Exploring the Significance of Sleep for Women's Health with Healthy Sleep Mattresses

Posted on: 07 Mar 2024

Women frequently struggle with taking on various duties in today's fast-paced environment, which prevents them from getting enough sleep. Studies have shown that 1 out of 4 women have insomnia symptoms that can lead to chronic conditions that affect their quality of life. Taking quick naps won’t help much with improving women's health. That’s why many modern wonders, sleep, why is it important? Nonetheless, it's crucial to comprehend how critical sleep is to women’s health. 

Investing in luxury mattresses can be a great solution to enhance the chance of getting healthy sleep that ultimately enhances general well-being. At Sleepwell, we provide a budget-friendly sleep solution designed to meet women’s sleep comfort. From orthopaedic to dual foam mattresses, each of our selections for promoting women’s health is worth your investment. 

Read on to learn the impact of good-quality sleep in women’s lives and choose the right mattress that contributes to the overall well-being of women. 


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How does sleep impact women’s health?

Women’s life stages are quite different from men's across the same age and weight groups. Their sleep patterns change, and so do sleep disruptions with different life stages, which can include adolescence, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. It is the biological clock that regulates your sleep cycle and controls when you will feel the most alert, when your body will feel most refreshed, and when your body feels tired to get ready for bed. 
Hence, the clock works as a circadian rhythm running 24 hours. The circadian rhythm is affected by external factors, from light to your sleep schedule. Unlike men’s, women’s overall health and vitality are frequently impacted by their unique hormonal and physiological makeup. Some of the key reasons for sleep disturbance stem from the following factors:


Irregularities in hormonal secretion

Oestrogen and progesterone are two critical female reproductive health hormones that constantly fluctuate as women enter into their secondary growth phase. If proper sleep, diet and social environment are not provided, as they age, their hormonal secretion will decrease. Since they greatly regulate the sleep pattern in the female body, such hormonal imbalance will disturb the sleep patterns. The more extensive symptoms will follow as irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, and high-stress hormones. 


Menstruation phases

During the menstruation phases, the hormonal fluctuations can heighten, which can impact your sleep habits. It might result in symptoms of sleeping disorders like insomnia or restless nights. When your body does not get proper sleep, the menstrual symptoms can intensify as a result of such disruptions impacting your quality of life. 


Painful symptoms of menopause stage

The menopause stage is one of the most crucial phases of women’s lives, and they need to take more care of their immune system health and take steps to reduce stress. Menopause brings major hormonal changes that contribute to sleeplessness, hot flashes, night sweats, etc., symptoms. Therefore, it is a critical transitional phase for women's health, which requires optimal sleep to reduce menopause symptoms and promote both positive physical and mental health. 


Pregnancy duration

In many women, pregnancy duration can be a challenging phase. As the body adjusts to provide and protect the baby’s growth inside the body, many internal chemical changes take place. It can cause too much physical pain, hormonal fluctuation, etc. Women would frequently feel the urge to urinate, especially during the last semester of pregnancy gestation phase. 


Poor immune system

Getting enough sleep means empowering the immune system to fight back against any infections or risk factors of any chronic illness. However, without proper diet and hormonal fluctuation, the immune system can weaken over time. It will cause you to lack sleep due to these symptoms and affect your immune system, making your health condition more vulnerable. 


Improper cognitive and emotional functions

Sleep disturbances can have a drastic impact on your mental health and gradually impair cognitive functions of the brain. It will affect your cardiometabolic health, disturbing complete women's well-being. There would be the risk of mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Your body should adapt to proper lifestyle factors for enhancing sleep quality, including exercise, nutrition and stress management, and incorporate these into your daily schedule to improve your health. 

Key sleeping tips and tricks to follow for improving women’s health

Ensuring a restful sleep is essential to maintain overall health. Now that you know why it is important to sleep, you must learn about some key tricks to get quality sleep to invest in improving women’s health. Here are some tips to use:

Choose to wear lightweight clothing and breathable bedding to ensure your night environment is cool. Women who are going through a painful menopause stage can benefit from layering their clothes so they can easily take them off in case of a hot flash. Put a fan near your bed nightstand or place a bed near a window for refreshing wind. 
One of the best sleeping tips is to make a regular nighttime schedule that you can follow committedly. It will help your brain to be aware of when sleep time arrives, leading your body to exhaustion. It is even more helpful for pregnant ladies to enhance the mom and baby’s mood. You can start by trying some soothing exercises like meditation, stretches, listening to music, etc. Rather than watching thriller movies, spend time on light brain-engaging reading or journaling habits. 
It is very effective to take warm showers or baths to calm and relax your body, which will support your body’s natural cooling down phase before you get into bed. It can have an impact on reducing your sleep movement through the night in addition to a quality mattress that would cause you fewer disturbances. If you are in the menopause stage, getting a lukewarm bath will help avoid hot flashes. 
Cut down on your screen time as your bedtime approaches. Refrain from keeping any electronic device used near you as it radiates blue light. It can hinder the process of melatonin synthesis, which gets your body into a relaxed state and causes sleepiness. Limit your social media use since these platforms can make it harder to fall asleep, with women more likely to have disrupted sleep.
Urinary incontinence is a common side effect of pregnancy and menopause that gets worse with age. Limit your alcohol intake, caffeine or nicotine use, and make one last bathroom stop before getting onto your bed.
Pregnancy can cause weird cravings, especially spicy snacks and meals. If you already suffer from sleeplessness, it's best not to surrender to such late-night cravings as spicy meals can cause your body discomfort and make inflammation worse. Make sure to plan your final meal before three hours of your bedtime schedule. You may eat light snacks for post-meal energy, such as fruit, milk or nuts. 
Do some easy exercise daily and make some time for relaxation and stress management to improve sleep quality. Try changing your sleep position or replacing your mattress to get to sleep faster. 

Choosing the right mattress for women’s comfort and improve their health


Decide on the right firmness according to your preferences

You can improve your sleep quality by investing in a healthy sleep mattress. However, the first factor to consider when prioritising women’s health improvement is accommodating to their varying firmness requirements. The firmness level can range from soft-medium to extra firm mattresses. Our Spinetech Air Mattress can offer your medium firm feel that is appropriate for a range of sleeping positions and preferences. It integrates our unique 3-zoned Sleepwell Profiled Resitec® foam layer to offer exceptional contouring to the body while improving ventilation and pressure distribution to enhance spinal alignment. It will give you a plush top feel to ensure rejuvenated sleep. 


Take into account your body type

Ladies have a variety of body shapes, and it's essential to invest in a mattress that can personalise the body line as soon as you lie on it to support your pressure points. Our Sleepwell Nexa mattress is a fine innovation that can contribute to adapting the contours of your body with our responsive Nexa foam layer. Its unique cell structure enhances airflow and offers easy body movement with gentle bounce. 


Select mattresses for reducing back pain with temperature-regulation

Women frequently experience back pain that can disturb their sleep, and it can get worse with the wrong mattress to support their preferred sleep position. Our Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress aims to target pressure spots and promote optimal alignment in the back and spine by offering tailored support. Its cool gel-infused foam layer improved temperature regulation and promoted healthy breathability. 

Summing Up!

Sleep is an essential part of the life cycle, which has always been considered for strategic implementation, and it does not go out of balance to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping too much or too little can drastically impact your vitality. Therefore, you need to follow a proper sleeping schedule according to your age, physical aspects, and medical conditions. 

Now you know how the science behind sleep works for women and how adopting healthy sleep habits by purchasing premium-quality sleep mattresses can improve women's health in the long run. We are your one-stop branded mattress solution in India. Our unique technology-integrated mattresses make them comfortable for women's body types and their unique sleeping requirements. 


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