Explore the Best Mattresses Under 15000 in India for Single, Double, Queen, and King

Posted on: 23 Feb 2024

Getting into a deep sleep state has become a luxury for many who lead busy and stressful lifestyles. However, if you don’t own a luxury mattress that is designed for your sleep preferences, you might be losing out on your opportunity to get restful sleep and improve your overall health. At Sleepwell, we offer you perfect mattress options integrated with our unique advanced technology that will get your body into a relaxed state and bring you into deep, rejuvenating slumber. 

There is no need to spend big money to have a luxury plush mattress. Our inventory showcases a broad range of affordable sleep solutions to find an affordable mattress online under 15000. No matter what bed size you have, we can avail you of single, double, queen, and king-size mattresses integrated with innovative sleep solution layers. Read on to check out the top-rated sleeping mattresses available in India under 15000 for all your bed size range. 


Best Indian mattress

Best single bed mattress under 15000


Sleepwell Dual Pro Profiled Foam Reversible mattress

If you have been looking for a budget mattress online, the Sleepwell Dual Pro Profiled Foam Reversible mattress is an ideal option under 6000 for your single bed mattress. It provides a medium firmness and gentle feel combination. The best part is you get to select between two different surface sensations with our reversible construction. The layers of contoured PU foam improve air circulation, creating a cool and cosy sleeping environment. 

Moreover, it also includes a soft PU foam layer to offer its durability so that it does not lose its form and look sagged. We add our Neem Fresche anti-microbial technology to all mattress surfaces to prevent allergens and dust mites that can cause breathing disorders. Since its zip cover is machine washable, you will have less maintenance to do. 


Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled Foam Mattress

Another of the best and most affordable mattresses in our inventory for single-size bed mattresses is the Ortho Pro Profiles Foam mattress under 7000. The mattress offers enhanced support to every body shape with a medium-firm feel and a cool gel-infused foam layer for preventing heat build-up to provide well-rounded comfort.

Our Airvent technology empowers the mattress to create a temperature-regulated sleeping environment and adapts to any body curve for a hug-like support. The ergonomic shape of the profiled PU foam layer further improves air circulation and pressure point support. The wave zoning design of the mattress separates the firm from the support zones, providing the best possible back comfort.

Top double bed mattress under 15000


Sleepwell Star Gold Mattress

Star Gold Mattress can be your most affordable luxury mattress designed with our exclusive innovative sleep technology if you are in search of a double bed mattress under 15000 in India. The mattress is not just spacious enough for couples to sleep; its medium-firm and adequate body support with improved air circulation makes it a great option for your double bed. 

It includes a Resitec® foam layer to relieve pressure points and promote spinal alignment. The ergonomic design guarantees ideal spine alignment, which lowers the risk of back pain and discomfort. Moreover, the dual-tone fabric improves breathability and pressure point support zones. Its Airmesh fabric encourages healthy breathability and removes humidity. 


Sleepwell UTSAV 2.0 Mattress

Like the Star Gold Mattress, the UTSAV 2.0 Mattress has a medium-firm feel and delivers exceptional comfort and support. It has a double-layered Sleepwell Quiltec® quilting layer to let you sleep on a plush surface with enhanced airflow and heat dissipation. 

The Soft Resitec® foam layer in our UTSAV 2.0 mattress offers a gentle bounce and forms the right firmness balance with the hard PU foam layer. The soft top surface of the mattress enhances your comfort at only under 6000 to get value for money. 

Premier Queen size mattress under 15000


Revital 3.0 Mattress

Restore your sleep quality with our best-selling queen-size Revital 3.0 mattress under 15000. It offers a gentle and plush surface for sleep to feel the inner foam layers effectively. Its impression foam layer conforms naturally to the shape of your body and improves support and blood flow.  

The Profiled Sleepwell Resitec® foam layers offer smart contouring to the body and higher resilience. Our smart, integrated European knitted fabric and triple-layered construction offer excellent air circulation in the mattress. The plush surface of your mattress top adds to the bed’s elegance and comfort. 


Premia Mattress

With its medium-firm feel, the Premia Mattress gives the best possible comfort and support for restful sleep. Its pillow-top finish adds to its richness and plushness. With its soft Sleepwell Resitec® foam and pocket spring construction layers, the mattress is highly responsive to body support to improve spinal alignment. 

Moreover, it comes with foam wall technology to increase the mattress's durability and plush comfort with our exclusive Quiltec® quilting and Impressions foam formula. Premia queen-size mattress also comes with bottom air-mesh fabric to ensure optimum ventilation all night long. 

Best King size mattress under 15000


Dual Pro Profiled King Size Mattress

Our Dual Pro Profiled mattress is the best king-size mattress under 15000 to come within your budget. The mattress delivers a gentle and firm feel to your body with our reversible construction and dual surface sensations. 

It has contouring layers and a soft PU foam layer to provide optimal ventilation and support to your pressure points. The dual-tone fabric in this mattress highlights the support and pressure points zones to give you a gentle and firm feel. 


Ortho Pro Spring King Size Mattress

The Ortho Pro Spring King size mattress can give you a complete sleep comfort solution with its triple-zone technology, advanced edge support, and medium-range firmness. 

Moreover, its Airvent Impressions foam and PU foam layers offer improved breathability and flexible body contouring. Its corner foam walls further add to its durability with low maintenance features. 

Summing Up!

Quality sleep is no longer a luxury for just the privileged few who pay exaggerated prices for sleeping mattresses. Finding the best mattress, regardless of the bed size under 15000 in India, is easier with optimum support, comfort, and durability material choice layers. 

No matter what your budget range is, you can access our luxury mattress design solutions, as we believe everyone can experience blissful comfort and sleep on our plush mattresses without breaking the bank. Customise your mattress size online as per your preferences and bed size, and enjoy the benefits of our unique sleep technologies.


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