Exploring The Features That Make Sleepwell Latex Mattress The Best Choice For You

Posted on: 21 Nov 2023

Most people are slowly realising how important it is for your health to sleep on the right mattress type. Among all types of mattresses that you would find in our Sleepwell store, the latex mattress collection is what we claim to help you upgrade your all-around sleep experience. 

We offer the best latex mattress in India that has been tested to offer several health benefits that other types can’t offer. Our products are made with fine materials to ensure you sleep without any pressure on the crucial muscles of your body. All your pressure points will get immense support to help you wake up fresh and healthy. 

Latex mattress

To help you better understand what a good latex mattress by Sleepwell has to offer in terms of features or functionalities, read along this article till the end. 

What is a Latex Mattress?

Latex is considered the natural material that’s harvested using the white sap collected from rubber trees. It comes with high elasticity properties and is used for making several products, including mattresses. 

Latex is categorised into four different types: natural, organic, synthetic, and blended. Here’s a general overview of them all: 

  • The natural latex is harvested & refined from the sap of the tree Hevea Brasiliensis, which makes the mattresses durable, eco-friendly, and supportive. 
  • Organic latex, on the other hand, is made with the purest forms of latex without the use of any fillers or chemicals. This type of latex is considered the most eco-friendly, healthy, safe, and durable latex. 
  • Synthetic latex is made out of petroleum compounds, which imitate the features and effects of natural latex. 

Blended latex is made with a mixture of 30% natural and 70% synthetic latex. 

Understanding the Features of Sleepwell Latex Mattress!

A sleepwell latex mattress is made up of synthetic material, which replicates the features of natural latex and is equally healthy as all the other options. To help you get a better insight into the efficacies of Sleepwell’s latex mattress, here is a brief elaboration of all the features that you must count on:


1. A Gentle Feel

The latex used for making the Sleepwell mattress will offer you a better spinal alignment to help you wake up rejuvenated and refreshed every morning. Our latex mattress will gently conform to the body and will cradle all the heavier areas, such as shoulders or hips. 

One important feature of a latex mattress in terms of providing you with a gentle feel is it won’t sink in due to the weight of the sleepers. Instead, latex provides lifting support and better responsiveness to the sleepers, helping them relieve their pressure points.

 Every sleeper who is suffering from any kind of back pain will benefit from the support that’s offered by the latex mattress. A gentle feel over the body is important, especially for patients suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis, and our latex mattress can help provide the same. 


2.Even Pressure Distribution

The next big feature that we boast about our Sleepwell latex mattress is we encourage the motion isolation or even pressure distribution properties of the material. It means when you are sharing your bed with your partner or anyone else, the body weight pressure will be distributed evenly. 

Thus, any movement made by one sleeper on one end will not affect the sleep of the other person on the same bed. If you have more than one kid, and one has the habit of tossing & turning too much at night, don’t let the mattress restrictions disturb their respective sleeping patterns. 

Getting a new mattress from Sleepwell, made out of elite synthetic latex, will help provide your kids with the freedom to sleep in their own ways without bothering the sleep of one another. 

PU foam mattress


3.Better Air Circulation

A Sleepwell latex mattress is manufactured with breathability as its core feature. Such mattresses do not need any kind of additional cooling gel to prevent the sleepers from sleeping with a hot body. 

Our mattresses come with an open-cell structure, which enables easy flow of natural air, which improves circulation. Moreover, these mattresses also consist of small pinholes all over the surface, which creates an optimal way for the air and heat to escape. 

When there’s better circulation of air, it results in a comfortable and cooler sleep routine. Thus, you can finally expect to buy a mattress online from Sleepwell, which would ensure you get a cool sleep during summers and warmer sleep during the winters. And the latex material is what makes this possible! 


4.Superior Bounce

Sleepwell latex mattresses are meant to offer you amazing bounciness, which adds a better feeling for people to sleep on them. When our mattresses are punched with those small holes to support better air circulation, they become very springy and bouncy after acquiring the dedicated shape of the mattress. 

When compared to memory foam mattresses, the Sleepwell latex mattresses are faster in terms of remolding to their former shape. A faster bounce back of these mattresses might be a dealbreaker feature for most mattress buyers. 

Moreover, memory foam mattresses might lose out on their bounciness after several years of use, but latex mattresses tend to last longer and maintain all of the required properties. 


5.Hypoallergenic Properties

Our latex mattress is hypoallergenic, which means it keeps out dust mites, mildew, and mold from affecting the mattress surface. Hence, this means that our elite synthetic latex is considered the best option for almost anyone who has had issues in the past with allergies caused due to inappropriate mattresses. 

Latex comes with naturally antimicrobial properties and repels all the toxic microbes from infesting the mattress, which ensures your sleeping environment is free from hazardous effects and doesn’t trigger any kind of adverse health issues. 


Our Sleepwell latex mattress can offer you a distinctive feel from what you experience while sleeping in the existing mattress. This will not just help you attain utmost comfort while sleeping after a tiring day but will also ensure good health benefits for your body. 

So, if you are in search of the best latex mattress option, wait no more and check out our collections over the store. The Sleepwell latex mattress price we offer is competitive to the market and is reasonable. Now, you can have a comfortable sleep without breaking your pocket! 



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