Explore the Benefits of Best Latex Mattresses for Heavy People

Posted on: 14 Feb 2024

Waking up with a body ache every night is definitely something that affects the following day, and this problem worsens for the heavy people. If you are heavy on your body weight, have you ever imagined why this is a common problem? It’s because you have been sleeping on the wrong mattress for a long time now. 

When you are heavy and are sleeping on an extremely firm mattress, it will feel like sleeping on a rock! On the other hand, when you sleep on a softer mattress, you will experience the worst sinking effect, making it difficult to even move on the bed. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to find the best mattress for heavy people. 

Irrespective of your body weight, you do deserve to sleep well at night, and we are here with the solution to the disruptions that your heavy weight gives rise to. At Sleepwell, we bring you the best quality latex mattress, Latex Plus and Naturalle 1.0, which is highly recommended for heavy individuals like you. 

But, to help you feel more convinced about making the choice, we bring to you a detailed elaboration on the benefits of latex mattresses, especially for heavy people. So, read along with this article till the end to find out! 

best sleepwell mattress

Why is a Latex Mattress Considered the Best Pick for Heavy People?

For you to know, latex mattresses are manufactured with not one but several layers, using the foam made of this material. Outstanding firmness, resilience, and breathability are a few of the many perks that latex has to offer for our mattresses, making them ideal for your sleep comfort, irrespective of the body weight. 

We offer you a synthetic blend of latex and a natural latex mattress, Latex Plus and Naturalle 1.0, respectively, which boast the luxury of the material, backed by immense spinal support and a great contouring effect. This way, it doesn’t matter what your body weight is; our mattresses will comfort your body in the best ways possible. 

We offer the best latex mattress in India at affordable and reasonable pricing for you to count on! But you might still need some more insight into the efficacies of latex in a mattress for your heavy-weight comfort. So, do explore the benefits in the next section! 

What are the Benefits of Buying Latex Mattress for Heavy People?

To help you feel more convinced about making the purchase, here are some of the benefits of latex mattresses for you to believe that it’s the best for you to attain sleep comfort, even with the heavyweight condition:


1. Experience Relief from Pain:

Among a lot of problems that heavy people like you experience, one is the body ache issues that occur due to sleeping on a poor mattress. When we say body pain, it includes neck, joint, back, and other parts of the body! Due to your heavy weight, you will need supportive care during sleep, especially around the joint areas. 
Therefore, our Sleepwell Latex mattresses are made with special considerations for cradling your muscles and joints, allowing your body to experience relief from the strenuous effects. This way, you will attain a comfortable sleep at night. 


2. Immensely Breathable:

When you are obese or heavy, there is a natural tendency for you to suffer from perspiration issues. Due to this, the mattress will get wet while you sleep on it throughout the night, which might cause discomfort. 
But, with our Sleepwell Latex Plus and Naturalle 1.0 mattress, you get an open-cell structure that supports superior air circulation to help reduce your sweating rate, even if you are a heavy person. Not only that, but the pinholes present in the latex mattress will also reduce the overall chances of re-breathing. 


3. Attain High-End Comfort:

The rate of comfort and support that the latex mattresses offer are emphasised by our products. Our Naturalle 1.0 latex mattress comes with pocket springs as its seventh layer in the construction, which provides independent comfort to every part of your body. 
It also offers great spinal support and prevents motion transfer. So, if you are tired of looking for a mattress that can adhere to your heavy body comfort needs, our Naturalle 1.0 can be the ideal pick for you. 


4. Astounding Durability:

In the quest to find which latex mattress is best, you shouldn’t miss out on the durability quotient. As you know, mattresses often incur damage early due to improper weight distribution. Moreover, if you have a habit of frequently tossing or turning while sleeping, the mattress will incur some form of damage, especially when you are heavyweight.
But at Sleepwell, we have used foam wall technology to enhance the durability quotient of the mattress and offer side seating strength as well. Thus, the edges of the mattresses are protected, and there will be no side sagging. Being made with patented foam layers, the longevity of the mattress is unmatched! 


5. Lowered Maintenance Efforts

Sleepwell Latex Plus and Naturalle 1.0 mattresses need low maintenance, as the materials used in the making of these products are free from allergens. Not only that, but the premium quality of the material also repels the microorganisms from breeding on the surface of the mattress. 
We have Neem Fresche Icon technology that integrates with all our mattresses, which is ideal for protecting you from dust mites, breathing disorders, or allergies. This way, you won’t have to constantly clean the mattress after every month of restful nights. 


These are some of the benefits associated with buying a latex mattress for your heavy body. Our latex mattress price in India is reasonable when compared to that of the other mattresses with similar features. 

So, if you want to know how to choose the best mattress for your heavy body, do explore our latex mattress products at Sleepwell right away. Depending on the size of your bed frame, pick the right dimensions and place your order with us! 


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