggling with your posture during sleep. Our medium-firm mattress from the orthopaedic mattress range keeps your body straight and improves your sleeping posture to a great extent. 


Reduced pain 

The mattress range that we have also includes firm and strong mattresses that are best for sleeping and reducing pain levels. If you are middle-aged or suffer from joint pain, then you should opt for a firm and hard mattress that supports your joints. The regular usage of a firm and hard mattress can relieve pain in your body. The bed mattress thickness also matters a lot in this case. The mattress should not be too thick, and the optimal thickness should be 5 inches. 

Pros of Soft mattresses 


Comfortable mattress 

A comfortable mattress is a need for a lot of people. The easiest pick for a comfortable mattress is a soft mattress. A medium-soft mattress gives you the perfect blend of comfort and support to sleep for long hours. Our Nexa mattress is an example of the plush and gentle comfort of a perfectly created soft mattress. If you need a mattress that conforms to your body shape and gives you better comfort in any position, you need a soft mattress with a plush top.


Better for pregnancy 

The hard vs soft mattress debate is not useful for pregnant women. A pregnant woman needs proper care and the utmost comfort. Therefore, if your partner is pregnant, you need to choose the Naturalle 1.0 mattress for your sleeping time. The Naturalle 1.0 mattress is a beautiful combination of memory foam and natural latex, so you get a plush and snug bed to sleep on. For a pregnant woman, a hard mattress is very uncomfortable. A soft and snug mattress can provide better support to the belly and the child inside. 


Pressure relief 

A soft and snug mattress that adapts to the contours of your body can help your body rest for long hours. A soft mattress like the Latex Plus mattress relieves your body from pain and pressure as it provides support to the neck, back and body curves. After a long day at the office or a stressful day, what you need is a gentle and soft mattress that helps you sleep better. Soft and gentle mattresses like our Esteem Mattress are best for side sleepers. 

Which is better- a soft or hard mattress? 

The best mattress for spine pain might be a hard and firm mattress. However, a soft mattress is perfect for a comfortable bed. A soft mattress with a medium-firm feeling is the best choice because of its versatility. We have a range of medium-firm mattresses that you can choose for your bed. 

A gentle and soft mattress with memory foam and our Resitec foam gives you ample support and also protects your body from pain. You do not feel any discomfort and basically float to sleep on a soft mattress. However, when buying a soft mattress, make sure that you do not buy one that sags or sinks. Buy good mattresses from our collection and sleep for years on them without any health issues. 


At Sleepwell, we have a range of sleeping mattresses that come with different layers and different finishes. Depending on your sleeping needs, you should choose the best mattress from our collection of mattresses. We have mattresses that come in different budgets and with discounts. By buying our mattress and pillows, you ensure proper sleep every night. Before locking the mattress you want for your bed, you should try both hard and soft mattresses. 


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