Exploring the best Queen Size Bed (Gadda) Mattress Prices to Suit Every Budget

Posted on: 12 Mar 2024

If you are on the lookout for a new mattress for your bedroom, there are multiple size options available in the market, from regular single mattresses to double bed king or queen-size beds. Queen-size mattress options are one of the most popular ones due to their comfort and spaciousness. They can be a preferable size for most bedroom sizes that can accommodate both solo and couple sleeping. 

At Sleepwell, we offer a multitude of queen mattress choices that can meet your queen-size bed mattress price budget needs to offer support and comfort to give you the benefit of a restful night’s sleep. Follow through this guide to find the right queen-size bed mattress, pay your preferred price, and ensure it gives you a well-rested feeling that rejuvenates your morning. 


Best comfort mattress

What includes the queen-size mattress dimensions?

While queen-size mattresses are beneficial for both couples and individuals without requiring too much space, the best recommended minimum room size to choose queen-size mattresses is 10 feet by 10 feet. If you are a single adult who prefers extra space to sleep comfortably, you can go with the standard queen-size mattress dimensions.  

The cost of a queen-size mattress can vary according to your dimensions. Our queen-size mattress dimensions range from 72” x 60” to 84” x 70”. You can place these mattress-size dimensions for the master bedroom in your home or guest rooms. It comes with a convenient dimension fit for any room and provides room for more than one sleeper. 

Price factors to consider while choosing a queen-size bed mattress


Bed material and construction

The mattress construction and material is one of the prime factors that influence the queen-size mattress price. Since memory foam mattresses offer the best quality and required density, these queen mattresses come with a higher price tag, providing contouring and individualised support. The latex mattress materials will offer you superior resilience and support with a bouncy surface feel to offer you plush comfort.

The more plush and resilience range you choose, the more pricey it would be. The affordable queen-size mattress option is an innerspring coil, as it uses metal coils for support and bounce. We also have hybrid construction mattresses to offer you a combination of support, breathability, and comfort qualities of both innerspring and foam materials. Due to the advanced fusions of such material's best features, they cost more. 


Size of the queen size bed mattress

Another crucial cost factor for the queen-size bed mattress is the thickness of the product. The thickness and profile of the standard mattresses are commonly from 60 inches in breadth and 80 inches in length dimensions. Since the size can vary, you can customise the right size as per your bed dimensions, as it will impact both your price and comfort. 

The thicker mattresses will use more construction materials, which makes them more expensive. However, they will include high-profile technology to improve your overall comfort level, which makes them more valuable in the long run. 


Firmness level of the bed mattress

Your mattress price is also dependent on how firm it is. The options can vary for the firmness levels from extra firm to medium firm and extra plush mattresses. The plush firmness and comfort level cost more compared to firm mattresses as they include more comfort layers to give you a soft and cushiony surface to sleep. 

It is recommended to go with medium firm mattresses to offer you well-balanced comfort and support level without too much sturdiness or sinkage at the affordable price range.  


Advanced mattress technologies and added features

Unlike traditional means of spring luxury mattresses that were too bouncy, there are many modern sleep technology innovations included in the mattresses today. These queen-size mattresses can enhance your comfort and support level to ultimately improve your quality of sleep. The more innovative features you include, the more your mattress’s price tag will be. Our luxury queen mattresses can include gel-infused foam layers for cooling technology with breathable cover materials to regulate the temperature of your sleeping surface throughout the night. There is also motion isolation technology, which can reduce movement in sleep and cause low noise if you are a light sleeper or sharing the best with someone. 

Edge support features will offer you an excellent sleeping surface, which cost can influence due to added materials and their construction. Users can personalise the feel of the mattress with an adjustable firmness feature based on their sleeping position. Even though the final cost can have a high upfront price, these features can offer you long-term advantages.  

Our best queen-size mattress solutions at affordable price


Pro Nexa Premium queen-size mattress

When you are looking for an impressive yet reasonable price mattress queen-size bed that provides superior comfort when you are on a budget, our Pro Nexa Premium queen-size mattress can be the ideal option. While the supporting core serves to relieve pressure points and encourage healthy spinal alignment, the plush Euro-top surface provides a comfortable sleeping surface. 

High-quality European knit fabric, Quiltec® foam for quilting, and Sleepwell Pro Nexa® foam make the mattress exceptionally responsive. You can easily make body movements without too much bounce or firmness with smart recovery technology. Your queen mattress will also have an Air-O-Fresh® foam layer to promote air circulation. Moreover, the side wall technology can improve the mattress's durability and make it safe to sit while supporting anti-skid bottom fabric to maintain stability. 


Queen standard Marble Mattress

With a strong innerspring coil design for dependable support and stability, our queen standard Marble Mattress design is an ideal choice for a reasonably priced mattress choice. It is a preferable choice for individuals who sleep on their back, side, or stomach thanks to its luxurious quilting cover, which offers more comfort. 

You can get this mattress under 25K for the 15.0cm thickness with responsive body support. Additionally, it offers zero partner disturbance features with increased durability due to our unique three zones of Sleepwell Profiled Resitec® foam, contourPro+, and pocket springs layers. Its air mesh bottom fabric will keep your night airy without making you get hot. 


Ortho Pro Spring queen-size mattress

One of our popular orthopaedic support queen mattress options is the Ortho Pro Spring mattress, which is a good alternative for people with back pain or other orthopaedic concerns. It integrates our exclusive spring system technology that targets pressure points throughout your body and improves spinal alignment, which makes it the perfect choice for individuals suffering from back discomfort. You can expect complete spinal adjustment, improved support, healthy breathability, and triple-zone technology features in the 15.0 cm thick mattress.

It will cost you below 20K for 72" X 60" X 6" queen mattress dimensions. The wave zoning design improves the mattress quality with separate firm and support zones for complete back comfort. The Sleepwell Resitec® foam layer will offer comfort to pressure points, and Impression foam integration in the mattress will adapt to your body shapes on its own. Moreover, you can also get improved edge and corner support for more security, along with anti-skin bottom fabric to sleep without worry. 


Dual Pro Profiled queen-size mattress

You can get a Dual Pro Profiled advanced product right under 15K if you are looking for a luxury and affordable cost of a queen-size mattress. Our innovative product will offer your two distinct firmness to offer customised comfort thanks to its dual-sided construction. It will guarantee you years of comfortable sleep with excellent support level and durable construction. The mattress can offer you improved air circulation with a reversible dual surface feel. 

Get a medium firm, gentle sleeping surface with 12.5 cm thickness. The soft PU foam mattress offers a perfect combination of softness and resilience, which is tested extensively in our lab. With improved airflow and bounce, you will wake up refreshed every morning without fatigue or pain. The mattress uses a Resitec foam layer to provide unique contouring. The dual-tone fabric of the mattress surface will let you know which are for supporting pressure points and which are the support zones. All of your queen-size mattresses can improve your sleep and prevent any allergic triggers with our unique Neem Fresche anti-microbial technology to create a healthy environment for your sleep. 

Final words:

It takes a range of factors to consider when deciding on a queen-size bed mattress that goes beyond the price tags. Now you know what influences your queen-size mattress price and how it can offer you a good value to make an informed decision. When you are looking for the perfect queen-size bed mattress, you won’t have any shortage of options in our inventory that will match any budget range. 

From budget-friendly options to premium luxury mattresses, we combine our products with our advanced technologies that will give you value for your money. Choose from our best-selling queen mattress solutions that will influence your sleep and rejuvenate your overall health quality. 


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