Empowering Women's Health Through Quality Sleep – Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress

Posted on: 07 Mar 2024

In today’s date, women have turned out to be multi-taskers. They can handle both work and household activities in an organised manner. After a day full of a hectic schedule, they want a peaceful and quality sleep that gives them relaxation and helps them start another energetic morning. They have to prioritise their health with good sleep hours in order to conquer the daily life challenges. Moreover, women also suffer from back pain for many reasons, especially during their pregnancy period, which hampers their sleep schedule. This is where the necessity of choosing the right mattress comes in. 

So, concerning and empowering women’s health, at Sleepwell, we have come up with mattresses that improve sleep quality. By keeping in mind the general way of maintaining and promoting good health that every woman requires, we have an exclusive collection of comfort mattresses. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the tips for female health when choosing the best quality mattress that contributes to their health.


Best Sleepwell Mattress

Consider Body Type – The Foremost Concern

Being a woman, the first thing you need to know is your body type while choosing the mattress. This includes your height, weight and curves. Determining how curvy you are will help you decide on the mattress firmness that will give you the best support. Women with bigger hips or wider shoulders must go for medium-firm or softer mattresses for more comfort. Overall, the medium firm is an excellent choice for all body types of women.

Firmer mattresses tend to be less bouncy, so they will be more likely to cause your spine to curve and cause a build-up of pressure points. A mattress that is too soft can give too much and provide little support to your spine. So, we recommend you go for our medium-firm mattress. The Sleepwell Pro Nexa Premium Mattress comes with medium firmness and is supported by Sleepwell Resitec foam, which provides optimal body support that is perfect for women. 

While deciding on mattress type, go for a memory foam or latex mattress. It will offer gentle support and comfort to your shoulders and hips. Moreover, these are the right mattress types if you are a side sleeper with a curvy body. For this, we again recommend the Sleepwell Nexa Mattress. It comes with ingenious Nexa foam, which is a smart recovery memory foam.

Know Health Conditions – Back Pain, Pregnancy and Menopause

While you already have an idea that there is no one type of mattress that relieves back pain, you may find that a pocket spring, orthopaedic mattress, memory foam and other types contribute to providing the best back support. We know that back pain is the most common problem for many people, especially women. 

Research and studies have shown that the number of cases of CLBP - Chronic Low Back Pain among women in India is alarmingly at a higher rate. It shows that 79% of women in the age group of 20 to 50 years suffer from chronic lower back pain. It affects over 80% of women, compared to 59% of men. By taking this into consideration, we have designed and engineered mattresses that offer the best ortho care to provide relief from the pain while sleeping.  
In women, back pain, specifically lower back pain, is usually caused during pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. If you are wondering how to pick out a mattress with back pain issues, here are our mattresses that will offer you better relief. 


Ortho Pro Spring Mattress 

This is our best-selling ortho mattress that comes with medium-firmness to offer enhanced support to your back. The main feature of the mattress is its three-zone pocket springs that come with complete spinal adaptation. It will support your specific spinal alignment with its strategic anatomical design. The zoned pocket springs will effortlessly adapt to women’s pressure points and body curves to relieve pain and pressure. Hence, it will be very helpful during the pregnancy and childbirth phase. 


Spinetech Air Mattress 

It is another of the best mattress collections for women. It comes with triple-zoned resilience with its 3-Zoned Sleepwell Profiled Resitec foam, which offers great firm-back support. So, ladies, now you can say goodbye to niggling pains. This mattress will offer optimal spine support and will give you a massage-like feel. The advanced 3-zoned profiling will result in proper contouring for even distribution of pressure with improved ventilation. The mattress is engineered with rebonded foam using rebonding technology, resulting in foam layers that offer enhanced body support and extra firmness. As women’s bodies get heated up and they experience sweat while sleeping at night during their pregnancy and menopause, this will be the best air mattress that will keep them cool. 

Go For Temperature Regulating Mattress

Considering the temperature regulating factor is essential when you are deciding on how to choose a mattress. Always choose a mattress that has the ability to regulate your temperature. Due to season changes, it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. This is mostly challenging in women during their periods and menopause phase as they face frequent temperature changes in their bodies. Mattresses may consist of a variety of materials that can aid in regulating the temperature. Understand how you feel at night while sleeping in order to choose the best mattress for temperature control.

If you feel very cold at night, we advise you to explore our memory foam mattress collection, which will provide you with extra warmth. It will be extremely helpful when you are feeling too cold in your bed during the nighttime. And, if you experience both hot and cold feelings at night, choose mattresses made from natural materials or fillings that offer higher breathability and prevent moisture. This will help to regulate your body temperature.

If your body is experiencing heat and sweat while sleeping, choose a cool gel foam mattress. This mattress type will keep your body cooler. For example, our Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress comes with cool gel-infused foam. The mattress is made from gel beads that will disperse heat build-up to give a good night's sleep. Its impression foam adapts naturally to specific contours of the woman’s body in order to give it a gentle fit and distribute pressure evenly. Further, this adjustment will eventually improve blood circulation. This is an advanced innovation as it stays independent of changing temperatures and offers a great level of comfort in all seasons. 

Our Nexa mattress collection is also the best, equipped with Sleepwell Pro Nexa foam. It features smart recovery Pro Nexa technology that eases movement to give better quality sleep. The major highlight is its 27% faster heat dissipation and 67% body conformance at any room temperature.

Choose Mattress With the Right Firmness That Specifically Supports Women's Health

In your journey to choose the right firmness level in your mattress, you have to first decide whether you want a mattress that sinks in or one that stays firmer. If you prefer soft and highly elastic mattresses, we recommend you opt for a mattress with medium firmness to extra softness. And, if you prefer firm and secure support, go for a firm or an extra-firm mattress.

Keep in mind that the ideal firmness choice will vary from person to person. Some may like firm mattresses, while others may prefer a softer one. Apart from this, there are people who prefer something in between.

Here at our site, we have mattresses with different firmness levels that will help women choose their specific type. We advise you to study different firmness levels and their benefits for your health conditions before investing in a mattress. 

Basically, with a soft-medium mattress, you will get a plush and soft feel that will let your body sink in. A medium mattress will also provide an ideal balance of superior support and comfort. This mattress type is not very soft and very firm. If you want to get extra support, go for a medium-firm mattress, which is slightly firmer and will not let your body sink in. On the other hand, the firm will offer you great firm support. Also, if you want more firmness, choose an extra firm mattress, which will be an ideal choice for getting a solid and sturdy feel. Based on these firmness types, women can choose the one that matches their comfort requirements.

Final Thoughts

This is your complete guide to buy mattress online for women. Make sure not to forget about your body type, including curve considerations, and understand your health condition or status, including pregnancy and menopause stages, to choose the best mattress. Moreover, you must also focus on the temperature regulating factor and firmness level before selecting a mattress that supports your health. 

Yes, every woman needs to be extra careful when it comes to the mattress section. An ordinary mattress can be a problem if you are suffering from lower back pain, which can worsen the condition. We suggest you go through our vast mattress portfolio to invest in the best one which contributes to keeping you healthy. Also, the above-mentioned mattresses from our store are considered best for women of every age group. So, it’s time to shop for the right mattress!


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