Everything You Should Know About Sleepwell Mattresses

Posted on: 21 Nov 2023

No matter how tiring your day was, a peaceful sleep at night on a comfortable bed & mattress has the power to ease the stress on your body and mind. This is the only reason why no one would ever want to compromise on their sleep comfort. And at Sleepwell, we don’t even want any of you to!

With our collection of Sleepwell mattresses, we bring to you sheer comfort, longevity, affordability, and variety. We have been holding our title to be one of the most recognised mattress companies in India and are continuing to justify the title with our technologically advanced mattress collections.

So, if your existing mattress is not responding to your comfort needs anymore, it is time you must seek a change. And when there’s a need to bring in a new mattress home, Sleepwell must be your primary pick! Do you want to know why?

Well, it’s not wrong to wish to learn everything about a brand before investing in its products. So, as we embrace transparency with our customers, this article can act as your Sleepwell mattress buying guide, as it has everything you must know about what makes us the best in the business.

What are the Different Comfort Zones that Sleepwell Targets with its Mattresses?

At Sleepwell, we are quite focused on addressing the comfort needs of all our customers, who believe in their respective definitions of peaceful sleep. Considering that, we bring to you the best mattresses for quality sleep, categorised into different comfort zones. Here’s a brief overview of them all for you to count on:

1.Pro Comfort

The mattresses we provide in this range are all embedded with ortho and dual pro characteristics to provide you with all-around comfort all across your body. All you work-from-home youngsters who spend quite a lot of time in bed with their laptops beyond their sleeping hours will find this comfort zone ideal for your mattress needs.

Pro comfort mattress

2.Essential Comfort

As the name suggests, essential comfort is the zone that brings you a range of medium-firm or firm mattress options meant to soothe or stimulate your muscles. You can expect to experience a relaxing effect as the body stress will be released effectively, only you lay flat on the bed after a tiring day.

Sleepwell essential comfort mattress

3.Ortho Comfort

Among all the good mattress brands, Sleepwell has been sophistically conscious about providing comfort and relaxation during sleep for people of all age groups. And for elderly people who experience some form of spine ache at one point in time, they can prefer to avail of mattresses from our ortho comfort zone. Here, you get impeccable spin support with our firm to medium firm collections.

Sleepwell Ortho comfort

4.Pro Nexa Comfort

If a plush and luxurious feel is your definition of good sleep, the Pro Nexa comfort  zone is what would add a perfect vibe to your sleep routine. If you want that hugging and feathery feel every time you lie down on your bed, this is the comfort zone we have curated for you with the perfect options.

Sleepwell nexa comfort

5.Pro Fitrest Comfort

Sleepwell has been advancing with modern technologies to manufacture the best quality mattresses that not just provide comfort but also all-around muscle and bone fitness. We introduce the Acuprofile technology with our Pro Fitrest comfort zone mattresses, which are meant to drive ergonomic comfort for you.

Fitrest comfort mattress

What are the Modern Mattress Manufacturing Innovations by Sleepwell?

Sleepwell, one of the best Indian mattress brand, has patented various mattress manufacturing technologies to make its mattresses more comfortable, durable, and long-lasting for consumers. Every technology is meant to scale Sleepwell mattress features to meet the respective comfort requirements of the customers.

So, if you are in search of a new mattress and have landed at the Sleepwell store, learning about these mattress manufacturing technologies will convince you to buy the best. Here are the innovations that we integrate into your Sleepwell mattress manufacturing process:

1.Neem Fresche

Sleepwell’s Neem Fresche technology is integrated into almost all of our mattress products for repelling breathing disorders, allergies or dust mites. With this, we ensure that your or your family members’ health doesn’t deteriorate while sleeping on Sleepwell mattresses.

2.Quiltec Foam

Sleepwell introduces its Quiltec Foam material for bringing a plush surface feel to all the mattresses we offer. The purpose is to boost the airflow and support heat dissipation, which will eliminate humidity and integrate superior loft, which is compared to that of the other quilting foams.

3.Impressions Foam

The Impressions foam by Sleepwell can naturally adjust itself to your body contours. Moreover, this also offers a hugging effect and supports the even distribution of pressure. This technology promotes proper shape adjustment, which also enhances blood circulation. Your level of comfort with our mattresses built with Impressions foam will be the same throughout the year.

4.Nexa Foam

It is a new-age memory foam technology by Sleepwell, which is based on smart recovery properties. This is a responsive foam that adapts to the body contours and offers flexible body movement. We have introduced a unique cell structure over the Nexa foam mattresses, which enhances breathability, comfort, and airflow. We use this material in making our quilts as well, which offers a plush and cozy surface feel.


Cellergise by Sleepwell introduces the concept of an individual cell, promoting the use of our Comfort Cell technology, which makes the mattress adjust to your natural spine shape, offering customisable support for the body. With such mattress cells, you can expect to track the spine’s shape and offer optimal support for sleeping comfort. Sleepwell Cellegise approach is used for making the best quality mattresses for good sleep.

6.Air-O-Fresh Foam

The Air-O-Fresh foam by Sleepwell being used in the mattresses is being used for ensuring uniform firmness. It comes with unique cell structures, promoting better air circulation to ensure proper sleeping comfort even in humid weather.


This is a general overview of what Sleepwell cares for while manufacturing mattresses for customers. We have been in this industry for a long time now, and every Sleepwell mattress price we decide on is based on not just the characteristics we have to offer but also the affordability parameters of the consumers.

So, if this convinces you enough that Sleepwell is undoubtedly the best mattress brand of all, check out our store collections and place your orders right away! 


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