Exploring the Features That Make Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable

Posted on: 30 Mar 2024

Think about this: you have just checked into a hotel and entered your room; what is the first thing that commands your attention? The biggest feature of a hotel room is its bed because that is where travellers and visitors sleep and rest after a tiring day. People who visit hotels are either on a trip or on business engagements; either way, they are away from their homes, and they need comfort at night to sleep restfully. 

What makes the hotel bed comfortable and plush so that a person can sleep properly is a 5-star hotel mattress. We offer the best kind of mattresses for multiple use cases, and all the leading hotels have mattresses from our brand. In this article, we talk about the right kind of mattress used in hotels and what makes these mattresses stand out with their features. 


Best Mattress

The Best Features of Hotel Mattresses 


Since the bed is the hero of a hotel room, hotel owners and planners study the mattresses shortlisted for hotel rooms. After taking into account all the features of a mattress type, they pick the right mattress for 5-star hotel rooms. The most important features are as follows- 


Luxurious feel

A hotel mattress should be soft and plush, delivering a luxurious feel to your body. The mattress in your hotel room should feel like a cloud that envelops you after a long day of work or travel. Therefore, thick and luxurious mattresses are the best for hotel rooms. 

A mattress like the Pro Nexa Luxury can be a good choice for luxurious beds that give visitors a good night’s sleep. Our mattresses come with a smooth knitted fabric top and a quilting layer, which makes the top layer soft so that you can sleep without any worries. The lower layers are firm and give your body great support. 



If the question is, which mattress is used in 5-star hotels? Then, the answer is a mattress that offers more support to the body regardless of the body weight. The mattress in hotel rooms should have support and firmness so that the guest can sleep peacefully regardless of the sleeping position and posture. 

The mattress should have multiple layers of foam and composition for extra back support. The mattresses from our collection are created so that their contours fit a person’s body, and the guest can sleep snugly on the bed. The mattresses also provide superior support to the body and its movements while sleeping. No matter how you sleep, you will wake up well-rested when getting up from the bed. 



Another feature that is needed to offer extra comfort to the guest is the breathability of the mattress. The mattress should be knitted with a breathable cover and have different layers so that there is air circulation in the mattress and the bed remains cool at all times. No one likes to sleep in a bed that is too warm or affected by the temperatures around it. 

Therefore, hotel rooms should have breathable mattresses that are comfortable and cool. The mattresses used in luxury hotels should be airy and bouncy so that the guests are able to sleep in extreme comfort. The guest should not feel stuffed or sweaty when he is sleeping on the hotel bed. 


Durable and non-sagging 

Multiple guests will visit a hotel room throughout the week. Over months and years, hotel rooms see thousands of guests. As the bed is used every day and night, the mattress should be stable and durable. The mattress should be well protected from stains and also stay as it is. The material of the mattress should be of premium quality so that the mattress itself should not sag. A sagging mattress will give the guest an uneven surface to sleep on, and this can affect the way they rest. 

A sagging mattress can ruin the posture and can lead to complications for the guest. If you want the hotel guest to rest and not wake up with a sore neck or back, then invest in a durable and stable mattress that is well-protected from any kind of sagging. The hotel mattress should also have anti-skid properties. Our dual mattress comes with an anti-skid feature, and other mattresses also come with this stability. You can look at our premium mattress collection before furnishing your hotel beds. 


Take the construction 

When looking for a good mattress to lie on for your guests, you also need to look at the construction of the mattress. You have to look at all the layers of the mattress before choosing it so that you know what has gone into it and what makes it comfortable. Most mattresses that you buy will have multiple layers. For example, we have a Euro Top quilting layer in most of our mattresses that gives extra comfort. 

The top layer is also made of premium fabric, which is washable and easy to maintain. The lower layers have multiple layers of foam, like Resitec foam and memory foam. These layers give comfort to the guests and also provide support to the body. The thick mattresses are ideal for guests of any weight and height. After you have known about all the features and characteristics of a mattress, you should understand its usage before choosing it for the hotel bed. 



At a hotel, everything trickles down to customer experience. Therefore, you should think about whether the mattress you choose helps elevate that experience or not. The mattress should offer a great sleeping experience to the guest. Before you choose the mattress for your hotel room, look at what other customers have to say about the mattress. 

Also, take the feedback of your hotel guests and figure out if you have to change the mattress from your rooms and upgrade the mattress to a better one. The hotel mattress should offer a luxurious and plush experience to the person staying in the room. The overall feel and experience of the mattress should be such that it relaxes the guest sleeping on it. The mattress should also be big enough to help one or two people sleep properly. 


Fire retardant 

The mattress will take up a large space in the hotel room. Therefore, it should also be safe and secure. The material used for the mattress should not be inflammable. Instead, the mattress should be made of fire retardant materials that stall the spread of fire. It is possible that the mattress can catch fire from a cigarette butt or some kind of spark. 

If the mattress is made of fire retardant and safe materials, the fire will not be able to spread and might stop. High-density materials should be able to stop the spread of fire and protect sleeping persons in such an accident. The foam layers should be high-density and tightly packed so that there is no spread of fire or any kind of flame. 


Sleep grade

If you go to an ordinary hotel, you might find foam mattresses that are very generic and are not graded. The foam mattress that you choose for a 3-star or 5-star hotel should be sleep-grade and high quality. If you want to give your customers more support while sleeping, you should opt for an orthopaedic mattress that is of good quality and stability. 

Choose a sleeping mattress for the beds that are tested through different tests and are quality assured. You can go for our foam mattresses because they come with cool gel-infused foam, which keeps the mattress extra cool and relaxes your body. Good quality mattresses take away the stress and pain of a person sleeping on them. 


Knitted fabric

The top of the mattress also matters a lot when you are choosing the right mattress for your hotel rooms. The knitted fabric top gives a premium feel to the guest and also gives a mattress a classy look. The tightly knit fabric is also good for protecting the mattress layers from spilt drinks and water. 

The knitted fabric also makes the top of the mattress easy to wipe and safe to sit on. Our orthopaedic mattresses are made with a wave zoning design fabric, which shows the zones for extra support. The knitted fabric gives you a natural and biocompatible layer that keeps your skin cool and comfortable. All our mattresses have premium knitted fabric top layers. 


Hotels should have comfortable beds with the best mattresses that suit the room size and also are good for the guests. The mattresses should be very safe and durable so that no matter how many people use them, the structure stays the way it is. The hotel mattresses should be fire-resistant and washable. 

The hotel mattresses should give a premium feel and luxurious sleeping surface to the guests so that they can rest for the night. At Sleepwell, we create luxury mattresses that tick all the right boxes for our customers, including the top hotel brands in India


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