Don't Ignore the Signs: How to Determine if Your Mattress is Causing Spine or Neck Pain

Posted on: 17 Nov 2023

Are you missing the joy of a good night's sleep? Do you constantly wake up with a sore back or a stiff neck? Do you have the energy and enthusiasm to perform at your best during the hectic weekdays?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, it's time to get a bit serious. Now before you fix up an appointment with your doctor, please check your bed. A bad mattress can do more harm to your health than you can imagine. The best medicine is to order the best mattress for back and neck pain.

A poor mattress is more likely to be the culprit behind those aches if you do not have any injury or illness. A minor issue can turn grievous if it is persistent and not given due attention. But how do you determine whether it's the mattress that is a pain in your neck & spine?

Here are five telltale signs of a bad mattress that is hurting your back and ruining your nap

#1: You Wake Up Everyday With a Gnawing Pain
It's quite possible that you feel weary due to a hectic day at work. A few health issues may nag elderly people and cause frequent body aches. But check whether your back or neck starts feeling awful soon after you get up in the morning. Order a mattress for back pain without any delay.

The pain may be localized in certain body parts, or you may even feel discomfort all over the body. But the fact that it arises as soon as you wake up is a sure sign that the mattress is the primary cause. The problem gets compounded if the pain is persistent and worsens with every passing day.

#2: The Mattress Does Not Support Your Sleeping Position
Just check whether you toss & turn a lot when you sleep at night. A few things are as irritating as not being able to sleep comfortably. Change the bed immediately if your sleep routine is disturbed for a fairly long time.

The Sleepwell Spine Coir Mattress provides great spine support and lasting relief from niggling back pains.

We all have our own comfort zones when it comes to sleeping positions. But certain positions end up troubling the body more. Sleeping on your stomach is bad for the back. It distorts the spinal alignment and also exerts more pressure on the neck region.

The wrong mattress type only aggravates the trouble. Even with the right sleeping position, there could be pain & stiffness in the neck. This is a sign that you must also change the pillow when you  buy a mattress for cervical pain (neck pain).

#3: The Mattress is Either Too Soft or Too Firm
The mattress should have the right firmness to adapt to your body weight and sleeping position. People often suffer from chronic neck pains if they use a bed that is very soft or very hard. Buy a mattress for neck pain online and choose the one with medium firmness.

If the mattress is very soft, it makes it easy for you to slip into a bad posture during sleep. But if it is very firm, it can create unnecessary pressure points in your body. A medium-firm mattress suits every sleeping position and body type.
People with average body weight should avoid extra-firm mattresses. A hard bed is more suitable for heavier folks. Check your bed and change it immediately if it is too soft or too hard. The average sleeper can find them terribly uncomfortable to sleep on.

A metric called indentation load deflection (ILD) is used to measure the firmness of mattresses. A medium-firm mattress has an ILD in the range of 20-30.

#4: The Mattress Does Not Offer the Right Spinal Support
Spinal alignment is an important factor that determines mattress quality. Check out the special Sleepwell mattress for neck pain that is designed for excellent posture alignment. Wrong alignment creates immense tension in the neck region. This is one of the main reasons for chronic neck pains.

A good mattress will support the spine's natural alignment and make the body comfortable to rest. So you must change your mattress if it does not provide sufficient support to your spine and body.

A mattress that is sagging or uneven cannot provide adequate support to the spine. This can lead to back sores that can gradually turn into chronic pain.

Sleepwell Ortho Profiled Mattress

#5: The Mattress is Old, or the Quality is Not Superior
You may have bought the  best mattress for neck and shoulder pain.  But do check how long you have been using it. Wear & tear due to regular use affects your mattress as it does any other product. A sagging mattress results in persistent body pains.

Experts opine that you need to change your mattress every 7-8 years. This is not just due to the mattress aging. People also change a lot as they age. Their body weight and sleep habits do not remain the same every decade of their lives. So it is necessary to choose a mattress that provides optimal support, firmness, and comfort to the body.

Even if the mattress is not very old, change it if it does not provide the desired support, relief, and comfort. The Sleepwell mattress for back pain price provides real value for money. These are orthopedic beds that are specially designed for body aches.

best mattress for neck and shoulder pain

Another red flag for a mattress is its quality. Do not compromise on quality for the price. A cheap mattress often comes at a heavy price if you consider the potential health risks. Go for reputed mattress brands in the country when you buy one. Always remember that the mattress is an investment and not an expense.


Spine or neck pains can turn debilitating if ignored for a long time. A bad mattress can be the primary cause if you do not have any injury or other health issues. The signs discussed above can help you identify whether your mattress is indeed the culprit. If yes, please do not delay. Get the best mattress for back and neck pain for pain relief and a night of blissful sleep.



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