Exploring the Best Single Bed Mattresses in India with Price Detail

Posted on: 22 Mar 2024

As family size goes down in cities, the need for single-bed mattresses is increasing. Single-bed mattresses are good for families with children, teen bedrooms and bachelors. Single bed mattresses are also great for creating a diwan set in your living room instead of putting on a modern sofa. 

The single bed mattress is also used in hostels and paying guest accommodation. The single-bed mattress is versatile and can be used for guest bedrooms and other areas. In this article, you can find the best single-bed mattresses for your home at a good price range. 


Best comfort mattress

Why opt for a single-bed mattress? 

There is a popular opinion that single-bed mattresses are found only in poor families and budget places. However, single-bed mattresses have a lot of functionality and can be used to create sleeping spaces whenever needed in your home. 

If you have frequent visitors or have to create space for extra people, you can opt for a single bed mattress. We offer many types of single-bed mattresses, and you can opt for one that fits your needs. For example, we have an ortho single-bed mattress, latex mattress, etc. 



Single bed mattresses from us are very comfortable and soft. Although the dimensions are smaller, the single bed mattresses are made of good quality foam and cotton to provide good support and comfort to your body. 

The enhanced breathability of the fabric used to create the mattress also keeps the single bed mattress cool and comfortable for you. The cool gel-infused foam in our single-bed mattresses is an innovative technology that keeps the bed extra cool and is best for warm nights. Whenever you are tired, you can just come back to a cool bed and sleep peacefully. 



Single-bed mattresses are easy to move around and can be used in any room in your house. The single-bed mattress can be put up in the hallway or any other bedroom to create an additional sleeping place for your kid or your guests. When you have a large family, sometimes, single-bed mattresses can come in handy to create a flexible bed space. The portability of these mattresses can be an asset if you are moving to a new place or are using them to create an RV living space. 



As compared to our king-sized mattresses or queen-sized mattresses, single bed mattresses are smaller in size and are also more affordable. These mattresses are easy to buy and can only take a couple of thousand rupees to get from the market. Good quality single bed mattress price is reasonable and falls in the bracket of 5000-8000 rupees. These single mattresses are durable and can be bought without spending a lot of money. 


Consistent quality 

The single bed mattresses are versatile and can be used for different purposes. The consistent quality of our single bed mattresses is what makes the cost of single bed mattresses reasonable for the quality of sleep you get. Think about a mattress that you can set up anywhere and get good sleep; that is why our single-bed mattresses are good for your home.  

The best sleeping mattresses for your home

Here are the examples of the best sleeping mattresses for your home. These mattresses are really comfortable and come at affordable cost so you can buy one for your bed or any other room of the house. 


Ortho Pro profiled mattress 

The Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress comes at a cost of 6,000, and it is affordable but comfortable. It has a medium-firm feel that keeps your body stable in bed. The Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress is sturdy and durable, a mattress perfect for your bedroom or for your child's bedroom. The mattress also has multiple layers inside that provide enhanced support to the back and the neck. 

The Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress has good breathability and good airflow, which keeps it cool and safe to sleep on. It has cool gel-infused foam, which enhances its coolness. The mattress that you are going to get from us also has an anti-skid feature, which gives extra stability to the bed and is great for children's bedrooms. So, even if the child bounces on the mattress, it will not budge. A single-bed mattress is also a good option because it has anti-microbial technology built into it so that the mattress is protected from dust and microbes. 


Ortho Mattress 

The Ortho Mattress is a comfortable single-bed mattress option that can be used in small bedrooms. The Ortho Mattress is a mattress that has great support for the back and the spine. The mattress has multiple layers to support the body and will stay stable despite you moving from side to side. It has orthopedic technology, which is used to provide ease and relief to the body. Although it is a single bed mattress, it is constructed with premium knitted fabric, and the feel of the fabric can create comfortable bedding for you. The mattress price for a single bed is around Rs 4500, and it is very affordable. If you are a bachelor and you want a premium mattress at a low cost, then this is the best bet. This will not only give you support and structure but also provide you with a soft bed to sleep on. The Ortho Mattress has different points for pressure point relief and other features that make your sleep more comfortable. 

Dual Pro Profiled Mattress 

The Dual Pro Profiled Mattress is a single-bed mattress that is gentle and soft but firm enough to support your body completely while you sleep. The Dual Pro Mattress also has reversible sides, so if you are feeling lazy and do not want to clean the mattress, you can just reverse it and sleep on it. This is a great feature for bachelors to use. 

The mattress is airy and breathable, so it stays cool in all weather conditions. It has soft PU foam for comfort and Resitec foam for good support to the body. The ergonomic design of the profiled mattress is such that it provides pain relief and pressure relief to the body when resting. So, you can simply lie down and rest and wake up fresh. The mattress has a cost of around Rs 5000, and it suits most single-bed frames. 


Ortho Pro Spring Mattress 

The Ortho Pro Spring Mattress combines the comfort and support of Springs and foam. The mattress is made of high-quality foam and metal springs for enhanced support. The material used on top of the mattress is highly breathable and easy to clean. This is a great mattress for bachelors, kids, and teenagers' bedrooms. 

If you live alone, you will also need this kind of mattress. It is a thick and wide mattress that gives you a luxurious feel and protects you from any sleep injuries. It has complete spinal adaptation so that your body is completely nestled and sleeps very well. When you wake up, you will get complete rest and start the day afresh. The mattress is anti-skid, which gives extra stability to the bed setup. The single-bed gadda's price is Rs 7800, and although it is a bit pricey, the features make up for the cost. 


Spinetech Mattress 

Our Spinetech mattress has technology built into the mattress that supports your back so well that you can sleep like a baby. If you have back or posture problems, the Spinetech mattress is for you. It has three-zoned Resitec foam, which provides excellent back support and helps you sleep very easily in any position. 

You will not hurt your back and can wake up healthy. It also has rebonded foam, which is a special kind of foam that gives good support to your back and body. The mattress has enhanced support, breathability, and firmness that ensure you get a good night's sleep. 

The premium knitted top fabric of the mattress gives you a restful sleep. The Spinetech mattress is our premium Mattress in the single bed category. The single mattress price for the Spinetech model is Rs 16,000. 


These are some of the best premium single-bed mattresses in our company. A single bed mattress is only smaller for one person, but it offers great support to the body. The single mattress is convenient and versatile for any room. Our single-bed mattresses are specially crafted for your utmost comfort. These are reasonably priced and have innovative technology to help people sleep. Whether you are a child, a bachelor or a single individual living on your own, you can get a single bed mattress for your room. 

The single bed mattress from Sleepwell gives you the freedom to sleep in your own bed and have all the space to yourself. These mattresses are compact and have an excellent feel, so you can sleep very well. Buy our mattresses and leave all your fatigue for a fresh new day. 


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