Exploring Different Mattress Types to Find Your Perfect Fit for Sleeping Comfort

Posted on: 13 May 2024

How you sleep depends on the combination of the bed and mattress you choose. All of us have different bodies, and our need for sleep also differs. The kind of mattress and comfort level that we want will always depend on our body type, health issues, weight and other factors. Finding the right kind of comfortable mattress to sleep on might be a challenge for you if you are shopping from local shops. 

To find the right kind of mattress for your body, you need to search for the best plush mattresses from reputed brands. We have top-rated comfortable mattresses that offer the best support to your body. Our mattress collection is extensive, and you will find mattresses made for different needs and in multiple dimensions to fit your bed. 

Apart from the comfort level, our mattresses also offer a lot of other features that improve your sleep quality. If you are searching for your first bed mattress, you should know about all the types of mattresses available. Know about the features of different mattresses before choosing the perfect mattress for your bed. 


The mattress types to consider when buying one 

We have different types of mattresses in our collection. Depending on your comfort requirements and the support you need, you should choose the mattress from the best brand in mattress in India. 



Foam mattresses are very common these days as they are very comfortable and supportive. There are different kinds of foams, and we use multiple foam layers to create the perfect mattress for you. Foam mattress supports your body and also gives you optimal comfort because it is soft and allows complete pressure distribution. Foam mattresses do not have springs or coir in them and are very soft and gentle in texture. 

Our foam mattresses are known for their back support, comfortable feel, plush top, and even pressure distribution. When you buy any of our foam mattresses, you are buying a mattress that is luxurious and comfortable. One of the mattresses we recommend from our foam range is the Premia Mattress. The Premia Mattress has both comfort and support for the sleeper. It can be set up in a single bed or a double-sized one. 

The Premia mattress is 6 inches thick, which is the optimal level of comfort. The mattress has a medium firm feel and a pillow top finish, which creates a highly comfortable bed for you and your partner. The pillow top finish is very plush and lets you sleep comfortably in any position. Even if you have soreness or pain in your body, the Premia mattress is the best mattress in India for pressure and pain relief. 

It offers enhanced and responsive body support that allows you to sleep like a baby. This mattress is made of the special Resitec foam known for its resilience and flexibility. The mattress also has Impressions and Resitec quilting on top, which gives you an extra soft surface to sleep on. The mattress also has foam walls built into it, which gives extra stability to the bed. 


Pocket spring 

Another major type of mattress is pocket spring mattress, which has an inbuilt spring for stability and firmness. Springs are created from metal and are built into the mattress for flexibility and more durability. 

Our Ortho Pro Spring mattress is a great option for creating a bed that is comfortable and stable. The pocket spring mattress from our collection gives you a gentle and firm feel. The mattress is built with orthopaedic features that give enhanced support to your back. 

The Ortho Pro Spring mattress has a soft but firm feel with triple zone tech. The three-zoned pocket springs below the Resitec foam layers adapt to your body curves and hug you to sleep. You feel very comfortable and relaxed when sleeping. 

The Ortho Pro Spring mattress also has foam wall technology, which gives excellent edge support to your body so you can move around the bed and sleep in the position you like. You can get enhanced support for your back and wake up refreshed in the morning. 


Latex mattress 

Latex is a natural compound extracted from plants that is very bouncy and resilient. In a move to be more sustainable, the best mattress brands in India are using latex to create mattresses and pillows. 

We have also created the Latex Plus mattress and Naturalle 1.0 mattress out of pure latex. A latex mattress is very airy and bouncy, giving you a gentle and soft surface to sleep on. The 6-inch thick mattress is made of latex and foam, which gives you extra comfort when you are sleeping. 

Latex mattresses are great for pressure and stress relief. If you work for long hours and struggle with sleeping at night, you need to select a latex mattress that offers a natural and airy surface for the bed. 

If you have a higher budget and want to sleep on a plush bed with latex layers, then look into our Naturalle 1.0 mattress and get a luxurious feel every time you rest in the bed. 


Hybrid mattresses 

We create a large number of hybrid mattresses with a combination of springs and foam layers to offer a balanced feel to your body. When you want to experience proper support and excellent comfort, you should go for a hybrid mattress. Our Esteem Mattress is an example of a blended pocket spring and foam mattress with hybrid qualities. 

Hybrid mattresses are the perfect example of comfort, hygiene and support. The hybrid mattress that we have has a box-top finish, which is very plush and tear-resistant. The hybrid mattress has Impressions quilting, which is easy to maintain and soft for you to sleep on. 

The Esteem Mattress has Nexa foam, which gives resilience and response to the foam mattress. The premium knitted top of the hybrid mattress helps you sleep very comfortably. The Hybrid mattress has three-zoned Resitec foam, which is contoured to give superior comfort and support to your body. 

A hybrid mattress is comfortable and safe for you to sleep on without any pain and soreness. The pocket springs in the hybrid mattress give superior spinal support for the person to sleep for long hours. 

Sleeping position 

The comfort level that you seek also depends on the sleeping position in which you choose to rest. Sleeping position is often an unconscious decision, and you cannot change your position according to the mattress. However, you can change the mattress to a more suitable and comfortable mattress so you can sleep comfortably. The position should determine the mattress type you sleep on. 


Back sleeping 

When you sleep on your back, you put a lot of pressure on your spine. You need to change your mattress to a firm or medium firm mattress if you prefer sleeping on your back. If the mattress is too soft, your body will not be fully supported, and your spine might sink into the layers. By sinking deep, your bones and muscles turn at an awkward angle, so your body is sore when you wake up. A firm mattress like Durafirm 1.0 can be a good one to sleep on if you need more spinal support and alignment. 


Side sleeping 

A lot of people sleep on their side and turn sides in their sleep. Such people need to sleep on a medium-firm mattress that offers both support and comfort. The side sleeping habit creates a lot of pressure points on sensitive areas of your body. To release pain and sleep comfortably, you need a medium-firm mattress like the Star Gold Mattress from our collection. A firm mattress or extra firm surface is not good for side sleeping because then it can lead to pain building up in different areas. 


Stomach Sleeping 

A person who sleeps on his stomach needs a firm mattress like the back sleepers because they need extra support. Without a firm mattress, the bed can be difficult to sleep on, and you might wake up with soreness in the muscles. To protect your internal organs and sleep without any physical problems, you need a firm mattress. 


Combination sleeping 

People who keep changing their position when sleeping are tricky to cater to. These people turn and toss around in their beds, which can disturb their sleep patterns and create problems for their partners. Such people need mattresses with motion isolation and stability. A medium-firm mattress is one of the best options for such sleepers. You can also choose a hybrid mattress if you are not sure of your sleeping pattern. We offer different kinds of mattresses at reasonable prices, and you can see a lot of benefits from changing the mattress to one of ours. 


To understand your comfort level, you must try different mattresses and find out the type of mattress you prefer. You should also look for the kinds of mattresses that fit your budget and find the best features that you need. At Sleepwell, we make mattresses and pillows for all kinds of sleepers. We deliver the promise of comfortable sleep to your doorstep with online purchases. 


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