Experience the Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort with the Sleepwell Nexa Range of Mattresses

Posted on: 22 Jan 2024

A good night’s sleep has been a commonly talked-about topic for a long time now! The importance of buying the right mattress is no longer a secret! But, with the abundance of mattress options out there, you definitely feel overwhelmed every time you go online to look for one. Isn’t it?

Well, not anymore! 

Sleepwell brings you its Nexa range of mattresses that aren’t just comfortable to give you a healthy sleep at night, but they also add a style statement to your room aesthetics. We have cracked the code to bring you the sleep revolution, and the outcome is Sleepwell Nexa!

Your search for the most comfortable mattress in India ends here! Our Nexa mattresses are packed with comfort technologies and body support features, making them the perfect all-rounder. But why should the Nexa mattress be your ultimate pick?

To answer this, you will have to dive deeper with us into this article, where we shall elaborate on the Nexa experience that you will attain. So, be with us till the end! 

Have a Look at Our Mattress Collection Under the Sleepwell Nexa Range!

At Sleepwell, we have been studying sleep comfort for a long time. And over time, we have determined every minor aspect that might disturb your sleep in some way or another. With that, our team has worked hard enough to eradicate every flaw in our mattress construction efforts, ensuring seamless comfort and guaranteed body support. 

In short, we understand your need associated with the best mattress for sleeping in India. Considering this, we bring you our Nexa mattress range! Here’s a glimpse at the products that we have to offer under this collection, reviewing which you will know how to choose the right mattress:

1. Nexa Mattress


Nexa mattress

Sleepwell’s Nexa mattress is the finest among all and boasts unparalleled luxury. The plush feeling on the top and the softness channeled from within is the ultimate paradise you can expect out of a mattress. Adding this to your bedroom will give you that missing luxury element. 

Get a gentle feel and responsive contour hugging effect as the prime USPs of this product. In accordance with that, the superior air circulation and body support are what make this product perfect for all types of sleepers. The European knitted fabric on top of the patented Nexa foam ensures luxurious softness and high strength. 

Sleepwell’s Nexa foam is a smart recovery memory foam that is responsive enough to support your body movements during sleep and also promotes enhanced airflow. The cushiony comfort and gentle bounce are like the cherry on top! 


2. Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress


Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress

The second in the list of premium mattresses by Sleepwell is the Pro Nexa Luxury mattress, the ultimate epitome of comfort and body support. As it possesses the Nexa’s features, the gentle feel and the superior support are the ultimate USPs here as well. The add-on perk to this luxury option is the 3-zoned contour cut profile design. 

This 3-zoned contour cut profiling is done with the use of Resitec foam to introduce an acuprofile support layer. With this, your body gets the ultimate support feature and proper pressure distribution. You get improved ventilation for a rejuvenating and restful sleep experience. 

Beyond that, this mattress also has ContourPro+ technology, which is a groundbreaking feature that embeds an outstanding body contouring effect. In this 8-layered luxury mattress that we have to offer, you also get an Air-O-Fresh foam, which ensures uniform firmness for scaling the air circulation effects, offering dry comfort in your humid weather. 


3. Pro Nexa Classic Mattress


Pro Nexa Classic Mattress

Pro Nexa Classic mattress is the standard 6-layered comfortable mattress, which has all the extraordinary comfort benefits of our other mattresses. It is basically the entry-level option for anyone who is tight on budget but wants to experience the Nexa comfort. Bringing home a luxury mattress at an affordable price is a dream come true, and Sleepwell is here to fulfil it!

The quilting part of this mattress is done with the Pro Nexa, and Quilted foam, when blended together, provides you with a luxurious and responsive surface feel. The high resilience of the Resitec foam introduced to this mattress offers astounding flexibility, which offers you ultimate pressure-point comfort. 

You get to attain the medium-firm feel and optimal support for adding a comfortable bounce to your sleep comfort. Just like the Pro Nexa Luxury mattress, this Classic counterpart also comes with the act profile 3-zoned profiling over the Resitec foam. 


4. Pro Nexa Premium Mattress


Pro Nexa Premium Mattress

If you don’t want to go to the extreme high or the entry-level Nexa mattress, we have the middle ground for you as well. We bring to you the Pro Nexa Premium mattress, which is incorporated with smart recovery technology to support your body movements throughout the night without causing any discomfort. 

The conformance rate is significantly higher on this mattress than on its Classic counterpart, and the strained body areas will experience immense pressure relief. Not only that, but improved air circulation will make sure you don’t sleep too hot at night, preventing your body heat from being trapped. And this has been made possible by the Air-O-Fresh foam. 

You also get engineered side-wall technology, just like the Pro Nexa Luxury mattress, which adds more durability and support quotient to this product. Buying this mattress can adhere to your sleep comfort throughout the year, as it is independent of the ambient temperature. The anti-skid bottom layer of this mattress is destined to keep the mattress at a fixed spot, irrespective of how much you move on the bed. 



With this, you will now have clarity on our Nexa range of mattresses and their independent qualities. Finding the best comfortable mattress in India is no longer a hassle, as we have left no tables unturned to make our Nexa collection miss out on any comfort parameters. 

We offer you a 100-day free trial for you to test the authenticity of our words! The Sleepwell Nexa mattress price will depend on the product you opt for from the range and the size you prefer. Check the respective product pages to learn more about the products and decide on what’s perfect for your sleep comfort. 


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