Exploring the Price Range of Best Double Bed Mattresses (Gadda)

Posted on: 22 Mar 2024

When you are concerned about improving your bedroom comfort, spending on a quality mattress can’t be understated. While there are standard queen, king and twin-size beds available to offer you space and comfort with superior quality, many might wonder where the double-size mattress will fit. 

A double-size mattress is also referred to as a full-size mattress. But to learn about the double bed mattress price, you have to understand what goes into its pricing factors. At Sleepwell, we offer versatile double mattress choices that can meet your budget range while giving you the comfort and support you need to get a restful night’s sleep. Follow through the guide below to explore the double mattress price ranges to pick the right product that will get you feeling well-rested. 


Best comfort mattress

What is the benefit of investing in a double-size mattress?

Comparable in size to a full bed, a double bed measures 54 inches broad by 75 inches long. It's appropriate for single people and couples because it's bigger than a twin and smaller than a queen. Hence, the double bed gadda price will be lower than that of a queen mattress and higher than that of the twin bed. However, mattress measurements are important as double bed dimensions can vary. It will encourage a deeper and more peaceful sleep as it offers plenty of room with no restrictions for movement and a cosy resting environment. 

You may want to sleep alone or with your partner, kids or even pets; this mattress size can suit your variety of sleeping habits with superior space availability. Moreover, these mattresses can help boost your spinal alignment and alleviate your pressure points to improve your overall sleep quality and physical and mental health. Therefore, it is a smart investment to get a double-size mattress. 

What affects the double bed mattress prices?
Material composition of the double bed mattress

The mattress materials and construction are some of the valuable factors that affect a big portion of the cost of a double bed mattress. We offer different double-size mattresses made of different materials that have unique characteristics that impact comfort levels and durability. 

Memory foam mattress

Usually, memory foam mattresses are considered best for providing tailored support to release pressure points. However, the foam density and quality will impact the cost of the mattress. The higher the cost, the higher the foam density, which makes the mattress resilient. The cost may further increase due to the addition of advanced technologies in its complex production process. 

Latex Mattress

If you are looking for high responsiveness and longevity in your double bed mattress, then a latex mattress is the popular option. Their price can differ depending on what type of latex is used. These mattresses will offer our more bouncy sleep surface with plush comfort. 

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses include steel coils that are often adjusted as per your preferred comfort level to support your sleeping position. Apart from the coil, the gauge and comfort layers used in the mattress will impact the final cost. The more coil number and thickness of gauge, the higher its price value while offering superior comfort. The comfort layer could be fibre padding or foam, which will influence the cost. 

Hybrid Mattress

The number of foam or latex layers combined with innerspring coils will affect the comfort of a hybrid mattress for a double bed price. The more comfort technologies are added to the hybrid mattress, the more expensive the price will be. 

Air mattress

Our collections also include air mattress technology in double-size bed mattresses. It allows you to customise the firmness level of the mattress. Their main support structure is made of air chambers. Their quality, along with extra comfort layers such as memory foam or latex, determines the cost. 

Gel Mattress

With our exclusive mattress solution technologies, our inventory can also provide you with gel mattresses that use get-infused foam or gel beads to provide support and cooling. Due to the superior cooling capacity, the gel mattress can cost you more compared to a conventional memory foam mattress. 


Mattress size and dimension

The accurate dimension and size of the double bed mattress will have a big impact on its cost. Since double bed mattresses are bigger than single or twin mattresses, their production and material costs are higher. Usually, the size dimension is 75 inches x 48 inches (190 cm by 122 cm). But make sure to measure your bed dimensions, and we will provide you with a custom choice for your mattress size needs. 


Additional features in the double bed mattress

Due to the implementation of advanced sleep mattress technology implementation, double bed size mattress quality has improved. These technologies are formulated and integrated to raise the mattress comfort and support levels. It can include cooling technology, a breathable quilt cover, motion isolation and no noise construction. Moreover, your best mattress must have proper edge support features to enhance safety. All these will affect the Sleepwell mattress double bed price. But we have customization options to fit your budget. 


Warranty and Trial Period

The sleep trial option and warranty period of your double bed mattress size will also impact the cost price. The longer the warranty period with a substantial trial period, the higher the price tag, but it also gives you confidence in its quality assurance and peace of mind. 

Our best double-size mattress solutions at an affordable price range


Pro Nexa Premium Double size mattress

When you are in search of a double bed gadda price within your budget that offers superior quality comfort, then you can’t miss out on our Pro Nexa Premium double-size mattress. It is the best mattress under 30k with many impressive advanced features. Our mattress involves Quiltec® foam for quilting with a European knit fabric to offer you a gentle feel sleeping surface. Moreover, our exclusive Pro Nexa® foam will offer effortless movement and better body conformity.

The Resitec® foam layer adds to its medium-firm feel to meet almost everyone’s comfort level. Additionally, it includes a ContourPro+ layer in combination with a 3-zoned resitec profiling system to make the mattress automatically contour your body shape and sleeping position. The Air-O-Fresh® foam layer will offer consistent firmness and air circulation to combat humidity. Furthermore, the mattress features anti-skid fabric on the bottom for stability and includes side wall technology for comfortable edge sitting, enhancing durability and side support.


Ortho Pro Profiled Double size mattress

With a 12.5 cm thickness and a medium firm feel, our Ortho Pro Profiled double-size mattress is an ideal choice for double-size mattresses under 15k that may suit everyone’s budget range. We have designed this mattress with the intent to help with pain alleviation due to compressed pressure points and posture alignment due to spinal misalignment. The mattress can offer you improved air circulation, healthy breathability and higher support. 

Our Ortho Pro Profiled mattress is ideal for adapting to the natural curves of your body with an Impressions foam layer that will provide even pressure distribution and gentle yet snug contour hugging conforming. It also includes a Sleepwell Resitec® foam layer to provide flexibility and pressure point relief. The mattress has an anti-skid bottom, so it will never slide off your bed. Since it is infused with cool gel, you will stay cool throughout the night without getting hot. 


Dual Pro profiled Double size mattress

If you are looking for an affordable and under 10K double bed mattress with impressive comfort, then our Dual Pro Profiled mattress is ideal for you. Its dual-sided structure offers superior support and personalised comfort to meet varied needs. Its dual surface feel can be reversed and offers better air circulation. The 12.5 cm thick soft PU foam layer is put through an extensive testing procedure to ensure that it is both resilient and soft. 

It has dual-tone fabric for support zones, and pressure points are differently highlighted. So you know where it supports your joints and muscles. Apart from that, it also includes a Resitec foam layer to offer custom contouring. In order to provide a healthy sleeping environment and reduce allergy triggers, the mattress also incorporates Neem Fresche anti-microbial technology. The unique contouring of the mattress guarantees a pain-free and energising morning.

Summing Up!

There are a number of aspects you need to take into account when selecting your best double-bed mattress, from selecting its size to what materials are used. It is essential to purchase a high-quality mattress for your sleep time comfort and restful night’s sleep. With much wider space and personalised support, your mattress will ensure your sleep is long-lasting. 

Browse through our large selection of double-size bed mattresses in stock to fit any price range. Trust us to deliver exceptional value with our advanced technology integration. Check out our best-selling double-bed-size mattress options on the list if you are looking for the ideal bed mattress that can increase your overall health and sleep quality. 


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